Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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His Command


Working the store, sewing and designing is exhausting. Nanna helps with orders but I need help with sewing during wedding and prom season. Desimond could help, she has only worked one day but I can only trust the good feeling I have for her. Maybe she will want to learn how to sew, I jokingly said she was my apprentice, god I hope that will be true.

Taking a sip of my wine I focus on Netflix, leaving thoughts of work for tomorrow.

A knock on my apartment drew my head, my mind told my body to get up but my body said ‘fuck no’ being happy where it is. When my phone lit up telling me who was at the door, it changed my mind and I got up from my bed heading to open the door.

“Hey stranger.” I greet with a brighter smile then I should for someone I need to only be casual with.

Maximus stood in front of me with a tired smile, dim eyes and his usual perfect suit but it looked wrinkled for the first time. “Ciao bella, hope it’s okay I’m coming over so late.”

Leaning against the door I sigh dramatically. “I don’t know, I’m very busy laying on my bed watching Netflix. Not sure if I can spare time for my local Italian mystery man, unless he provides me a kiss.”

His hands gabbed my hips pulling me to him crashing his lips on mine. “Now that I can provide any day, anytime.”

Chuckling my arms wrapped around his neck and I let him devourer my lips again. Taking a brief pause to get air back in my lungs I gag pulling away from him. “God why do you smell like fish?”

Maximus pulled me back into him making me laugh and duck away under his arm, he rolled his eyes at my antics. “It’s not that bad.”

Nodding I put my hands keeping him away while walking backwards from him. I point to my bathroom as he closes the door to my apartment, locking the door while muttering something about my lack of security.

“Yes, it is, you want me and my bed. Shower.” He looked over to me, a glint in his eyes making me laugh and shake my head. “Don’t even think about it, shower! Alone and with soap. ”

He put his hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright I’ll let you give the orders.” Before he turned to go shower the glint darkened in his eyes. “For now.’

“Promises, promises.” I muttered passing him and jumped on my bed, he grumbled in Italian disappearing into the bathroom to wash the fish smell off.

My eyes set on the screen but my mind went into buried questions I have about Maximus that I don’t want to have answered or ask. This is supposed to be fun, to get the man who has started consuming my mind out of my system. Yet every time I see him more questions fill my head begging for answers and my body follows by craving for him the minute he leaves my touch.

There are so many unknows around Maximus. He talks properly and dresses as if he is coming out of an Italian magazine. When he smiles it lights the room and his laugh can’t help but infect you.

Yet there is a darkness around him and it pulls me to him, I shouldn’t let it but I can’t help to want to learn more. Like his scars, his work, everything.

It’s just for fun.

“What are you watching?” Maximus asked snapping me out of me state, turning I see him leaning against the bathroom door with a towel loosely around his waist.

My mouth dried and when I found his eyes they were filled with amusement from my ogling. Coughing I lick my lips to find my voice. “‘The Crown’, have you not seen it?”

He chuckled walking towards me, the bed dipping when he kneeled on it. “Not much time for TV.”

Leaning against my pillows I watch him slowly bend towards me, the glint in his eye focusing on my bare legs. “Well you should, it’s brilliant.”

Feeling his hand slowly trace my calf, I turn to look at his hand. Sucking in my breath I look up to his face, my smile slipped noticing the dark circles and the way his brows dipped tightly.

He was with me, but there was also something in his eyes that took my attention. “What’s wrong?”

The beg dipped again when he fell beside me, a hand running through his wet hair. “What makes you think something is wrong? You’re an easy woman to miss.”

Sitting up I pucker my lips trying not to focus on how the towel around his waist has slipped reveling a hint of his cock and his entire chest is open for me to gawk at.

My hand reached to his face, my fingers roaming over his wrinkles letting his face relax. “Because you look like you have the weight of the world on you and you arrived at my house smelling like fish at midnight.”

His eyes shifted to mine, the glint he had earlier was replaced by exhaustion. “Work is getting crazy, bad night. But I don’t want to talk about it, how was your day?”

I ran a hand through my hair hearing his dodge, if he came here to escape then I would let him. “Not too bad, getting new stock and making designs. Nothing exciting, but I am starting to get stressed since I’m the only tailor.”

My eyes lost to my inner battle and began to roam his naked chest. Every time we have fucked I never had the chance to appreciate his body. Now I do. I could see every muscle and I wanted to touch the perfection. His body looked like it has been sculpted by some Roman god.

My lips parted when I noticed all the different scars lining his body. Some holes. Some lines. And then I saw a large one drawing a gasp from me, right on his chest above where his heart would be there is a ‘S’ burn scar.

No, not a burn. A brand?

“What happened?” I asked horrified, my hand reached out to trace the brand over his heart, it slowly beating under my palm.

I felt his hand move my hair over my shoulder. “Just my brand.”

My head snapped up, my palm over the ‘S’ felt as if I could feel it’s burn. “Your brand?”

He let out a soft chuckle. “It’s not as bad as it sounds, hurt like hell when I got it but it’s worth it. The ‘S’ represents Sorrentino, when you get into the family by proving yourself you get branded to show your loyalty and pride.”

“Why would your family have brands on them?” I asked hesitantly, unsure if the aroura I have noticed around him was something I wanted confirmed. Should he keep the mystery, the darkness a secret or do I want to know?

Taking my hand, he pulled me on top of him, my legs straddling his waist. I shivered at the new position, his hard cock pushing against my shorts. “If you ask me that, I will answer you. But first you need to tell me if you want to be past casual, that you want me in other ways.”

“I thought you wanted to be casual too.” I asked breathlessly, his hands slowly going up my spine making my body shiver at his burning touch.

He smiled softly at me, the exhaustion in his eyes now replaced with peace. “I know a good woman when I see one.”

I blushed. “You barely know me.”

Maximus chuckled, my lips pressing against each other to hold back the moan as his cock rubbed against my wet center. “Tesoro, I have met people of all kinds. Trust me when I say I know you are a good person, you are something special Stella. I can see it plain as day.”

“Cheesy.” I chuckled.

Maximus rolled his eyes. “I have always been told I’m the sensitive one, but I go for perceptive. Stella, I live the life where it’s all in or out, I can’t answer questions if we are causal.”

“I, I don’t know.” I stared into his dark eyes. All my life people have left me. Why should I put myself in a relationship when he can easily walk away? I still don’t know who he is and what he does… though he says he would tell me if we go beyond our physical link.

A hand brushed against my check before he kissed me. “That’s okay. Until then, I’ll be casual.”

I let out a squeal when I felt myself flipped onto my back, Maximus settling in between my legs made my core ache for more. His lips landed on mine, his hands worked to slip my shorts off, his fingers light feathering over my clit when he pulled them off made my hip buck with need for more.

Maximus grabbed my hands and placed them over my head. “I need you.”

I couldn’t say anything but let out a moan when he bent down kissing my neck. Slowly he pulled off my shirt leaving me naked under him. He brought his head up, his eyes slowly looking over my body.

“I need to taste you.” He growled.

Before I could blink his face was between my legs. His tongue slowly licked between my folds making me release a moan. “Oh fuck.”

My hips ground against his face. His tongue going up and down my folds with the occasional nip on my clit. I reached forward gripping onto his hair, my nails digging into his sculp without me realizing it, I was too lost in the bliss he was giving me.

He was edging me, bringing me close to my orgasm and then would retreat to kiss my inner thighs. “Maximus, please.”

“Hm?” He went back to eating me out, the kisses and nips driving my body insane with heat and trembles.

My hips bucked, his lips retreating just when I thought I would release my built-up pleasure. “Fuck. Me.”

Maximus chuckled against my folds and obeyed my command. My arms wrapped around his neck the second his body covered mine, my legs wrapped around his hips and his hands gripped my waist.

“Your wish is my command.” He growled, the second he slammed his cock in me my back bowed up and I moaned loudly.

Maximus thrusted in me in the way that he does, hard and rough. Reaching behind me I held onto the bedframe while my hips moved up to meet his thrusts. While he kept thrust in I watch his face, he sole focus was on watching his cock disappear inside of me, the pleasure on his face mesmerizing to me.

“God you’re tight. Sexy as fuck woman.” He said with a grunt, fucking me harder if possible. His hand went down playing with my clit making me moan.

My body was ready to explode at this point. “Fuck, Max.”

“Unravel for me Tesoro.” The moment those words escaped his lips I came all over his perfect cock. “Cazzo!”

He thrusted while I came down from my high before yelling something in Italian and his sperm coated my insides. His arms went out before his body crushed mine.

Dropping on his side he pulled my sweaty naked body against his, both of us catching our breaths. Slowly he turned to me, leaving a kiss on my temple. “Cazzo, you really are something else.”

Smirking I slipped my hand between his legs to grip his cock. “As are you.”

“Careful woman.” He growled. “You keep gripping me and I’ll tie you to the bed to edge you for hours.”

I shivered and licked his neck. “Not until I taste you.”

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep.

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