Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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Russian Temper


Walking down the pier my eyes scanned the place constantly. There was something in my gut telling me something was amiss. The last time I was here there was a shoot-out and the last shipment that was supposed to be delivered was stolen. We got it back, but it was still taken from us.

“You didn’t have to come.” Romano said beside me as we walked past the multiple different shipping containers, Tate and Vinzo behind us. “You are still healing.”

Grunting we take a turn down a different row of crates. “It’s nothing I can’t handle, fuck off little brother.”

From his reminder of my wound I became aware of the burning in my side, the skin was still raw and fucking Stella has been pulling at the stiches. But that pain is worth my time with her.

Turning the corner, I spotted our shipping container we were headed towards, the box full of antique art from the Roman period.

My hand slipped into my packet to take out the key, just as I was about to take it out shots rang in the air stopping my movement and setting me into action.

“CAZZO!” I dived behind a container to hide from more gunfire, my hand reaching into my jacket taking out my gun. “Call out!”

“Buono.” Vinzo growled shooting his gun towards the bastard.

“Buono. See the bastard, three o’clock.” Tate answered from the crate over from me.

“Cazzo.” Romano muttered beside me. “Buono, but don’t tell Anastasia.”

Looking over to him I growled seeing the blood coming from his shoulder, his hand already holding pressure and the other holding his gun.

“Tate.” I called over making him turn to me. “Distract.”

He nodded and counted down from three on his fingers, on the last he sprinted towards us, my body going out seeing the shooter’s attention on Tate. With the perfect angle I pulled the trigger dropping the bastard.

Motioning with my head Vinzo took my order and checked the area then stopped at our dead shooter. “Looks like he was alone.”

Looking around I nod at his assessment, anger coursing in my veins. “We will take the body; best guess would be he doesn’t have any brands or tattoos telling who is affiliated with. Most likely a recruit to protect this new threat.”

“Aye.” Romano said walking over to the dead body, Tate already calling our men to pick it up. “Couldn’t shot him in the knees?”

Flipping him off I take out my phone. “Didn’t want to risk Anastasia’s Russian temper.”

Hitting Lorenzo’s number, I listen to the rings trying to keep my anger at bay looking at my little brother, Tate now beside him placing his hand on Romano’s shoulder to put pressure on the wound.

“How did it go?” Lorenzo asked answering the phone directly into business.

Seeing Tate give me a slight nod telling me Romano will be fine I felt my body relax slightly but it was still coiled. “Romano has a bullet wound over his shoulder, got one dead body and our full shipment.”

“He need a hospital or Doc?”

Smirking at Romano I knew the best way to get back to him at his comments about me being the ‘sensitive’ brother. “Neither, think Anastasia will be fine to patch him up.”

I could hear Lorenzo take a breath. “Get him back here, bring the body. We are calling a meeting with Carnellio and he better have one fucking hell of an explanation to this.”

Thirty minutes later we arrive back at the estate, the body taken to the basement for inspection and the shipment we needed was sent home in a separate truck. Currently Romano and I are sitting in Romano’s room waiting for Anastasia.

Glancing towards Lorenzo who stepped into the room I got straight to business. “We need eyes on him.” I didn’t have to use the name for Lorenzo to know I was talking about Carnellio.

“We already have do.” Lorenzo said checking on Romano’s wound then held his face to check his eyes.

Romano leaned away from Lorenzo, slapping his hands off his body. “ I’m fine fratello, just a scratch that will heal in a couple days. We have more important things to deal with at the moment.”

Lorenzo rolled his eyes. “It almost hit your neck, that’s not a scratch fratellino. But that’s the least of your worries, since Maximus said you were fine, I didn’t call the Doctor.”

“You didn’t.” He growled then looked to me. “You fucking asshole.”

I smirked stepped back to watch the payback I will get from him calling me ‘sensitive’. A second later a loud thud sounded as Anastasia slammed the door closed in the room, her steps silent walking across the room and dropped the med kit next to Romano.

“Lorenzo, Maximus.” Anastasia greeted in her Russian accent ignoring Romano.

Her ink black hair was up in a crown braid, her pale freckled face lacked any emotions from Romano’s wound, her grey eyes stared straight into Romano’s.

Romano leaned close to her, his face soft staring at the woman in front of him. “Всенормально.” I am fine.

Anastasia left his eyes to look at his wound, her mouth in a thin line. “Zitto.” Shut up.

“Anastasia.” Romano whispered softly. “Этовсеголишьтелеснаярана.” It’s just a flesh wound.

The Russian didn’t like that he ignored her order, she is one of the few who can order him. “One more word and I’ll burn the wound closed.”

Leaning against the wall I bring my hand up to cover my mouth to hide my amusement. Anastasia cut Romano’s suit away from his wound, ripping it off without caring that dried blood pulled the gash. Her hands began inspecting the gunshot laceration that cut into the top of his shoulder.

“I have sent Sebastian undercover with Carnellio and his business. He’s been in for a week now, already working along Carnellio.” Lorenzo said pouring a few glasses of cognac.

Sebastian is Vinzo’s cousin, a young man who had started last year working for a place in our mafia as a recruit. It’s surprising Lorenzo would send him in since he is still young, not experienced in the mafia world to be blending undercover for us but that could work for his advantage with Carnellio’s young soldiers.

Anastasia stopped working on Romano. Slowly she turned to Lorenzo, fidgeting on her feet from what Lorenzo had said. “Would you like me to come back Lorenzo?”

Lorenzo passed me a glass while looking softly to her. “Stay, need you to patch him up so he can stop bleeding over my clean house.”

It may seem like a small thing allowing her to stay in the room but in our world, with this woman, it was a big thing. Anastasia is not a Sorrentino, she is Anastasia Bravata the daughter of a Russian mob boss who is an enemy of ours. But circumstance has brought her to our lives, mostly Romano’s, years ago. Since then she has become a part of our family, no matter her true name.

You don’t speak mafia plans and intelligence in front of anyone.

“You sure Sebastian was the right choice?” Romano asks with Anastasia cleaning him up, her breathing quick to bury her emotion.

Just like Romano.

Lorenzo took a sip of his drink. “Si. He is working on earning the right to be a Sorrentino, which is a plus because he doesn’t have our mark yet. But Vinzo says he is ready, now is his chance to prove himself. No one would question his sudden disappearance in case someone is watching us.”

Romano nodded watching Anastasia take out equipment she needs to clean and disinfect his shoulder. “Makes sense, he seems to be doing well so far and we do need eyes on Carnellio. Think he blatantly betrayed us?”

“Either that or he is careless with his client’s information.” Lorenzo said.

Taking a sip, I nodded. “I’ll reach out to others who use him, see if they are running into similar problems with their cargo and security.”

Lorenzo took a moment to think before giving a nod. “Do it, be careful not to let on about us running into problems though. Want to keep talk down.”

“Will do.” Swirling the amber liquid in my cup I look around. “How many people know about Sebastian being undercover?”

“Just Vinzo and those in the room. Want this kept quiet of course.” Lorenzo said as Romano hissed at the disinfection being poured over his shoulder.

“Не хочу боли, не стреляйте.” Anastasia muttered putting the disinfection away and picked up stitching materials. Don’t want pain, don’t get shot.

I looked away to hide my chuckle, Anastasia has a glare that competes with Lorenzo’s.

“Я бы не умер на тебе.” Romano whispered. I wouldn’t die on you.

Making eye contact with Lorenzo we took this as our cue to leave. We walked out of the room leaving them to speak in Russian and headed to Lorenzo’s office.

“I don’t like this. Something is coming.” Lorenzo said looking out his window. “If Carnellio betrayed us he would have done it for a reason or someone.”

As much as I hate to admit it, he was right. Things like this don’t just happen here and there. There is always some plot someone is planning.

Clearing my cup of the cognac I look to my brother. “Other than him wanting to prove himself in this world? He must have a very pricy reason. We have had the talk; we killing or threatening?”

Lorenzo turned to me. “Until we know if he is working alone or partnered, he stays alive, but we make a point. You focus on Carnellio, I will focus on the enemies from afar.”

Smirking I nodded. “I know Carnellio’s schedule, he is home tomorrow night at that strip bar he runs.”

“Looks like we will be saying ‘ciao’ then.” He smirked walking from the window and went to sit down at his desk. A dark look over his face, he was no doubt thinking the same I was about how close Romano could have been to being killed tonight. “He will suffer that much I will swear.”

Putting the cup down I smile. “Thank fuck, hate disrespectful cocky bastards.” For betraying us and he still deserves to have his eyes ripped out for the way he looked at Stella in the club. “You want to bring Romano? The second he steps foot into Carnellio’s bar he might burn it down before you get a second to say ‘ciao’.”

Lorenzo sighed leaning in his chair. “And he calls you the sensitive one. Is that why you said he doesn’t need Doc, have Anastasia give him hell as pay back?”

I shrugged with a smirk. “Hey what can I say, the little Russian has a temper and the kid needs to man up.”

He hummed shaking his head. “Can’t fight you on that, honestly been considering paying someone to ask her on a date in front of him to see if that would light a fire on his ass.”

Snickering I laughed at the thought of that. “He would kill them without blinking.”

Lorenzo tipped his glass in my direction. “And that is why I haven’t done it.”

Release a breath I nod at my brother. “Well tonight’s been shit. Going to head out and start first thing tomorrow on getting the bastards.”

“Take care brother.” He replied opening his laptop to keep working.

Stepping out of Lorenzo’s office I felt torn at where I should sleep tonight, emotions spun around my head from almost losing my little brother and what is going on with Carnellio.

Crash at my room here at the estate or my penthouse apartment for space?

I needed peace right now and there is only one person who can give it to me. Taking my phone out I went to a contact and sent a text without thinking.


You free?

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