Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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Man Like That


I reached over pouring hot water into the tea pot as the bell over the door chimed. Looking up, a smile broke on my face seeing the woman walking through the door. Pulling away from my desk I ran over hugging my Nanna, careful to not tackle her.

“Ah you’re here!” I say making her break the hug, her hands cupping my cheeks.

Nanna’s hair was pulled up in her signature bun, her face soft looking at me. “You say that as if you thought I wouldn’t come back.”

Rolling my eyes, I walk us towards the couches. “It’s been months since I have gotten any postcards with mentions of hot men, only boring emails with random pictures. Thoughts ranged from abduction to you marrying a billionaire.”

She chuckled taking a seat, her eyes looking around the shop. “I see you have taken care of the place.”

Waving my hand, I walk over picking up the tea pot and settled beside her. “You know I love it as much as you do.”

Carefully I poured each of us a cup of tea. Looking Nanna over I noticed the weight she has lost and her grey hair seems thinner since the last time I have seen her. I remember our conversation earlier this year, her telling me that she has cancer.

One of the worst days of my life. When I told her about treatment options she shook her head saying she will live out the rest of her days traveling and accept death when it comes.

Who am I to tell her how to live her life, she is happy and that’s all I can focus on.

“Stop looking at me like I’m about to keel over right now.” My Nanna scolded shaking me from my thoughts, my head ducking with guilt that my first thoughts when she arrived were about her sickness. “I feel fit as a fiddle right now, so stop worrying. Now let me worry about you, what is going on with your life?”

Chuckling I bring my cup to my lip. I focused on her laughter lines, the sign that she is enjoying life and that is what I should focus on. Not the end. “Life is good. Anthony and Cody are always bothering me, the shop is doing well and I have volunteered to be a part of a work study with the high school.”

Nanna’s tea cup clattered on the saucer with a disapprovingly look. “That is an answer at a job interview. I am your Nanna now when I ask about your life I want the juicy parts to make sure you are enjoying it.”

Taking a sip of my tea I shook my head laughing. “Those are the juicy parts, it’s my life I don’t have time for crazy wild stories. Anthony tries with those obligatory club nights he drags me to.”

She tsked lifting her cup. “When I was a girl, even at your age with this store I ran around the town with your grandfather getting into all types of trouble. You need to enjoy life, not feel like you have to be perfect in every situation. When was the last time a man made you scream all night long?”

“NANNA!” I exclaimed not knowing what to say and ashamed to answer.

She tsked again. “Too long. Meet a man and let it be what you need to be to enjoy your life and to get the cob webs out. Before I die I want to make sure you are being taken care of.”

As if the universe was listening to our conversation I jumped hearing the chime over the door go off. I sucked in my breath watching Maximus stroll in as if he owns the place, my heart threatening to beat out of my chest remembering the way it was the last time we were together.

His lips on mine devouring me, his arm around my waist keeping me against him, his cock pressing against my core.

My body burned remembering it.

Doesn’t help that he is walking in here looking sexy as hell.

“Now that is the type of man you need in your life.” Nanna muttered making me turning to look at her before she stood up, dread filling me immediately. “Welcome sir, what can we do for a fine man like yourself? You aren’t married or in a relationship, are you? My granddaughter is mighty pretty and single.”

My eyes widened from her words and my breath got stuck in my throat. Not knowing what to say I turn to Maximus who is now in front of us, the amusement in his eyes sending heat to my cheeks like they always do when he shows up.

“Nanna you can’t say that.” I whispered.

Nanna gasped looking at Maximus. “She’s right, I shouldn’t have assumed. Are you into women, men, anyone, no-one?”

I stood up needing to end this horror show. “Mr. Sorrentino, if you wouldn’t mind me showing you to the fitting room.”

Maximus curled his lip up, his eyes running over me, my body turning to walk to the fitting room. “It’s Mr. Sorrentino now?”

“She would make a great Mrs. Sorrentino. Stella Sorrentino.” My Nanna muttered.

My head whipped to Nanna. “Stop harassing your customers.”

“No please, I enjoy watching your granddaughter get flustered.” Maximus said with his deep chuckle. “Maximus Sorrentino, Signora.”

Nanna smirked sitting down. “Manors, that’s attractive. Alerica White, please keep flustering her. She spends too much time in the sewing room and a man like you would do her wonders maybe help her clear out some cobwebs.”

“Oh my god. Mr. Sorrentino right this way.” I hastily walked away, turning back to give Nanna a look making her put her hands up in surrender that I knew wouldn’t last very long.

Putting on my seamstress mode I let Maximus into the room putting the words of my Nanna out of my head. Walking to the closet I take out his skeleton of a suit, the fabric sewed loosely together for further fitting.

“You may slip behind the divider where you can take off your clothes and put on the skeleton.” I stated turning to him giving the clothing for him to put on.

Instead of heading to the divider Maximus stepped onto the stage for fittings where he began to take off his suit. “What are you doing?”

He looked over to me slipping off his blazer and hanging it up on a hook beside the stage. “Taking off my suit for the fitting.”

He unbuttoned his shirt making me wide-eyed. “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable going behind the divider?”

Maximus chuckled slipping off his button up revealing his undershirt. “I’m not getting naked Stella.”

I rocked on my heels while he hung up his dress shirt, my eyes looking at the different scars on his body. Some were thin, others larger, some old and few looked like they were still healing. Unable to stop myself, my hand reached out lightly tracing one on his back making his muscles twitch.

“How did you get these?” I whispered.

He bent down slipping his pants off making me jump back aware that I had walked up to him to touch his back. “Part of the business.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have touched them.” I stammered feeling myself blush.

He bent down taking the pants that need to be fitted and pulled them up. “Always keep yourself in perfect behavior?”

I slipped the dress shirt over him to pin first. Good I can use the action to protect myself from tuning into a hormonal mush. “Good behavior should be given with a client.”

Moving in front I buttoned the shirt up in full tailor mode, the pom-pom on my wrist letting me take a pin out for a correction. I will go back later to sew the right measurements ensuring that the suit is the perfect fit for him. While hopefully not thinking about him undressing from it.

I worked in silence, focusing on the fitting of the shirt, pants and blazer.

“Are you the only seamstress here?” Maximus asked breaking the silence.

I hummed placing another pin in the suit.

“What has been your favorite design?” He asked.

Glancing up I looked at a finished dress on the other side of the room. It was a light blue satin gown that cupped the breasts, the waist light with layers down to the floor. A slit came up one of the legs, giving the fancy look a little sex appeal.

Motioning with my head I moved down his arm. “The one over there, I finished it about a week ago and will sadly have to put it out on display.”

I could feel his gaze but I kept my eyes away no matter how much I wanted to look into his dark ones. “Why not keep it if you love it?”

I scoffed moving to the next pin. “Because it’s an evening gown that should be worn not kept in the back of my closet since I never go to those events. It would be a crime not to give it a life. Really, it’s not that bad, it’s the curse of designing dresses, you fall in love with them but someone will look amazing in it and take it out where it belongs.”

Moving to his other side I looked in the mirror to make sure it is looking right, my eyes catching his. Clearing my throat, I took a step back. “How does it fit?”

He gave a smile checking my work. “I am looking forward to the final product. Your Nanna must be proud to give you the family store.”

I blinked looking at him with a smile, his words meaning more than he could imagine. “Thank you, that means a lot. Family business is a whole level of pressure to make sure to get right.”

Moving close to him, I slowly took the pieces off of him to make sure the pins stay in-tact. He kept looking at me but I was back to avoiding his eyes. “I understand. Us Sorrentinos have been doing business since the 1800s. I’m the second in command so I understand the pressure to do right for the family.”

“What does your family do?” I asked making him click his tongue.

Taking off his shirt I found myself checking out the scars on his body, my mind wondering what other scars were hidden by his undershirt. “International trade, clubs, restaurants and banking.”

“Sounds interesting.” I carefully placed the pinned materials down, my back to Maximus while he took the pants off and began to dress with his clothes.

He gave a deep chuckle. “Oh, there is never a dull moment.”

Giving him time to dress himself and myself to organize his suit, it was soon time for me to lead him out of the store. My mind thinking about my schedule and when I’ll get his suit done.

Noticing him wince pulling his blazer on I look to his side. “How’s your wound?”

Maximus gave me a teasing smile. “Healing slowly.”

Noting that it was a conversation he didn’t want to have I led us out of the room and towards the door of the shop.

“Have a good day Mr. Sorrentino.” I said opening the door for him.

“COME BACK AND WOO MY GIRL!” My Nanna yelled across the store making me hide my face knowing it was red.

I put my hand up as he laughed beside me. “Don’t say anything.”

Maximus took my hand making me look to him as he kissed it with a wink. “Until next time Stella.”

With that the Italian was gone. Slowly turning to my Nanna, I find her drinking her tea obviously having watched Maximus and I the entire time.

She brought her cup down from her lips giving me a knowing look. “Hunny if you won’t let that man take you out for a night I will.”


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