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She's a tuff cookie he is a no good rich boy one dreaming of finding love and the other a player could these two from different worlds love help each other or hurt each other.

Romance / Drama
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Three stages of hell

It was a windy day the sky was blue the sun was bright the green leaves fell from trees you can hear the chatter of students from inside the class room. Suddenly the class room door slams open a girl with long brown hair,big brown eyes shorts with knee high socks and a tucked shirt that read "don't touch" stands there panting.

"Emily finnaly decided to join the class" Emily walks towards a desk in the back and sits " sorry for running late ms.tinkle". The class laughs loudly "how many times do have to say my name is crinkle not tinkle" Emily holds in her laugh "sorry ms.tink I mean crinkle". Ms.crinkle gives Emily a nasty look and turns towards the board and continues to teach the class.

"Hey Emily what happened why are you late" a girl with curly red hair and glasses asked "I got held up by Tyler and his gang I had to beat the crap out of them again". "When will those guys give up literally no one can defeat my Emmy." "It's true Alice it's impossible I'll destroy anyone one who try's to come for me" Emily makes a muscle and giggles with Alice.

The bell rings and Emily and Alice quickly runs out of class "we're not getting caught by negative energy today" Emily says with a smile running towards the steps. Suddenly they both stop in there tracks as they spot a group of girls crowding around three guys "what's going on?" Alice looks at Emily with a suprised face. "Are you serious have you been living under a rock this whole semester those are the big three the richest most handsome guys in the school jay,Oliver and the leader adrian how could you not hear of them?". Emily looks at Alice with a confused face "I don't get what's so good about them they look like normal guys to me"

Alice rolls her eyes at Emily and looks into the crowd "there's one problem though there standing in the middle of the hallway ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Emily says with anger in her voice. Alice turns towards her with a worried look "don't do anything wreckless emmy". Emily smiles at her and walk towards the crowd pushing everyone out the way and soon making it into the middle of the circle she looks at the boys one with light brown hair and brown eyes he's extremely tall compared to Emily the other with blonde hair and brown eyes and the final one in the middle with dark black hair and dark brown eyes.

Emily looks at each and every one of them and gives them a dirty look "excuse me but can you move your fan club to one side of the hall I have some where to be". Each one of the boys look at each other confused as if she was speaking another language they walk up to her and push pass her Emily turns around and growls. The crowd moves with them and Alice quickly runs towards her "are you ok Emmy" "there so rude I just wanna grab them and slam them to the floor". "Don't think to much trust me those sliver spoons are always rude".

Emily and Alice walks towards the cafeteria and grabs lunch and walk towards their usually seats but then they relish the big three are siting in there seats. "OH YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME" Emily says in rage "Emmy don't worry about lets just go sit somewhere else it's not a big deal." "No way" Emily walks towards the table where the big three is siting "HEY this is our seat find your own" the boys look at each other "Adrian" the boys with blonde and light brown hair says looking towards the one with black hair.

"And who are you" says Adrian with a confused look "my names Emily and this is my seat scram" "no why would I listen to such an ugly poor girl." Emily gulls up with rage Alice quickly runs over to her and grabs her hand "Emmy it's not that important lets go" through the cafeteria Emmy hears "stupid commener at least be cute but no she's completely hideous". Emily quickly lets go of Alice's hand and runs towards them and pours milk on Adrian's head".

Everyone quickly turns there head and gasp as they look at what she did Emily walks away proud of her self "YOULL PAY FOR THIS EMILY ILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL" Adrian screams. Emily grabs Alice's hand and walks out the cafeteria "w-what did you just do are you insane you just made war with the most powerful kids in the school are you crazy". "YES I am crazy but I'm not stupid, stupid enough to get bullied by those mouth breathers."

"Emmy are youprepared to go through the three stages of hell" Emily looks at Alice confused "what are you talking about" Alice points to Emily's locker where there was written "are you ready for the three stages of hell". Emily walks towards it and clenches her fist she turns around and everyone is staring at her and whispering to each other. The bell rings and Alice grabs Emily's hand and walks with to class as soon as she gets there she notices something written all over her desk.

She walks towards it and reads it it says " whore,poor,ugly,disgusting,trash,slut,beware of dog." Emily looks around the class and every one is staring at her as a group of girls walk towards her "aww Emily what's the matter you don't like how we customized your desk". Emily looks up at them with an angry face "what are you gonna cry" Emily clenches her fist and walks towards her "it takes more than that to break my spirit sweet heart" Emily smiles and taps her face.

Alice smiles knowing that Emily is tuff to crack she has never gave into bullying Emily walks out of class and speeds towards the roof Alice quickly follows. Emily walks towards the edge and Alice follows her and holds her hand Emily screams loudly letting out all her anger. Emily moves off the edge with Alice and walks back into the school as soon as the get down the steps towards the class there's a group of boys there. Alice tightly holds Emily's hand the group of boys walks towards Emily and pulls her away from Alice quickly running towards the pool and tossing her in one thing they didn't know was that Emily doesn't know how to swim.

Emily quickly gasping for air Alice try's to reach her hand out to grab her but can't reach the boys run away trying to avoid trouble when suddenly some jumps into the water. He grabs Emily and puts her on the floor Emily looks up and her eyes widen its the brown haired boy "j-jay?" Alice quickly says running with a towel. Emily moves back away from him and frowns "thanks" he looks at her and frowns "don't thank me I just didn't want to see a dead body in the pool I love so much."

Emily's heart still pounds from the fright she just had Alice quickly hugs her "how about I take you home okay" Emily stands up and walks away with Alice while their leaving the school they spot Adrian yelling at the boys who tosed her in the pool. They arrive at Alice's house and her dad quickly runs out to her "sweet heart what happened" Emily walks into the house explaining nothing to her father. She walks up to her room and locks the door Emily sit down at her desk and picks up a family photo "why can't I be as pretty as you mom" tears start to fall from Emily's eyes.

Her mother died when she was six her mother was a famous model and soon gave it up to have Emily. Emily grabs a book from her dresser and lays on her bed "why can't life be like romance story's".

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