Life in Love (ON HOLD) (Perfect Life #1)

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8: "Dean?"

I head to Bath & Body Works to get Jade and Alina a gift. I get hit with tons of different smells when I walk into the store.

I first go to get Jade’s gift, Jade’s favorite scent at Bath & Body Works is a scent called Perfect As A Peach.

This is her favorite scent because peaches are her favorite fruit. Once I reach the section that has Jade’s favorite scent, I choose the one of all the items that have the Perfect As A Peach scent.

I then go over to Alina’s favorite scent, which is a scent called At The Beach. This is Alina’s favorite scent because she loves everything about the beach. I quickly scan over all the products that have her favorite scent. I grab three items because Alina has most of this scent anyway.

I look at all the items while walking to make sure I didn’t miss any products. All of a sudden I get knocked to the ground, I look up and see someone surprising. “Dean?”

He looks down at me surprised and then starts freaking out. “Oh my gosh! Brianna, are you okay? I am soooo sorry! I...”

As he continues to ramble I tune him out, lost in my thoughts. How is he here? Last I heard of him he was in California going to UCLA.

I quickly shake myself out of my thoughts and grab all the stuff I dropped, while standing up I notice him still rambling, “Dean!” I cut him off.

He stops rambling and says, “Yeah?”

I smile at him and shake my head. He really hasn’t changed. “What are you doing here, I thought you were in California?”

Dean suddenly goes tense, his back and shoulders rigid, his face not showing any emotion. What happened to the Dean earlier? He suddenly relaxes, he shrugs and laughs, but I notice that it’s not the same as before. “I’m here for Dallas, she needed my help with something. But, I did not expect you to be here.” Oh that's right! I forgot him and Dallas were twins.

“Yeah, I’m here for the holidays with my family.” I see him nod.

“That’s great!” He stares into my eyes and I find it hard to look away.

After a few minutes of staring into each other’s eyes, my phone goes off. I tear my eyes from Dean’s and reach into my pocket for my phone. I feel my hands hit a metal object and bring it out of my pocket. I look at the number and see it’s Brandon.

I look up and see Dean still looking at me, I accept the call. “Hey Brandy!” I enthusiastically say to him over the phone. I hear Dean chuckle in front of me, I shoot him a glare.

Hi, Brianna. I need you to pick up Trenton for me.”

“Uhh... Why?”

“Just because,” I laugh.

“I’m not your maid, do it yourself.”

“I can’t. Look, I’ll do your chores for a month if you pick up Trenton. Please!” Okay, now I’m getting angry.

“No! Give me a reason why I should even think about picking that asshole up. You know we don’t get along.”


“No! Now, I’m going to hang up a-”

“Fine! I’ll tell you.” I smile, finally. “I’m going on a date.” I hear him mutter, I can barely hear him. Just to tease him, I pretend I can’t hear him.

“I’m sorry what did you say?” I hear Brandon sigh on the other end of the phone.

“I’m going on a date.” I hear him say a bit louder.

“What? Sorry it’s really loud in the store I’m in.” I hear Dean laugh loudly and I jump, forgetting he was here. Brandon screams angrily and I laugh in my head.

“I. Am. Going. On. A. Date.” I hear him say slowly, but really angry. He sounds like he’s going to burst if I push him any more. I smirk in my head.

“A date!?” I say in fake shock, “With who?” Okay, now that part I actually want to know. He sighs.

“Can you just pick him up?”

“Sure.” I hear him cheer loudly from the other side of the phone.

“Thanks, Bri! I’ll text you the address to pick him up at.” I smile.

“Yeah, yeah. Just make sure to do my chores!” I say in a singsong voice. I hear him groan.

“Fine,” I hear him mutter curse words under his breath. “Hey, I have to go. Bye.”

“Bye!” He hangs up and I turn back to Dean. Dean is still watching me, but I notice his eyes hold amusement in them and I see he is trying not to smile.

“It’s Brandon,” I tell him.

“Ahh, I remember him. How is he, by the way? Y’know after his nasty breakup with Marsha Lynch.”


Who’s Marsha Lynch?

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