Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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Lifting my glass to my lips I look through the one-way mirror below into the club, bodies mingled together dancing, drinking and kissing. We own multiple clubs as a way to be more legitimate and clean our money from our loan business.

“Where’s Tate, thought he was on book duty tonight?” Romano asked writing the weekly report of loan payments.

Glancing at Romano, I chuckle. “He met the new bartender, Vincent. Thought I would let him have some fun and take the book tonight.”

He nodded and continued his work leaving me to keep myself entertained. Turning back, I watched those below me, unaware of my attention.

Pale hair called out from the sea of people, my lips pulling up when I looked closer.

I can recognize the blond hair and toned body anywhere.


Walking over to Romano’s desk I bend down turning the computer monitor towards me, taking the mouse in my hand to find Stella in the security feed. Zooming in I found her scowling at two men beside her, both of them laughing as one put his arm around the other man’s waist. The other man moving his hand to ruffle Stella’s head. She slapped his hand scowling but then threw her head back laughing flipping them off. My eyes ran over her on the computer screen, even on camera she is stunning.

Stella. Star. Perfectly fitting with how she shines inside and out.

Part of me wanted to be jealous that she was with two men but it was obvious the men she is with are together themselves making her friends with them.


Reaching over I grabbed the walkie talkie that is connect to all the bouncers in the club. “Girl by bar; blond hair, blue dress with two other males. Let her and friends into the VIP section.”

“Heard Mr. Sorrentino.” A bouncer replied back.

My eyes watched a bouncer walk down the bar stopping at Stella and her friends. Confusion flashing on her face, one of her friends pushed her forward making her scowl at him while the bouncer motioned them towards the VIP booths.

Romano turned his head. “Your next prey?”

Moving the mouse, I clicked on the security cameras in the VIP section, my eyes following Stella’s movements as she walked to a booth and took a seat. Taking another sip of my drink I couldn’t watch her anymore. I’m not a possessive man, but I’m not a man who watches what I want from a distance.

“She is much more than a prey and I have grown out of chasing tail for unsatisfying nights.” I mutter watching her move within the security cameras, Romano giving a scoff beside me. “Also, don’t let Esperenza hear you calling women prey, cousin or not she will cut off your manhood little brother.”

“Well it appears to me you are chasing her.” He said closing the book and passing it over to me, the book going right into my jacket pocket to keep safe until I can lock it up at the home office.

Standing up I walked over to the glass one-way mirror looking down into the club. Peering down I could spot her, the blond hair standing out like a beacon. Taking another sip of my drink I watched the waitress bring them their drinks. My body hummed needing to feel her again, when I was at her store getting measured I noticed how she tried to not touch me.

I also noticed her eyes when she did, she felt the need for me just as much as I do for her.

Taking a sip of my drink I keep watching her. “Doubt she is a one-night type of woman for me, she is a woman I’ll get addicted to.”

Romano stood next to me, his eyes following my line of sight. “We can’t have someone for more than one night, they end up targets. You wanting a woman who isn’t a part of our world puts her grave danger. Normal people don’t know how to shoot first.”

Would a normal person patched me up without passing out?

Taking another sip, I continue watching Stella, her entire presence made my skin burn from where she touched. And the part of me that she hasn’t touched yet.

“Is that what you tell yourself little brother? That you can’t be with someone? You want to be strong, you get your woman to stand beside you.” I said, Romano straightening at the unintended dig, there was no question who Romano fancied.

“Few meetings with her and you want to her to stand beside you, can’t possibly know her enough to say that.” He muttered swallowing the rest of his drink, ignoring what I had said about him.

Fuck it, I need her.

“Only one way to find out.” I turned dropping my glass on the desk and headed out of the office without another word to my younger brother.

Walking away from the office I go down the stairs, the heat from dancing bodies and the base of the music hitting me the second I enter the club room. Heading to the VIP section my eyes land on Stella, a line of shots in front of her and the men she is with, her head back laughing with her hands up in surrender picking up the first shot.

By the time I approach her table she slammed the third shot down, her cheeks flushed and eyes wide when she notices me coming up to the table.

“Maximus.” She sounded breathless and her eyes ran down my body, my lip pulling upward knowing that I wasn’t the only one feeling the pull between us despite meeting only twice. Her bright eyes snapped to mine. “What are you doing here?”

“Ciao Stella.” I greet turning to the men she was with. “Gentleman, Maximus, a friend of Stella.”

One of the men gave Stella a cheeky look, something familiar about him. “Anthony Masons and my boyfriend Cory. Stella you haven’t mentioned how you are friends with Maximus.”

Masons, that’s why I recognized him, he works at the Masons law firm, one we have used frequently in the past for litigation and private affairs. His father was our go to lawyer maybe Lorenzo has started using his son now.

My lip tugged upward when Stella glared daggers at Anthony. “Saw no reason to.”

Placing my hand over my heart I morph my face into one of hurt. “No reason? Was our meeting not memorable to you?”

Stella’s drink stilled below her pink lips, her eyes shifting to mine with a challenging spark in them. “Do you want me to go around telling how memorable it was?”

Dropping my hand, I release a loud laugh. “No, I suppose not, after all women are entitled to one mysterious secret in life.”

She brought her drink up taking a slow sip before dropping the glass. “And you have claimed the secret of my life, have you?”

Ignoring the audience at the moment I smirk. “Stella, if you have had interactions like ours I may have misjudged your life style.”

“Oh?” It was Stella’s turn to put her hand over her chest, a movement that drew my attention to the cleavage her dress showed. “You’ve seen me twice and you know me?”

Licking my lips, I focus back on her eyes. “All I am saying is that I usually have a good read on people and you don’t seem to be that involved in my world.”

“And what world is that?” Anthony asked cutting our banter.

His partner Cody rolled his eyes getting up from the booth, putting his hand in Anthony’s he pulled him up. “Leave them to flirt I want to dance.”

Anthony grumbled but happily followed Cody away from the table. Stella shifted in her seat, the coy confidence she had replaced by the shy fire cracker attitude from the store.

Clearing her throat, she got up awkwardly giving me a forced smile. “Well it was nice to see you again; my drinks empty so think I am going to get more.”

She kept a forced smile and walked away towards the bar, chuckling I follow her. The beat of the song playing pushing me forward.

“Margarita.” Stella said to Vincent who had to untangle himself from Tate. I quirked my brow at Tate who shrugged shamelessly at his public display with the bartender during a busy night.

I motion to Vincent who spotted me behind Stella. “On house.”

Stella jumped looking to me, shock on her face before shaking it off. “I can pay for my drink. What are you after?”

Leaning against the counter I watch her, Stella’s fingers drumming on to the counter only stopping when Vincent placed her drink on the bar. “Are you always suspicious of people?”

She raised her brow taking a deep sip of her drink. “Have you forgotten our meeting?”

Stella took another deep sip of her drink making me lightly chuckle, three shots and another drink, she is going to be flying high soon. Motioning with my head I lead us away from the bar to a private hall.

“You really want to be the tall, mysterious stranger, don’t you?” Stella asked now that it was quiet, our voices no longer fighting the music.

Wetting my lips, I take a step close to her, her pupils dilating. “Well I can be less mysterious if you grant me your number?”

“My phone number?” Stella chuckled leaning against the wall with a slight sway, her hips moving to the beat of the song, the sight stirring my cock.

Taking another step forward I tuck a loose hair behind her ear. “Still feel as if I owe you for barging into your shop and I would enjoy getting to know you.”

Her cheeks blushed, a grin crossing her face. “As I said before you have already given me a new couch I think that we are even. Though if you still feel obligated, never come into my store bleeding again.”

Giving her a low chuckle, I nod. “I promise I won’t come into the store bleeding.”

“Good now stop bringing it up, you’re going to ruin my buzz remembering all that blood and thoughts about if I should have called the police.” She closed her eyes, her body still swaying to the beats.

Unable to stop myself, my fingers lightly tilt her chin up, her lips parting in response and eyes opening. Locking with her eyes I could see the desire. Maybe it was from the alcohol that gave her the dare to wrap her fingers in my belt buckle pulling my body against her.

But a fire needs an ember, meaning this desire was there before.

Bending down my lips met hers, kissing her deeply. The kiss was deep, hot and tasted like the tequila she had been drinking. Her fingers in my belt buckle pulled me to fully press against her, my hand disappearing in her hair to keep her head leaned up for me. My arm wrapped around her waist with my hand gripping her ass. My body awoke pressed against her, my waist grinding into her to relive the pressure on my cock.

The movement making her moan in my mouth. The kiss went deeper, my tongue slipping into her mouth. The kiss had a sweetness from her but there was a part of her that is craving more.

In my world, I’m used to the venom. But Stella had this kindness and softness in her, venom might be underneath but it’s not her first reaction.

Her phone buzzed breaking us apart, my pants painfully tight. “Anthony and Cody are heading home, guess dancing didn’t last long.”

I take a reluctant step back. “I’ll get you a cab. I would drive you but I don’t want you to think I’m being a serial killer.”

Sending her a wink, she laughed and I forced myself to walk her out. The embers of our attraction have now been blown into flames.

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