Alphonso Heart

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Story of happy place of a girl being Alphonso mangoes.

Swapnil Kharabe
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Alphonso Heart

Her nose is as big as her temper is short. Her face is almond and her shoulder length hair is black. The hair has streaks of gold and brown. Though they are straight, they have become wavey because of extensive hair care and application of oil. This makes her head look like a bushy canopy, the golden ends of which curl lightly on her shoulders and bounce around when she moves. Her skin is bright and shiny. Her bubble gum lips are narrow, tapering towards the ends and bulge in the centre like the bell curve. Her dark brown eyes are as big as grapes and her long lashes curl up.

Those eyes! When livid they become so large that they take the shape of melons. Her lashes tremble and blink swiftly. Her pupils move rapidly watching your one eye and then the other. Lightning crackle in them. And if there were a flash of lightning behind, her silhouette would look like angry king Triton of Atlantis. But in that situation, if you dare to keep your head cool and look closely, you can see right through her eyes. They connect you right to her soul. They are as clear as water!

She is an emotional chameleon. She can become a red and black dragon spitting fire at my head. She can also become a white innocent angle. Some day she is all lovely pink, warm and soft love-ball and on some other time she is all blue.

Man she drives me crazy! So crazy that I want to shout aloud and bang my head into the wall.

If you look deep inside her, you can see white light. That's her soul. It's white. It's pure. Purer than Angle! But the light is not shining brightly! It is feeble. As if it is running out of fuel. As if it is dying! Scars of the past have done her the damage. Wonder how much strength it takes for her to keep it going! If you zoom out a bit, you can see she has trapped this light in thick iron shell. As if she wants to protect what has remained. She wants to keeps it away from everybody. Hide it away!

But the fool of a soul doesn't realise that her eyes give it all away.

One thing that makes her smile are the Alphonso mangoes. Her eyes sparkle and become mischievous, and here lips can't stop smiling. She turns into a kid. It's the most fun time. Summer is her favourite time.

Her soul is shining a little bit more!

One summer day we had a fight and she was the red and black dragon spitting fire all over me. And I being a bitch, returned all her attacks with all my vengeance. At the end of it, she was on the verge of crying with hurt in her eyes. She wanted to go to her happy place, but i was her happy place! She wanted something else to hold on to. She needed her Alphonsos!

Our stock of Alphonso was running out. It would have lasted only a day. What would she do then? She needed more mangoes and she needed them soon. Our regular mango supplier takes 2 to 3 days. She had enquired a local supplier few days before for a situation exactly like this. She went out, saying she had some work and returned home with box of Alphonsos. They were the warmth her crying heart needed. They were her companions for this difficult time. She had bargained a lot and was happy to get her babies at a good price.

Now came the time for her eyes to sparkle and lips to smile. Time for her to shine a little brighter! She got 5 mangoes which she has cooled in the fridge for both of us. She cut one. But he colour of mangos was not right. "Stay strong", she said to herself, "it must taste like an Alphonso, color doesn't matter anyway". It didn't taste like an Alphonso. She smelt it. It didn't smell like Alphonso...

The man had tricked her. She felt cheated. She left the room without eating anything.

Her light shone a little febler...

The seller had not cheater her. He had broken my girl's heart! A pure soul's heart that is struggling to shine. If you can't add to her light, please don't take it away either!

We have got a fresh stock of mangoes from our regular supplier and the first thing she did was to smell them. Wow! They smelt so good! The spark had returned in her eyes. The mischief had returned to her eyes. The smile had returned to her lips...

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