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⚠️BE WARNED⚠️: This book is a dark romance and contains abusive and mature content. (SPIN-OFF OF BAMBOLA) Roman Esposito is a professional killer. He killed since he was five and he always pulled the trigger without any hesitation because he knew that the enemy always waited for the opportunity to shoot back. He was always rather the hunter than the prey. He was taken in by the Italian mafia when he was found at the age of five on the streets, begging for food and money. Thankful to have a roof over the head, he started to serve the Italian mafia and was raised by them as an assassin. He became one of the best head hunters and was the right hand of the next capo in line, Antonio Alessi. The don saw him as family and trusted his loyalty. Roman would always pull the trigger for his capo and kill for him. However, what will happen when the capo will send him to a mission to kill and he will not be able to pull the trigger this time? What will happen when his mind tells him to pull the trigger but his heart says no?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Roman's pov

I was standing in front of the mansion before I closed my eyes and took a deep breath not to lose my calmness.

Just five months ago, I was sent to holidays. My capo, Antonio, claimed that it was time for me to take some holidays after I was shot from Cara and crashed over with a carriage toy by Lucia.

That girls were a copy of their mother. They not only had her looks but also her damn clumsiness. They got a lot of her genes. Though, I knew a fuck about biology, I just knew how kids were made and how to torture people in the worst way possible, though I didn't know if the last thing I knew could be considered as biology.

Whatever, I was glad that at least Alanzo inherited a lot of from his father, Antonio. I was honored to be considered as his teacher and I liked to teach him.

This boy was smart and I could see that he not only loved to learn different weapons but also the reason, why he had to learn them.

I could see that he would make a great capo in the future. However, I could also see that his sisters would be a pain in my ass in the future.

I raised them and kept care of them since they were babies, even if my job was to end some assholes, the last years I spend on babysitting, protecting, and teaching them self-defense. Capo wanted them to learn from the best and who could be better than a professional head hunter like me?

Moreover, it was good to teach them from a very young age, because shooting, slicing and hitting would be seen normal for them then, it wouldn't be something strange or wrong, and that was the point. They should act without mercy to the enemy when they got attacked.

Because mercy in our world was considered as a weakness and whoever showed weakness to the enemy wouldn't survive long in this cruel and fucked up side of the world.

Nevertheless, I fucking loved these three demons and a fourth demon was on the way. Capo's wife, Helena, was pregnant before I went to holidays.

I was glad that he sent me to holidays during her pregnancy because I didn't the nerve to bring her the weird cravings she always had.

I got sometimes caught by the enemy and suffered great pain but the mental torture that Helena put me through during her pregnancy was worse.

I will never forget how she craved organic wild strawberries in winter! I fucking drove the entire night around to find organic strawberries and it was like hell. None of my missions lasted so long like my sought for some damn strawberries.

Helena should already have to give birth to their fourth child. I prayed internally that their newborn would be a boy.

I am not an asshole and normally I wouldn't give a fuck what the gender would be, but I couldn't bear to raise and teach another minion version of Helena how to use a gun.

Last time I was shot in my thigh, it was by Cara while I taught her and her brother how to hold the gun properly to easily target the head. Though, I didn't mind getting shoot in my leg, I often got shoot in the job of mine.

Nevertheless, it didn't mean that I wasn't scared of getting shot in my dick, I could endure every shot in my body, just not there, I loved my junior too much to lose it and with the clumsiness of the Alessi girls I would surely lose it.

I sighed before I rang the doorbell. I smiled when Lilly opened the door. "Nice to see you again, amore," I winked at her before I passed her blushed frame and walked inside.

I was quite proud of my looks and glad that my donor and bitch of a mother who abandoned me as a child had some good genes.

Looks helped me a lot, especially if I was sent to a mission to find out some information about the rival. The girl, wife, fiancé or the mistress of the rivals would deceive their lover immediately for a great night with a charming man that showed interest.

They always did, especially if their lover was an old douche and they only were together with them for some money and power.

And if they got attention from a young man, who was also disguised as rich, they walked blindly towards my direction without any hesitation. If they saw one drop of my interest, it was enough for them to let them fall on my feet. After all, a young and rich man was all that these puttanas wanted.

Though, these poor puttana of victims of mine didn't have a clue that the great night with a charming man like me would end up in blood and death if they wouldn't spill the information out that I needed. However, in the end of the night, I always got what I needed.

Now, it was day and I prayed to the devil, because I bet Got lost the hope in me long time ago, that their child would be a girl. Helena wanted the child's gender to be a surprise which was unnecessary and pathetic, but capo agreed to her wish, probably because he already had his heir.

Speaking about the kids and all, where the fuck was everyone? This mansion was never so quiet. When I was about to turn around and ask my question Lilly, I heard a neigh and it sounded like someone familiar. A smile appeared on my face while I walked into the living room.

When I entered the living room my smile grew bigger. The scene in front of me was quite hilarious. "I always knew that you were some sort of animal from the inside...and I am quite proud that you aren't hiding the donkey inside of you, amico," I said amused while I leaned against the door frame with crossed arms and watched him crawling on all fours while Lucia was on his back, pulling on his ears and telling him to crawl quicker.

"I am not a donkey, I played a horse," Marco said offended while Lucia got off his back and running towards me. "Rorooo," she said happily while clutching on my leg, "Mi manchi...where were you?"

I smiled at her before I took her in my arms. "I did some know people do some holidays when they work too long," I explained to her while she looked at me attentively before she frowned. "Perchè? Did you work too much? What did you do that you were exhausted for holidays?" she asked me with big curious eyes.

I had to listen her exactly because her Italian wasn't good but good for a four-year-old. Mixing languages was a common thing that the kids did, I guess that what kids do while growing up bilingual. "Yeahh...kind of...nothing I said...people just get exhausted when they work too much," I said pensively before I kissed that chubby cheek of hers. After all I couldn't tell her that I nearly went crazy while looking after them.

God help Helena that had to deal with them twenty- four seven. Moreover, I didn't like kids but if they grew up in your protection, like they did, you automatically start to like them. "Where is Cara and Alanzo?" I asked Marco who was still dusting his clothes while ignited me which made me roll my eyes, and God help the woman that would end up with a hygienic maniac like him, "Joo donkey! I am speaking with you!"

"If you won't stop calling me donkey I will cut this—" he started but cut himself off and looked at Lucia in my arms, "I will be tended to stop you from speaking in a not so nice way." I smirked, I could see that it was hard for him to not use a vulgar vocabulary next to the kids.

Though, I had the same struggle when I had to babysit them. I wouldn't mind teaching them such useful words but I would clearly mind to hear a very long niggle from their mother that would fuck up my already fucked up head more. But I understood why he wanted us to teach and protect them. Who could teach them to fight and defend better than professional killers?

He grew up with us and we grew up with him. He wasn't just our capo but also our brother, he knew he could trust us blindly. He knew that we would protect his flesh and blood without life. Moreover, I practically raised them and I even considered them like my own. If I would have children, I would surely not differ them from my own.

"You know what?" I asked him which made him sigh. "What?" he asked with one brow raised. "Your threats got me goosebumps on my ass, am so scared," I mocked him.

"Let's see if you will be still so amused when you will know why capo has for you in stock," he claimed and sat on the couch. "Is it a difficult task?" I asked, "Because if it's something easy then it's perfect for a pussy like you."

"Why the fuck did you return? Go back to where you came from," he sighed frustrated and rubbed his temples. "Yeah...I guess I wouldn't fit there anymore," I said pensively which made him look at me confused before realization dawned on his face.

"Hold your ears Lucia," he said before she held her hears, "Just fuck off and let me be. I am fucking exhausted from babysitting and teaching the twins...or more Cara...Alanzo isn't bad...whatever...just fuck off take her with you," he gestured to Lucia, "And let me sleep. I want to dream about some hot chicas after I didn't have the time to meet some."

His words made me laugh, he sounded like a pregnant woman, but I couldn't blame him, watching children were harder than killing puttanas. "You clearly are underfucked," I said before I put Lucia's hand down, "Speaking about kids...Where are my two other little demons?"

"In the backyard, training with Valerio," he said with closed eyes, lying on the couch. "Where is capo?" I asked. "He went with Helena to the hospital...I guess they had a normal appointment...for get her checked if she is fine and healthy," he said half-asleep.

"It's a girl?" I asked surprised and Lucia nodded her head. "I got baby sorella. I am una sorella maggiore," she said happily. "How sweet," I smiled at her while I internally cursed that we were fucked up with another minion version of clumsy Helena. However, I shouldn't lose hope, maybe this one wouldn't be bad at learning weapons. But I had to make sure that I was saved if the last one would be clumsy.

I got my phone out of my pocked before I opened the audio and neared Marco. I gestured Lucia to stay silent while she smiled and nodded her head. "Marco?" I asked while the audio run. "Mmh," I got as an answer. "Will you be honored to teach Alana if she is old enough?" I asked his half-asleep frame.

"Mmh," he said, and I rolled my eyes. "Is that a yes?" I asked. "Yeah, go away now," he mumbled before I ended the record and put my phone back in my pocket. "Grazie," I said before I walked out of the room, heading to the backyard. I was curious what the twins learned in my absence.

"Roro?" Lucia in my arms called for my attention. "Yes sweetie," I said. "What's a pussy?" she asked me curiously. I looked at her, cursing myself for using the pussy word previously. "It's...a sweet kitten," I tried you explain it to her with a smirk, while trying not to think about the dirty version of pussy. "Ohh," she said, making an o shape with her mouth, "I want a pussy."

" too," I claimed while heading to the backyard.
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