Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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Consciousness danced around me, the oncoming awareness pulling me into the present.

My neck hurt, waves of dizziness rocked me and fear pulsed in my veins.

Groaning, I lifted my head, my eyes shutting from the blinding light. Sucking in a breath I tried to breathe but my head was pounding so hard I couldn’t focus on anything but the pain.

Taking a few more breaths I tried to move so I can get Advil.

Wait, why can’t I move?

My eyes snapped open, the pain of the light lessened by my new terror.

My heart began beating rapidly when I found my hands and legs tied to a wooden chair leaving me completely immobile. I felt my body shiver from the coldness of the air, looking down I began to panic seeing I was only in my kami and boy cut panties.

“Sleeping beauty is awake.” A voice snapped my attention forward where I found three men watching me, two standing and one smoking in a chair facing me. “Was wondering when you would awake.”

My eyes darted around the dark, metal room while my brain struggled to remember what happened. My last memory was leaving my apartment after finding out I was pregnant and then nothing.

“She looks frightened.” The man in the chair cooed making me look back to him.

I fought to keep my panic down looking at the man, is he the one who undressed me? “Who, who are you? Where am I?”

The man smirked taking a puff of his cigar. “Well doll, names Carnellio. Word on the street is you might be sleeping with Maximus Sorrentino, no?”

My body stopped trembling and froze. Maximus? Why would he ask about him? I should have gotten to know the man I was so ‘casual’ with. There were so many signs of him being wrong but I ignored them. And now I’m about to be tortured because I was sleeping with him.

My hand fought against the rope when it tried to automatically cover my stomach to protect my unborn from whoever this man is and what he wants with Max.

“This is where you start talking Doll.” Carnellio said taking another puff of his cigar.

Taking a breath, I tried to calm myself but I didn’t work, my body was trembling again. I have never been in something like this, how do people act in these situations?

“I don’t see how that’s your business…” I whispered making Carnellio laugh.

Carnellio chuckled standing up. “Well that’s my answer. Now I need to find out if you were a one-night whore or something more significant. Maybe I can find out by the looseness of your pussy.”

I flinch being called a whore. He moved his hand towards me making me snap my head back. “Fuck you, don’t you dare touch me.”

My head whipped to the side at his backhand, blood filling my mouth. “Don’t disrespect me whore!”

Blinking to stop my head spinning, I looked back to him. “Respect is earned.”

There was a voice telling me that I shouldn’t say anything, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“I’m a Carnellio, I have respect because it is my birth right. You are just the whore of Maximus Sorrentino, someone who is betraying me and made a fool of me in front of my men! Now what do you know about his plans!”

Finally, I listened to the voice and kept quiet. Truthfully, I have no idea what is going on but I should keep quiet. I can’t risk pissing him off, I have to think of my child and staying alive for us.

“Answer me!” He screamed but still I said nothing. My breathing became heaver as my reality came crushing down on me in every second. “I can make you talk and even if you don’t know anything, I can still use you.”

Before I could think about what he meant his hands were around my neck squeezing it.

My body bucked on the chair, my hands fighting against the binds to try and get him off me. But no matter how hard I fought I couldn’t move. His hands kept squeezing, my mouth gasping for the air that was being denied.

When darkness danced around my eyes he let go of me, air flooding my lungs once I was free.

For now.

Carnellio sat down in front of me. “Speak whore. What are Maximus’s plans.”

My body quivered on the chair, an oncoming panic attack taking hold. Slowly I took breaths in and out so I wouldn’t break. “How many women do you sleep with? You could be a whore; don’t throw that word at women and think you could be no different.”

Carnellio’s eyes flashed with anger. Right, being kidnapped might not be the time to go into a feminist discussion. “Maximus Sorrentino has been gone on a trip. Word is he is looking to replace me, I want to know who with.”

“I. Don’t. Know.” I spoke carefully. My eyes looked around the room but even if I somehow got out of the ties on the chair, making it by one large metal door seems impossible.

Carnellio leaned forward. “And if you did.”

My mouth stayed shut.

Do I owe anything to Maximus to keep quiet about him? He is someone I started to care about, but right now, in a cold room with a mad man, what do I owe?

He is the father of my unborn child. I would say I’m tied to the man and keeping my mouth shut might give me a few more minutes to live.

“TELL ME ABOUT MAXIMUS!” His hands went around my neck once again and I knew he is trying to break me. “NOW!”

I gasped from the strangulation, my body jumping against the chair trying to break free. The lack of clothing making me shiver and rattle the chair.

Or maybe it was shock I don’t know.

“You are insane.” I gasped at him, my throat burning from his pressure.

Say something or don’t. I really need to pick a strategy and stick to it.

The pressure around my neck disappeared, my neck snapping forward while my body heaved for air once again.

“Tell me about Maximus or I will begin to break your body.” Carnellio said lighting a new cigar, the smoke blowing into my face making me cough. “I’ll start with your toes and mail it to him.”

I won’t let him hurt Max. But what about my unborn child? I do believe Carnellio will start to tear me apart and I don’t know how much I can take until I break.

Would this man even let me go if I said anything?

Probably not, I’m either a bargaining chip or a waste of space.

“I got,” I gasped for more air, “nothing to say.”

The chair flipped backwards when Carnellio backhanded me, the now familiar taste of blood back in my mouth from the impact. I couldn’t help the scream I let out when I slammed against the hard cement floor, the impact on my head blinding me for a moment.

Carnellio put his hands around my neck squeezing it again, his other hand running down my body making me want to throw up. “I can take this very slowly, in fact I will enjoy squeezing the life out of your body as I fuck you. Tell me, has Maximus fucked your ass or will I be your first.”

I fought against my ties desperate for air again. My body shaking from the ideas of what this man will do to me.

My poor child.

He released me and took a step back. “Lift her up.”

His men came forward and brought my chair back on its legs.

A beep sounded in the room making Carnellio take my phone out from his pant pocket. “Look hear, one message from the man himself. Maximus wrote, ’Sorry I missed your call. Be home soon, I can talk then. Hope you are well, miss you.’. Aw he cares, or maybe not since he didn’t call.”

The entire room filled with boisterous laughter from the men making me shiver.

My heart broke at the text. I gave him a voicemail which I can assume I sounded scared in and I get a text back. One that is wishing me well while someone tortures me for information on him.

Am I worth anything to Maximus?

A hand gripped my chin making me wince in pain, Carnellio leered down at me. “What do you think boys? Does the whore look well?”

One man in the back corner snickered. “No boss she doesn’t. Not after we are done with her, say, when can I try her out?”

Carnellio’s grip on my chin tightened making me look back to him. His thumb rolling over my lips. “Not till I have fucked her raw.”

Before I could register what I was doing, I bent forward, let his thumb into my mouth and clamped down.


Blood filled my mouth from my teeth breaking his skin. I bit down even harder when I heard him scream from pain and his men yell at me to stop. Someone gripped the back of my hair and pulled, the impact making my head slam backwards.

But I didn’t let go of his thumb.

From the force of my head being sent back and the intense pain of the hair pulling I bit down harder and the top of his thumb ended in my mouth.

When my hair was released, I spat out a thumb and the blood in my mouth, coughing to get the taste out. Carnellio was in front of me cradling his hand, staring wide eyed at his missing piece on the floor. I had bitten off his entire thumb nail area.


“YOU STUPID CUNT!” I sucked in a breath from the look Carenllio was giving me, his eyes holding pure rage. The triumph of hurting the man who is threatening my life long gone and fear took hold again. “You will pay for that.”

He took a step forward and my body began to shake knowing what was to come. His hands wrapped around my neck and squeezed. I gasped at the pressure that surrounded my neck, my mind running a mile a minute on how me and my child could survive.

My head was moved up so that I looked into Carnellio’s eyes and I knew.

If Maximus doesn’t learn what happened to me and doesn’t come, this is the last face I will ever see.

“Sir.” A man appeared behind Carnellio who tightened his grip. “The strippers have arrived and Cedric has brought news of the Sorrentinos. Maximus was seen arriving in Canada with a Shaw.”

The hands around my neck disappeared and I moved forward throwing up what was in my stomach all over the floor and began gasping for air again.

Carnellio took a needle out of his pocket and gave it to the one who interrupted.

“Night, night whore, we will talk again soon. Brusto, watch her.” Carnellio said before laughing and walking out with one of his men.

Trying my hardest to keep myself calm I couldn’t help but tremble as I turned to the man who had saved me just a moment ago. Maybe I can use that, humanise myself and he could help me. “Please. Let me go, I don’t know anything.”

Brusto didn’t say anything and walked over to me, his eyes studying me. My body was shaking and all I could think about was how I need to get out of here. “Please. I don’t know what’s going on. Please, let me go.”

Tears slid down my face, the panic attack I’ve been fighting finally taking hold of me.

Brusto bent down next to me, the needle breaking into my skin sending an unknown drug into my system. “Have faith.”

Before I could ask what he meant, darkness befriended me once again.

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