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The Girl, The Beauty, The Mate

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This is only my second book. I hope you all enjoy

Romance / Fantasy
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The Waking Mornings: What happened last night?

Ashley heard her alarm going off as she groaned rolling over turning off her cell phone. “Why does 5am have to come so quick” She growled as she sat up looking at her window rubbing her eyes with a yawn. She stumbled into the bathroom hitting her elbow on the doorknob. ” Freakin’ French Toast” she said glaring a death glare at the door. “Rude.” She said to the object and walked the rest of the way in and closed the door. She took a quick shower as she thought about what happened last night. A dog? No not a dog. It was to big...A wolf. It had green eyes that almost seemed to glow in the moon. The howl was breath taking it...Ashley groaned shaking her head. “Your no longer in Germany Ash. This place has animals.” She laughed to herself knowing good and well Germany had animals too. She soon got out wrapping a towel around herself then putting one around her hair. Ashley wasn’t a beautiful girl..at least not to herself. She was only 5 foot 5 inches, she weighed well lets say she liked to eat. Her skin was pale to match her eyes were almost a white-ish grey color and to pull her whole “lovely” look together she had hair that was to the middle of her back and it was jet black. Straight from the bottle.

As she walked back into her dorm room she looked at herself in the mirror then into her closet. “First day to try to stay invisible.” She whispered as she got dressed in a shirt from the band ′ In This Moment’ she then pulled on a pair of ripped jeans with paint on it that most people would pay 80 dollars or more for. She felt lucky the jeans were just really old and she had painted in them. So her 15 dollar pair of jeans looked pricey. Once she got her red and black bra and underwear on she did a small victory for her total of 45.00 outfit minus the socks and shoes of course. She grabbed a pair of mix matched socks and her Chuck Taylor high tops. Once she was dressed she went back into the bathroom brushing her teeth and combing her hair as she hummed ‘BigCityDreams by Never Shout Never’ Once she was finished she grabbed her side bag which had her notebooks, drawing notebook, Ipod and keys inside. She walked outside to her blue Mazda 3 heading to school.


“YOU DID WHAT!!” The older man yelled. “We have one rule Brayden. One rule. Do not go to the campus dorms!” The man stepped closer. He had grey hair, but still looked rather strong. He stood about 6 foot 5 inches and was built like a wall. “Dad, I know..but I could smell her since the Uhaul pulled up, I had to see her. She didn’t look scared.She looked--” He thought a moment “amused.” He said blankly with a sad sigh. “Well, you best hope no one else finds out. You could put us all in danger.” He said touching his son’s shoulder. “Go get dressed for school.” He said walking away as Brayden looked down shaking his head. “Yes sir.” He whispered going up to his room to shower. Even though Brayden towered his father by a few inches his dad was still respected. Brayden grabbed a ‘Falling In Reverse’ t shirt and normal basketball shorts. He took a shower and pushed his wet brown hair back a bit he dried his body off and got dressed he looked in the mirror as his wolf max spoke. ′ she was pretty, she is intoxicating, I could smell her scent of lavender and vanilla threw the window’ the wolf whimpered. Max and Brayden have been going crazy since the Uhaul pulled up which was a week before she even showed up. Brayden brushed his teeth and walked into his room sliding on his socks and his Vans. Once he was done he looked in the mirror seeing his emerald eyes were bright as ever “Max you have to chill or dad won’t allow us to go.” He said as the wolf just whimpered.

Brayden walked downstairs grabbing his truck keys and went outside getting in his truck and headed to school as well. He got there early parking on the far corner where teacher’s parked. He just needed to see her, to smell her, to...“MATE!” Max jumped up and down seeing a teal Mazda 3 pull into the parking spot right at the front entrance. “Calm down.” Brayden hissed as he looked down. “We can’t be to weird. I mean I’m a Sophomore, she’s a freshmen. I doubt we have any classes together anyways.” That made Max come down, he whimpered as he let Brayden head to the visible school

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