Life in Love (ON HOLD) (Perfect Life #1)

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9: Marsha Lynch

I flinch at the name. Marsha Lynch. I hated her for what she did to my brother. Marsha Lynch was my brother’s only serious girlfriend ever. And I know my brother is a player and has many girlfriends, but she was really the only one he cared about. Marsha was the biggest nerd in our school and I’m not saying that just to be mean. She was extremely shy, but no one bullied her because she was absolutely gorgeous. Many of the guys in our school were crushing on her. Brandon was one of those guys, but since he was popular and she was not, she kept rejecting him. I remember day after day he would do everything he could to prove his love for her. And finally in our Sophomore year, she accepted him.

They were both very in love and my whole family loved her. Until the beginning of our senior year. Me, Brandon, Marsha, and Dean were at a party held by the Cheer Captain and Queen Bee of our school, Kiara Queens. Kiara was in love with Brandon, but he never even looked twice at her. He was only focused on Marsha. So, we had arrived at the party and all four of us were drinking our life away. We were all extremely drunk and so I don’t remember much of it. But, I do remember Marsha leading Brandon upstairs. I had thought they were probably just going to make out, so I didn’t think much into it. I turned back to Dean, my boyfriend at the time, and he started to kiss me and try to take off my clothes. It was a scary experience that led up to something very bad. I think back to that night trying to see if I can remember anything more.


I break away from our kiss to catch my breath. I look back at Dean, my amazing boyfriend, and see him staring at me. “What?” I slur, very drunk.

Dean smiles, “Nothing. Can I not stare at my amazing girlfriend?” I give a high pitched giggle.

“So romantic!” He gives me a drunken smile.

“I can show you something else romantic, if you like?” he stretches out his hand to me. I take it, pulling myself out of my seat. Dean led me upstairs and into an empty room. I stumbled into the room and fell on the bed. I looked around and this looks like a guest bedroom.

I hear a door shut and I look over to see Dean closing the door. He stalks over to me and I notice this hungry gleam in his eyes. He forcefully pulls me up to kiss me and that’s when I notice something isn’t right. I try to pull away from the kiss, but I cant. I realize he isn’t drunk, he just pretended he was. I hit him on his chest trying to tell him I’m losing oxygen, but he doesn’t let up, if anything he just kisses me harder. Soon, I start seeing black dots cloud my vision and my arms fall limply to my sides. He finally drops me on the bed and I breathe in a deep breath.

But Dean doesn’t stop, he removes my shirt and rips my pants off. I try to stop him by screaming for help, but he puts his hand over my mouth. I bite his hand and he quickly moves it away. Once he does that, I give a short, but loud scream. He handcuffs my legs to the bottom of the bed. I have no idea how he got handcuffs.

I finally sober up when he goes to remove my underwear. I try to hit him off, but he takes my hands and pins them down with one hand and uses the other to unclasp my bra. He does it so expertly like he’s done this kind of thing before. I almost barf at the thought of Dean raping another girl.

When he looks at my boobs and takes a sharp breath in, I realize no one can save me now. He takes out a bottle with this liquid and injects it into me. I start to cry as he takes out a condom. This is it.

All of a sudden I hear the door burst open, someone comes inside and rips Dean off of me. I look at my savior and see its a male highschooler, but one I dont recognize. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He brings me to his chest and I start sobbing. I hear a groan and turn to look at the sound. I see Dean being beat up by guys I think are this attractive males friends. The man holding me turns my head so I dont have to see him beat up and I just cry into the crook of his neck. I dont know why, but I feel safe in his arms. Like, nothing can hurt me.

After Dean’s unconscious, they drag him out and leave me with the attractive male holding me. I stop crying and wipe my tears. He lets me go, looking away for privacy, and I grab a blanket to wrap around myself. I tell him to turn around and he helps me stand up.

When I stand up, I realize what the liquid was. It was alcohol. “Thank you!” I drunkenly slur. He looks surprised I’m still drunk. He probably doesn’t know Dean injected me with alcohol recently.

“Your welcome. My name is Trenton, what about you?”

“Brianna!” I yell and then giggle. He gives me an amused smile. We stare into each others eyes and his smile slowly fades. I dont notice we are leaning closer and closer to each other, until our lips are only a centimeter a part. The attractive mal- I mean Trenton looks into my eyes searching for something. And I guess he found his answer, because he then smashes his lips to mine. The kiss turns intense fast and without breaking the kiss, he gently puts me on the bed with him on top of me. We both break away to breathe and he looks at me. The look he gives me asks if he has me permission to go further. I nod my head and that’s when my vision goes black.



What do you think has happened next?

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