Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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Walking to my desk I finish my tie and reach over grabbing cufflinks, placing them in my shirt. Hearing a string of curses, I chuckle at Stella, seeing her behind me through the mirror tossing her towel off.

“I’m so late and its one hundred percent your fault.” She said running around my room getting dressed. “You stupid Italian.”

My phone beeped but I didn’t check it, I already knew it was Lorenzo informing me that I’m also late for work this morning.

Chuckling I turn to her as she pulled her pants on looking for her shirt. “My fault? You were the one grinding into me this morning and invited me in to shower. How can I say ‘no’ to such a beautiful woman like yourself?”

Stella glanced over pulling her shirt on and glared at me. “Don’t try to be charming, I’m going to miss my delivery.”

“Stella, you are an independent woman who knows what you want, it was not my fault for giving what you asked for, begged for.” My voice lowered to a husk with flashes of this morning coming to mind, if it wasn’t for my phone beeping again I would have her back in my bed.

She stumped her toe on the bed making her curse kneeling on the floor looking around the carpet. “Stupid earing. And it is still your fault, I can’t think straight around your body.”

Looking down at her bending to pick up her earrings I felt my lip curl up from the position she is in, my body heat rising from desire. When she found her earing she looked up at me, her eyes widening when she noticed my pants and darkened eyes that showed one thing in them.

“You are always finding yourself in this position.” I mutter while she placed the earing in, her knees not moving from her spot.

She tilted her head slowly moving to me. “I am, aren’t I.”

Smirking I kept looking down, watching Stella raise her hands to unzip my pants, her movement slow and arousing. “I thought you were late?”

“What will my boss say?” She teased as her hand pulled out my hard erection, a hiss escaping me when her warm hand rubbed up and down.

I let out deep groan when she leaned forward running the tip of her tongue up my cock, my hand gripping onto her hair hoping that she keeps going.

“Cazzo Stella. Love what you do with your tongue but if you keep taking your time my brother is going to barge in to bring me to work.” I sucked in a breath when my cock got surrounded by her warm throat.

She slowly began to withdraw, when her lips only surrounded the tip she slowly engulfed me again. After a few times my body began to quiver with the need for more friction, she must have heard my thought and began to suck my cock hard.

I fought to not grip her hair harshly, the pleasure she was giving my cock made my body tremble with need for more. Her hand gripped my base, her other gripping onto my leg helping her keep momentum and keep me where she needs me to be.

Looking down at her I groaned, the sight of her sucking my cock made my balls swell up.

Tapping her head, I told her that I was ready to blow. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to explode in her mouth and I wouldn’t force her. Stella responded by digging her nails into the back of my legs deeper, her mouth hollowing out and bobbing harder telling me she was going to take it.


My hip began to thrust in her mouth, a hum coming from her mouth vibrating my cock inside her. Groaning my head rolled up, my eyes closed and I exploded inside her perfect mouth.

Her mouth took what I gave, her tongue slowly cleaning my cock before she moved away, letting my cock slip out which she tucked back into my pants. She got off from her knees with a smirk. “Now I really need to go to work.”

Gripping her head, I kiss her hard and fast. “Let’s go before I tie you to the bed.”

Grabbing our stuff, we leave my apartment and head down to the parking lot, during the journey it was impossible to not be touching her.

When we got to our cars I pulled her in one last time to kiss her, my hand moving in her hair while I consumed her lips. After a few moments I pulled back and winked at her. “Alright, go have a good day so I can finally go to work.”

Stella chuckled lightly, kissing me briefly and jumped in her car before I could pull her into another kiss. Smiling to myself I walk over to my car and head over to the civilian office to meet up with Lorenzo before he comes finds me.

Walking into Lorenzo’s office he looked up, glanced at the clock and then back at me unamused. “About bloody time. You need a watch?”

I lifted my hand showing him my watch as I stepped up to his espresso machine and made myself a cappuccino. “Got one.”

“Then tell me why you are an hour late?” He grumbled as coffee fill the air of his window office. “It better be a different excuse than a woman.”

Waiting for the espresso I steam the milk and glance over my shoulder. “Trying to ask something?”

Lorenzo leaned back into his chair, his hands followed in front of him. “More curious about the woman you threw over your shoulder last night and went home with.”

My jaw clenched remembering last night when I turned around to see Stella in that neighborhood, in front of a house that is down the street from Carnellio. I had thrown a knife in his wrist and then found her, standing in the night as innocent as the day she was born. No thoughts crossed my mind when I picked her body over my shoulder to race her out of there. I only needed her safe and away from Carnellio’s men who’d defile her with their eyes.

Closing my eyes, I count down from ten to keep myself calm. Opening them up I finish making my coffee and push the anger of last night out.

“I was getting a friend out of a potentially dangerous situation.” Picking up the coffee I walked over to his desk and took a seat, my eyes looking out to the view of the city. “Didn’t think it was too important if we are meeting at the business office and not family. What’s going on?”

He rolled his eyes and he reached over tossing a file in front of me drawing my attention back to him. “Too early for you being a smart ass.”

“Sorry fratello but you ruined a perfect morning for me.” I picked up the file, my jokes and warmth from Stella’s touch gone in an instant. “What the fuck. When can I kill him?”

“Oh, so now the woman is forgotten, good to see you still take your position seriously.” Lorenzo crack his neck looking over a different file in front of him. “Not yet, I want to know how far the leak in Carnellio’s group goes, him hurting the family business and now the public… I will look into that but I need you to see who we will use instead.”

Nodding I took a sip of the coffee while I looked over the file. Another theft of our shipments, this time it was our wine and tech cargo we sell internationally that got broken into.

“If Carnellio is leaking information he is dangerous, my guess it has to do with his disrespect and drive to be the best. Makes him ambiguous.” I said taking another sip, flipping the file to see what we lost and were able to keep. “Must have leaked it before our meeting last night.”

Technically we didn’t lose anything, Lorenzo kept secret parts of our shipping containers. They stole what they could see which is nothing important.

Lorenzo nodded, his entire being told me he was calm. Which is how he always operates. “I will take Carnellio out at the proper moment. First, I need to make sure I have a new shipping and smuggler in place before we destroy that piece of shit. I’m sending you to do that.”

I tilt my head. “What about Carnellio’s roster, I haven’t had the chance to begin looking through that.”

Lorenzo nodded. “I gave that for Romano, need you to go interview different shipping international cargo men. You’re the one in charge of international work and they would only speak with my Underboss, has to be you.”

Nodding I tossed the file down. “Have anyone in mind to see?”

“Casing, Montique and Shaw.” He said making me tisk.

Those men were on my list but they weren’t my favorite ones. “They are all paranoid bastards.”

“Paranoid in a good way. They complete all their business transactions professionally and they will protect our information and cargo.” Lorenzo picked up his coffee taking sip. “Any paranoia would work in our favor against attacks.”

When he gave me a look I knew why he wanted me to get here so early. Why he went straight into to telling me and not discussing who I would consider, or look into for shipping.

“When do I leave?” I asked ready to get ourselves a new shipper. My leaving may let me get new information on who is scoping us out.

“Tomorrow, 05:00.” Lorenzo looked me up and down, waiting for me to tell him I won’t go because of my woman. Something that made my blood boil, I have bled for my family and I would always put them first.

Nodding I began planning my interviews with the men. “I assume I’m meeting with all three and reporting who I think is best?”

“I want to know everything about how they operate, who their second is, how we would get along, I want to know everything. Don’t want to deal with another Carnellio because one of them died and we get stuck with their stupid disrespectful son.”

Standing up from my chair I buttoned my jacket. “I’ll get packing and make sure everything is in order for when I leave. By tonight I will send you an email with a summary of the business and what’s going on with them.”

Lorenzo straightened himself in his chair. “You could be gone for three weeks, two months, three months…”

When he continued to stare at me and left his sentence open, I straightened my posture to match him. “You want to say something Don?”

My brother stood up walking to the expresso to make himself anther cup of coffee. After he made the drink he turned back to me. “Do I need to say anything?”


I could feel his eyes running over me as he evaluated, either as my Don or brother I couldn’t tell. All I knew was that he was trying to see if Stella was making me weak. She doesn’t, she gives me a break the constant relentless pressure of my position even if it is for a few hours.

He must have come to his conclusion when he sighed and motioned for me to leave. “Keep me in the loop.”

Nodding I turned leaving his office needing to pack and make sure I had everything for international travel. Though I would need to keep my departure quiet, can’t have Carnellio suspect anything about why I disappeared.

We kicked the dog, need him to stay down.

There’s also one thing I must take care off before I leave. One addiction I will need to learn to kick when I am gone for days, weeks, possibly months on end.

One person to say goodbye to.

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