Spank Me, Mr. Caylor (Teacher x Student)

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‼️WARNING: MATURE SCENES + SEX‼️COMPLETED‼️ Just turned 18 Claire Metzer has an accidental encounter with her sexy British teacher, Mr. Caylor at a bar. Will this encounter be a one night stand or evolve into something more? A six chapter novella that stemmed from my one-shots book "Hot Sexy Shots |18+|"

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The Accidental Encounter

Claire Metzer

Good old Wednesday and the day after my eighteenth birthday. And worst yet, I have a Latin test in sixth period that I barely studied for.

“You ready for the test?” My best friend, Jen asked as we met up by our lockers.

I laughed dryly, “When am I ever ready for Latin tests? And definitely not the day after my birthday.”

“True,” she stood up as she waited for me to get my notebooks, “So how was it? Last night. With Jake?”

I sighed, shaking my head, “We didn’t, he left early.”

“He left your party early?” Jen squatted down immediately, “What? Why would he do that?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“I thought you guys had a talk and planned know after everyone left.”

“Yeah, I thought so too, but I don’t know he said something about his university and had to finish a paper,” I grumbled and got up.

“That’s strange,” she paused, “Well I’m sure it’s just busy college life.”

“Yup, except he never called or texted me back,” I gave her a sour look as we made our way to the classroom.

“What?” she stopped us at the doorway, “That’s messed up.”

“I know, I think I should break up with him and find someone else,” I dragged her to our desk instead of blocking the door.

“But you can’t just find anyone for your first time,” her voice lowered.

We sighed and sat down, “Well let’s fuck this test up first.”

“Shit, I literally forgot the Caesar translations within our two-minute convo,” she rubbed her forehead.

“Right?” I smacked my forehead with my palm, “Every time I sit in this class, I ask myself why did I even choose Latin. It’s a fucking dead language, for goodness’s sake.”

“Well because Mr. Caylor is the hottest foreign language teacher among our choices?” she wiggled her eyebrows as our level four Latin teacher walked in with his pressed suit.

“Can’t disagree with you there,” I gave her a smile back as we took out our pens, “Like isn’t he thirty something? How does he look this hot?”

“Thirty-four,” she whispered.


“Alright class, everything off your desk, you’ll have the whole period for your test if you need it.”

“And that British accent, damn,” Jen commented as she dropped her binder on the ground.

“So damn hot, I can listen to him ta-,” I whispered.

“No more talking, Claire,” Mr. Caylor stared right at me, “Tests are out.”

Jen and I shared a stifled giggle before we got our tests and started. It’s a little scary how these jumbled abc’s can make sense in my brain, “iumentorum et carrorum quam maximum numerum coemere”, to purchase the greatest amount of pack animals and carts. Like who the fuck cares about the gallic wars and what they did?

Looking over my work one last time, I decided it was good enough and put my pen down, taking a look around the room, I saw that no one had gotten up yet, so I laid my head on the desk and closed my eyes.

“Dude, wake up!” Jen shoved me hard and almost off the edge of the desk.

I wiped my mouth, feeling a little bit of drool present, “Why you push me so hard?” I shoved her back.

“Whatever, just turn in your test, you’re last.”

I glanced over her to see the room empty, “Shit,” I scrambled out of my chair, “Here, uh..s-sorry about that,” I gestured to my desk awkwardly after giving my paper to Mr. Caylor.

“No problem,” he gave me a smile, “Actually can I see you in my office later?”

I turned around to face him again, “Today? Um, yes, but I have a club that ends at five.”

“That’s fine, I’ll see you at five in my office then,” he smiled and I smiled back, quickly grabbing my stuff and meeting Jen at the door.

“What was that about?” Jen immediately questioned.

“Not sure,” I scowled in confusion, “He said to meet him in his office later.”

“Weird,” she shrugged, “Let me know what happens okay?”

“Yup, I’ll text you. Also can your brother get me in that new club, I don’t think I partied enough,” I gave her a look as we broke into laughter.

“I’ll let him know,” she pulled out her phone straight away, “See you tomorrow and don’t get drunk!”

We waved and I made my way to art class, then writing club, and finally to Mr. Caylor’s office.

Mr. Caylor

A couple of knocks sounded at my door, finally breaking the hour of silence that I sat in, waiting for my student. And now here she was, in my small corner office, standing like a lost sheep.

“It’s not five yet,” I said and gave her a reassuring smile.

“My club ended a bit early,” she answered, standing awkwardly at my doorway.

“Please sit down,” I gestured to the chair in front of me, and she did so silently, “So, the reason I asked you here was that I’ve noticed you’ve been sleeping in my class a few times now.”

Her eyes went wide, her brown eyes staring at me in shock, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, Mr. Caylor, I- I just- I don’t know. It’s not that your class is boring, it’s just that, um, I just get sleepy.” she looked down at her hands fiddling with the hem of her t-shirt, “Because I’m up late, um, working on college essays and research papers.”

“I’m kidding, Claire, you’re one of the best students in my class, you get A’s even if you sleep, so I really don’t mind” I chuckled at her little ramble and grabbed a paper from my desk, “The real reason I asked you here was this Latin program.”

“Oh!” she stared at the paper in happy surprise, “Wow, um, thank you for letting me know, um, I’ll definitely look into this,” she gave me a sweet smile, “And thank you, uh, for letting me sleep in your class. Also, um, this is probably unnecessary, but I sleep in other classes, too, so yeah.”

I swallowed my laugh, “I told you it’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“Right, thanks for this again,” she waved the paper and stood up.

“Of course, I’ll see you tomorrow,” I waved and packed up my laptop, getting ready to leave as well. It was my second year anniversary with my girlfriend and she wanted to meet me at this new bar around six. Obviously, as a teacher on a school day, I had tried to talk her out of it, but with her persistent personality, it was quite difficult.

Getting in my car, I decided to go home and shower then changed into a white button-down collared shirt and light washed jeans. I let my hair fall naturally without the usual gel since I only had twenty minutes left, but thanks to the bar being five minutes away, I made it before Emily arrived.

I sat at the bar and got a glass of water as I waited, getting a little uneasy as ten minutes turned into thirty, my calls going unanswered, maybe something came up. I stood up to leave at the forty-minute mark as someone caught my eye. Is that...Claire? In a bar? She clinked glasses with some dude and chugged her drink, the fuck?

I watched as the guy held her waist, his hands sliding down her white flowy dress, her expression changing from carefree to disgust. I started walking towards them as she threw an uppercut to the guy’s jaw, making him step back effectively, “Don’t fucking touch my ass, shithead,” she emptied another glass, slamming it on the counter.

I let out an amused huff and walked towards her, “Claire Metzer.”

She shook out her wrist and turned around, “Mr. Caylor!” her hands landed on my chest, her face beaming, “Holy crap, what are you doing here?”

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking that question?” I raised my eyebrows at her.

She threw her head back and laughed, almost falling backward, “Right, I’m here for a drink, clearly. Quid fere te?”

"Quid de te would be the correct sentence,” I rebuked.

“Right,” she slapped my chest again, laughing harder, and stumbling back until I grabbed her arm to hold her upright, “Let’s drink some more!” she slurred.

“Okay, you’re drunk,” I stated, “Let’s get you out of here. Do you have your stuff? Phone?”

She nodded, holding up her phone as I walked her to my car.

“Okay, I think I should call your parents and get you home.”

“No, no, no, wait please, I’m fine, I’m actually not drunk,” she spoke perfectly clear without slurring, “I, um, I just can’t go home smelling like this,” she scrunched her nose, “You know?”

I gave her a stern look, “So you pretended to be drunk? Don’t you have papers to write?”

She bit her lips. “Yes, I did. ’Cause I thought you would, um, just leave me there? And no I lied.”

I scoffed, “I wouldn’t have left you there because you’re drinking underage, and-”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, I’m the perfect student, I do one bad thing and it’s like I fucked up my life,” she threw her hands up, exasperatedly rolling her eyes.

“That’s not what I meant,” I told her, “Just tell me what you were doing there and I won’t tell your parents or the school.”

She pouted and gave me her puppy dog eyes look, “Do I really have to?”

“Yes,” I nodded, avoiding her eyes and found them on her glossy lips.

“I just,” she bit her lips and took a deep breath, “Ijustwantedtogetlaid.”

“You what?” my eyes snapped up to hers.

“Look, I just turned eighteen and I really, really, really wanted to-”

“Okay, hold on. Even if you wanted to do that, a bar is definitely not the place. So let’s get you home-”

“No!” she grabbed my arm, “I mean, no, please? You can, um, just drop me off somewhere and I’ll go to Jen’s place.”

“I’m not dropping you off somewhere,” I ran my hand through my hair and sighed, “I live five minutes away, you can shower there and then I’ll take you home.”

“Okay, thank you,” she mumbled and stayed quiet as we arrived.

I showed her to my bathroom and left her to it when my phone rang, “Emily! Where have you been? I called you so many times and waited forty minutes.”

“Something came up,” she simply replied.

“What came up?”

“Nothing you need to worry about.”

I sighed, leaning on the arm of my sofa, “Em, it’s our two year anniversary.”

This ridiculous argument continued until my bathroom door opened, and my top student stood there with her transparent white dress clinging to her small waist and full hips, the outline of her black bra showing. I held my phone away for a second, “Why are you wet?”

“Um, you didn’t give me a towel, and I didn’t want to intrude and use yours, so yeah,” she stood there as I stared, mesmerized.

“Mr. Caylor?” she made a phone gesture with her hand.

“Right,” I tore my eyes away from her body, and turned back to my phone, “You know what? You’re right, Em, we should end this. We are done.”

A moment of silence stood between us after I hung up.

“Um, wow, I’m sorry?” she grimaced.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take you home.”

“Okay,” she started walking when she suddenly came crashing onto me, “Oh!”

“Shit! Don’t move, fuck, I said stop moving!” I yelled.

“Wow, you actually swore,” she observed, still wiggling on top of me.

“Claire Metzer, I said stop mov-”

“OH!” she gasped, her hand brushing against my hardening cock, talk about bad timing.

I cleared my throat, feeling it get harder under her hand, “Mngh- a-are you gonna let go?”

“Right, shit, sorry, fuck,” she scrambled away from me, her heels falling off her feet as I stood up.

“Okay, well,” I ran a hand through my hair, “Give me a second.”

“Ahem!” she coughed loudly, “I, um, I can help with that,” she blurted, “I-If you want me to.”

“Claire, you are my student.”

“And I gave you a boner,” she bit her lips, “Which I can fix real quick.”

“I’m your teacher,” I gave her an unsmiling look.

“Not right now, it’s after school,” she got on her knees, smiling playfully, reaching to unzip my jeans, ”Lawrence."


“It looks painful in your jeans, you should let it out,” she pulled down my jeans, dragging my boxers along while my feet stayed glued to the floor, my body and mind acting separately.

“This is-”

“Goodness gracious, just hold my hair,” she grabbed my hands, placing them on her damp hair. Her bossiness somehow made my cock even harder and the moment her hands touched it, precum slipped out, “You’re quite turned on, Mr. Caylor,” she commented with a giggle before taking my cock into her sassy mouth.

Fuck. My hands tightened on her hair, forgetting our inappropriate circumstances. She looked up at me, watching me sigh in pleasure as she sucked me off, “Fuck you’re good at this.”

“I’m good at a lot of things other than being a top student,” she mumbled against the sensitive top of my cock.

“Don’t fucking stop,” I took a sharp breath and pushed her head towards my cock as she made slurping noises with her mouth, her tongue flicking skillfully on the underside of my tip, “Ahh..” I groaned, pushing her head down faster, “Keep going.”

Suddenly my cock left her mouth with a loud pop, “You’re so close, Mr. Caylor.”

My hand fisted in her brown locks, “I said keep going.”

“What if I don’t?” she smiled mischievously, giving the desperate tip of my cock a wet kiss.

“Claire,” I gave her my scary teacher look.

“That’s not gonna work,” her hands stroked my length slowly, “You can’t give me detention for this.”

“I can punish you.”

She licked her lips, “I’d like to see you try-”

I leaned down and threw her over my shoulders, dumping her onto my bed, “Keep going now.”

She got on her hands and knees at the edge of my bed, “Hold my hair,” she ordered before taking my cock back into her mouth, sucking fast. Her hand holding my cock in place while the other massaged my balls.

Her tongue began to twirl faster and faster around the tip, my hands instinctively pushing her head harder as I exploded in her mouth, “Mnngh! Fuck,” I exclaimed as she continued licking my cock relentlessly even after the last bit of cum shot out. “Fucking god,” the sensations overwhelmed me so bad I pushed her off and stood there trying to catch my breath while she lied on my bed licking her lips with my load dripping out of her mouth. So hot.

“You’re very sensitive,” she gave me a huge smile.

Shaking off her comment, I got on the bed, crawling towards her, “Your turn.”

She lifted her wet dress off, showing her sexy black lingerie set, “I’m all yours.”

With that, I pulled her panties off and pressed my lips onto her thigh, smelling my body wash on her soft skin. She immediately weaved her fingers through my hair, “Don’t fucking tease me.”

I chuckled at her bold words, leaving hot breaths on her smooth pussy, “This is punishment.”

I gave her pussy a good long lick, purposely avoiding her clit, making her hips roll up slightly, “Stop teasing me.”

“Beg me.”

She scoffed, “You wish.”

I looked up at her flushed face, “I can just stop.”

She plopped down onto my pillows, grumbling, “Fine, please?”

I lapped up the juices that trickled out of her entrance, “Please what?”

“Lick me there,” she murmured.

I smiled at her sweet surrender, “Where?”

“You know where, dumbass. Just- please? I need to feel your tongue on me,” she rushed out, “On my pussy.”

I grinned against her wetness and finally gave in. Sucking her throbbing clit, flicking my tongue on the small sensitive bud, making her hips buck as she trembled against my face, “Ah-ah-aannghh...fuck! Ohhh fuck,” she sucked in a breath, her body convulsing with pleasure, “Awnngh...I-I can’t, fuck, mnngh..please...I’m-” her voice shook while her hips bucked twice more as I licked up the sweet juices that kept flowing out of her.

“Was that your first time?” I leaned up at the realization, watching her chest rise and fall heavily, her hands covering her face, “Claire?”

She nodded without moving her hands away.

“What now you’re embarrassed?” I laughed softly, moving up and hovering over her.

“Shut up,” she lifted a hand to slap my arm but I caught her wrist and brought it to my fresh erection.

“Don’t be, ’cause this is what you do to me,” I pulled her other hand off her pink face, pressing my lips to hers.

“Um,” she leaned back shortly.

“Sorry, was that-”

“No, I was, uh, going to say, or ask,” she glanced at me shyly, “Um, can we have sex?”

I let out a short laugh, “If that’s what you want.”

She nodded, “Condom?”

“Of course,” I reached to my bedside drawer and slipped one on, “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

I gave her another kiss and many more down her neck. Pulling her basically see through bralette off to take her soft breasts into my mouth, her back arching, hands tugging on my hair as I rubbed my cock along her slippery pussy, “Mnngh...fuck, I want to feel you inside already.”

“Are you sur-”

“Yes, Lawrence, fuck me,” she interrupted, staring at me determined.

I reached down, positioning myself against her virgin entrance, “Wrap your legs around me,” I told her and when she did, I pushed in slightly, stretching the warm tightness, “You okay? Can I keep going?”

“Fuck,” she tightened her arms and legs around me, “It’s okay, go in.”

I gave a harder push, slowly entering her completely as she let out a soft whimper, “Fuck, you okay? Can I move?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I’m fine now. You can...ahh!”

Her words became soft cries as I pulled out and thrusted back in, slow at first, but speeding up steadily, I groaned against her neck, “Fucking god, you feel so fucking good.”

Her moans grew louder and louder as she became more comfortable and between those lewd sounds, she mumbled, “ too.”

Feeling both of our orgasms built up, I pulled out and sat myself against my bed frame, not wanting this sweet pleasure to end so fast. I held her on top of me, letting her back lean against my chest, “I am gonna make you cum so hard, Claire. Open your eyes and look at yourself in that mirror. Watch me fuck you.”

“Mnn..fuck, that’s kinky and so hot,” she moaned softly, watching me position my cock to her entrance in our reflection, pushing her hips down onto mine as I grabbed her breasts with one hand and reached to play with her clit with another, eliciting an erotic whine, “Fuck, ohh fuck! That feels...hnngh..feels so good!”

“Yes, baby, moan for me, scream my name while I fuck your sweet pussy,” I pinched her nipple and clit lightly between my fingers at the same time, watching her face twist with shocked bliss, “Look at me play with your tits, Claire. Watch my cock thrust inside of you. So fucking hot.”

“Ahh! Lawrence!” she screamed, her eyes barely opened, her hands squeezing my thighs under her, “Fuck! Fuck me harder. Fuck me real hard please.”

I nibbled her neck, her cries driving me to thrust my hips up faster while my fingers constantly rubbed her clit, “Mnngh! Fuck yes, cum for me, Claire, let it go.”

Our ecstatic moans and groans blended together as both of us let loose. Her body quivered on top as I pulled my cock out of her and yanked my condom off, spilling the remainings of my load all over her breasts. As her trembling faded away, she rolled to my side, breathing hard, “Wow.”

“Yeah, wow,” I repeated, awestruck with the mindblowing sex we just had. I held her in my arms for a short moment, giving us time to calm down, “You can stay over if you want,” I mumbled.

“Really?” she beamed, “Okay, I will, uh, let my mom and Jen know I’m staying at Jen’s place.”

“Okay,” I nodded after understanding her weird sentence, “You know that no one can find out about this right?”

“I know, I promise no one will ever find out, except Jen, but don’t worry, she keeps all my secrets.”

“Do you really have to tell her?” I asked unsurely.

“I tell her everything. Girl’s code.”

I rolled my eyes, “Alright, promise me you will only tell her and no one else.”

“I promise,” she gave me her sweet smile, “On one condition.”

“Claire, I’m serious,” I leaned up on my elbow to stare at her sternly.

She took my face in her hands, pulling me down to kiss my lips softly, “One condition being, we get to do this again.”



>>>>AND IT’S OUT!!! I PROMISE I WILL UPDATE NEW CHAPTERS SOON!! (for those who came from the one shots)

>Random fact: I took Latin in highschool with a bestfriend named Jennifer :P

If you enjoy my writing, support me & leave a tip if you want ♡

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