Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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Right Foot


Time didn’t have meaning in this cold room. The complete darkness from zero windows made me realize how much I take sun or moon light for granted.

There was no way to know how long I have been here for. I wonder if anyone even knows I’m missing, was taken and are looking for me. Has Anthony come to check on me or has that Carnellio bastard sent a fake text to my favourite contacts saying ’I’m going on a ‘trip’ and won’t be around?’

Or is that a movie thing?

Taking a breath, I was too tired to move my head up. My mouth opened when I tried to swallow but found my throat too bruised and mouth dry, the movement making my stomach roll.

My head bounced as I threw up once again, there wasn’t anything in my stomach so it was only bile.

Morning sickness my ass. Or maybe it is the drug they gave me. Or both.

My breaths became harder and harder to take. Blinking I tried to think about ways to get out but they spun in my head. My mind was exhausted and its only focus was breathing in, breathing out.

“Stella?” A man lifted my head up, my eyes opening a bit to see him. Brusto now stood in front of me, but he was blurry. When did he come in? “Cazzo, you aren’t looking too good.”

I took a deep breath but it sounded more like a wheeze, dots began to dance in my sight making me close my eyes. “I don’t feel right.”

I felt him tip my head up, a bottle placed under my lip and water began to slowly pour into my mouth. Like before I greedily drank but all too soon it was taken away.

“Sorry.” Brusto said letting my eyes open up. “Don’t want to give you too much and have you throw up again. Hopefully the small amount will stay in your stomach.”

I hummed licking my lips, my mouth no longer in pain from dryness. “Thanks.”

Brusto tilted his head. “Stella, how far along are you?”

Shaking my head, I tried to focus on his face but no matter how hard I tried, he stayed blurry. “I don’t know, two to three months? I was going to make a doctor appointment but ended up here. How long have I been here?”

“Three days, almost four.” He answered bending down cutting the ropes on my legs, the instant they were freed they slammed on the ground. “You’re most likely dehydrated, hungry and I’m not sure what effects the tranquiller could have on you being pregnant.”

I winced when a phone went off, Brusto quickly took it out and answered in rapid Italian. Watching Brusto, he cut the ropes that are on my arms loose, my body finally free but with no energy to take freedom.

My eyes went to look over my bruise body, my mind tried to send it orders to move but got nothing in response.

“Well I can’t wait!” Glancing over Brusto still had his phone pressed to his ear, frustration covering his face. “Okay well then it will be fine. I know, I know, Vinzo! Listen Carenllio sent the majority of men on a run and he is busy screwing around, right now this place has a small amount of guards. If I want to get her out, this is my only shot. She can barely stand so I need to take this window… I’m undercover, this is me getting her out, I’m calling the shots…. Okay, I’ll see you soon.”

I could hear what he was saying but my mind couldn’t keep up with the meaning of his words. Did he mention getting me out?

Brusto hung up his phone and turned his attention to me, his eyes reminding me of the man in my store with the large scar on his face.

“Who are you?” I breathed out while everything spun. The bottle returned under my lip and he gave me a few more drops of water.

“I’m going to pick you up.” He put an arm around my waist pulling me up, his arm the only thing keeping me from falling to the ground. “My name is Sebastian, I work for Maximus’s family.”

My head snapped over to him, the movement something I instantly regretted with a wince and need to fight throwing up the water. “Maximus? Oh god I’m beginning to understand why I have been told to listen to Kingpins. Who is he?”

“That’s not for me to answer.” He gently leaned me against him while he made sure his gun was loaded. “I need you to promise me, that you will do everything I tell you to do.”

I could barely hold myself up, the moment I nodded to his request a wave of dizziness hit me. It didn’t matter that I had no idea who this man is, right now he is my only shot at getting out of here alive.

“Here.” Brusto, I mean, Sebastian took off the hoodie he was wearing and helped my arms go through it, pulling it down over my body. I felt warmth return to me along with a sense of security.

Wrapping my arms around my waist I slowly stood up, my legs felt wobbly and ready to collapse but I tried to push through. I need to focus on getting out of here.

“What do I do?” I asked out of already out of breath from standing.

He looked me over, his hand on my chin to look into my eyes. “You are still pretty out of it but fuck we don’t have time to wait. Stay behind me and run when I tell you to. Backup is on the way.”

I slowly nodded, all my energy focused on taking my first step forward. And another. And the next. We stopped all of a sudden, my head slowly moving up to watch Busto, no Sebastian, open the door and peak his head out.

He must have been happy with what he saw and slowly opened the door, helping me through it and then softly closed it.

Motioning with his head, we quickly and carefully began walking down the corridor. I focused on my steps, not even noticing or wanting to look around the place that has been holding me captive.

My mind was still behind a few minutes ago, processing the fact that mafia families still exist and that Maximus is a part of one. What does that even mean? Mafia family? Murder, guns, drugs, tax evasion?

Is that who Maximus really is? A gun, drug, or possible sex runner?

My foot stumbled on the other, Sebastian’s hold on me tightened to keep me from falling onto the floor.

“Sorry.” I whispered.

He looked around the hall and kept us moving. “Focus on walking, nothing else.”

Right foot forward, left foot forward, right foot, left foot.

Is Maximus a horrible person? Has he killed someone?


Right foot, left foot.

Sebastian took us through a couple more hallways and doorways, my only purpose was making sure my feet would go in front of the other.

All of a sudden, I was slammed against a wall.

“What are you doing here? Thought you were supposed to be at the club?” A gravelly voice asked from around the corner.

Sebastian leaned against the wall blocking me from view. “Carnellio has me waiting for a test. Think one of the girls has crabs.”

The man responded but I didn’t hear, my eyes shut and I silently breathed through a nauseous spell.

“What the fuck! BRUSTO?” Snapping my head to the left a man stood in the hallway behind us, his eyes fixed on me.


The man in front of me dropped, blood spilling from his head. Turning my body, I find Sebastian lowing his gun towards the other man around the corner who is also on the ground.

“You killed them…” I whispered looking between the dead bodies.

Sebastian wrapped his arm around my waist and began walking us again, this time in a much faster pace.


“Cazzo!” Sebastian stumbled and spun, firing off a shot then he started making us run.

Men were shouting in the building, Sebastian’s guns firing shots in every direction. I could barely keep up with the directions, shouts, gun shots all the while we ran through the halls.

Right foot, left foot.

Sebastian gripped my arm and threw me towards a door that thankfully led outside. Gunshots fired around us and I leaned closely on Sebastian for protection.

He put a new clip in his gun just as a new man came around the corner shooting. I ducked and Sebastian let out a shot killing him. “Run Stella.”

“But…” I couldn’t leave him on his own to die for me and I sure as hell won’t survive the next hundred feet without his help.

“RUN!” He pushed me to get going and took his position firing at the house and the men who were trying to get to us.

Taking a breath, I made my choice.

I began running down the road, going as fast as my legs would take me while they felt like jelly. The need to get out of here was high, not for me but for my child. And if I do get out of here and this isn’t some fucked up dream then I have some serious questions that need answers.

Right leg, left leg, right leg.

I pushed my legs harder and harder forcing my body to sprint down the road. My body wanted nothing more than to fall and curl up but I couldn’t give up.

I’m so close.

Out of no-where, six SUVS turned onto the road, barrelling toward me making my legs stop.

“No. No. No.” I muttered turning on my heels and sprinted away from the SUVS, the likelihood they are Carnellio’s men was high and I can’t risk running to them for help.

My arms pumped me forward but I didn’t get far when someone slammed into me, knocking me onto the ground. The air left my lungs and my head spun. A hand gripped my hair pulling me to my feet making me cry out and grab onto the hand to try and pry it off.

“Stupid whore!” A man yelled shoving his gun into my side.


I was knocked back onto the ground from the impact of the man falling on-top of me, a hole now in his neck. Looking up I see Sebastian standing a few feet away with his gun out, blood dripping heavily down his left shoulder.

The roar of the SUVS coming up the road forced me to get up, the drug must still be in my system from the dizziness and I’d nearly fell again if it wasn’t for Sebastian catching me. Sounds of gunshots went off around us. Sebastian brought me to the ground and covered my body with his. His body jerked over mine protecting it from the rain of gun fire.

Slowly looking up, I watch the SUVs pass us. Two led the group, spun and then stopped. The cars parked in the middle of the road covering the other SUVS which stopped behind it. The SUVS now acted like a shield from any fire we were receiving from Carnellio’s men who wanted us dead.

Men in suits got out of the SUV immediately, their bodies behind the car and their guns firing towards the building. They began yelling to each other in Italian and kept firing.

“Sebastian?!” One man called out before saying something in Italian.

My mind was too tired to catch the words that I wouldn’t understand.

Sebastian slowly got off of me, my eyes going up to see the blood that was coming from beneath his suit and he was looking pale. He moved to stand up, his arm around my waist pulling me up to stand with him. The man stumbled but kept standing while responding in Italian.

Standing my legs shook rapidly, they didn’t have much strength left in them. Sebastian kept talking but I stopped paying attention, my only focus was on a man who was striding right for me.

He was a man, who despite the bullets, wind, and screams, is wearing a suit that didn’t have a wrinkle. Every step he made towards me was full of purpose and made me shiver from fear. There was coldness radiating off of him and it made me hesitate.

Am I delirious to be questioning my means of escape right now?

Maybe, maybe not. But I do know that in front of me is Maximus.

And he came for me.

“Stella.” His voice was soft and he held his hand out while his arm motioned to the SUV. “Get in.”

I took a step back, stumbling when I left the help of Sebastian. “Maximus? Who are you?”

He kept striding towards me but I put my hands up to stop him. I know that guns are firing and that I could die any second but my mind can focus on one thing at a time. And that is that Max or Maximus Sorrentino is in the Mafia.

Like…The father of my child is in front of me with men who are shooting and are a part of his family mafia.

“Stella, I need you to come with me now.” He commanded. “I will explain everything but we do not have time.”

Nope…. Car and escape are not present in my drugged, dehydrated brain... Only answers on why this happened.

“Who are you?” I croaked.

Maximus took a step forward. I took one back. “Stella, now is not the time. Get in the car.”

“Who are you!”

Maximus took a breath straightening his spine, the mask I saw him wear outside Desimond’s on his face now present. “I am Maximus Sorrentino; brother of Don Lorenzo Sorrentino of the Sorrentino Mafia and I am his Underboss.”

The moment those words left his mouth, my hand was on my stomach and I was throwing up on his shoes.

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