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Emily's dad knocks on her door concerned for her "Emily tell me what's wrong" "I'm fine dad don't worry I'm just tired". Emily tosses the book across the room and closes her eyes "are you gonna come out for dinner" "no dad I'm not hungry". Emily falls asleep but soon wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock Emily gets out of bed and walks towards the closet "today is a new day should I wear uniform though...nah I'll just get it dirty".

Emily grabs leggings and a shirt that says "bug off" and through a them on and grabs her back pack running down the steps as she realize she's late for school again. She runs towards the kitchen grabs a piece of toast kisses her dad goodbye and runs out. Emily quickly starts running towards the school knowing she's about to get yelled at by ms.crinckle. As she arrives she relizes everyone's eyes glued on to her she walks into the building and notices a note on her locker Alice runs towards her crying "I tried to stop them Emmy but the didn't listen".

She walks towards her locker and grabs the note that reads " Emily age sixteen lives with father on 32rockey ave mother DEAD" she turns around as she sees Adrian and his group laughing at her. Emily crunches the paper in her fist. Alice grabs her hand "Emily don't do anything rash" "Alice don't worry I'm not". Emily walks up to them and smiles "you think this is funny you think my life is a joke you ass wipe" Adrian looks at her and smiles " I don't know what type of apology this is but yes I do think it's a joke".

"THATS IT" Emily knees Adrian in the stomach and slams him on the floor she grabs him by the hair and smiles at him "next time you try something to me it would be worst okay" Adrian looks at her as if she's crazy. " I said OKAY" Emily yells at him "o-okay okay I'll stop" Emily walks away from Adrian and grabs Alice's hand "lets go Alice were skipping school today" "okay" Alice walks with Emily out of the school Adrian stands up and looks at jay and Oliver "I know why she's like this she likes me she likes me a lot" jay and Oliver look at him as if he hit his head to hard and got brain damage.

"Emmy your so brave I can't believe you did that" "I can believe it I refuse to get bullied by those guys and I refuse for my mother to be talked about". "Yeah but Emmy where are we going" Emily notices she was walking and talking without knowing where she was heading "um lets go to a cafe I hear there's a new one that just opened recently" Alice smiles at Emily "alright sounds good to me".

Alice and Emily arrives at the cafe and walks in "welcome" a barista with dirty blonde hair walks up to them and takes them to a seat. "What can I get for you two" "I'll have a mocha" Alice said with a smile "I'll have a caramel ice coffe with extras whip cream and extra caramel" "okay I'll be right back". Alice looks at Emily with a worried face "you really need to slow down on the sugar Emmy" "Alice I'm not an old person I can handle it".

Alice laughs at Emily's remark after a while the barista comes back with their drinks and hands it to them Alice looks over to Emily's drink and her eyes widen "hey Emmy let me taste that" Emily looks at her as if she's crazy and sips her drink. "No way you have your own" Alice frowns at her "come on please don't do this to me". "Fine just a sip" Emily hands Alice the drink and drinks some "alright alright that's it give me" Emily takes the drinks away and drinks it. Alice looks at her with a mean face and drinks her mocha "hey Emily have you ever thought about getting a boyfriend" Emily almost chokes on her drink "where did this come from".

"It's just I've always wanted to get one and I just wanted to know if you wanted one too" Emily laughs nervously "don't be silly I don't have time for relationships I'm to busy". Alice squints her eyes at Emily " doing what Emily you can't even read the back of a school book without falling asleep" "HEY!" Alice laughs "if you must know I am looking for a job currently" Alice leans forward on the table "you looking for a job are you sick should I call some one blink twice if your kidnaped" Emily throws her napkin at Alice. "Your not funny Alice I'm serious".

"Alright whatever you say" Alice and Emily finishes their drinks and leaves "where do we go now" Alice asks Emily. "I don't know you think of something" Alice and Emily walk a little more but suddenly stop in there tracks when they see the big three walking down the sidewalk towards them. They quickly turn around and start walking away "what are they doing out of school" Alice ask "how am I suppose to know I'm with you". Suddenly Emily feels someone grab her arm Emily turns around in shock and looks up its one of the mean girls. "Who are you" Emily asks the girl as she pulls her arm away from her "who are we I'm tiffinay leader of the pussy cats right lady's" "YEAH!" Says the two girls behind her.

Alice looks at Emily and shugs her shoulders Emily looks at tiffinay confused "what do you want" "we hear you hit our amazing Adrian and were hear to make you pay". Emily laughs as she looks at the girl "okay then make me pay chop stick" the girls quickly try to attack Emily but Emily is well skilled in martial arts so they didn't stand a chance. Emily quickly kicks and punches them leaving them on the ground Alice quickly grabs Emily's hand and walks away from the scene.

"What's the matter Alice your going to fast" "the big three there chasing you!" Emily's eyes widen and starts to run with Alice. Emily looks behind her and notices them running after them "what'd you do know Emily" "nothing honestly". Alice turns the Conner with Emily and hides from the big three as they watch them run pass them. Alice and Emily start to breath heavily as they hold their chest "what could I have done now" Alice turns towards Emily "that's what I'm saying what did you do now". Time passes and they decide to go home they walk their different ways while walking home Emily realizes six guys following her she continue to walk but faster and soon they caught up to her.

And grabbed her Emily starts to scream as they push her into a car and puts her to sleep time passes by and they arrive to the mysterious destination. Emily wakes up and he's siting in a chair tied up but being in this situation befor Emily quickly gets out of it and try's to escape. But while running she bumped into someone and she realized who it was when she looked up her eyes widen and grew with rage.

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