Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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Sighing I place Maximus’s finished suit on the table, my eyes burned from staying up late to get it done. I have never finished a suit so quickly but it was as if I was possessed to get his done.

To see him or to get him out of my life? I know which answer I should say but I know it’s the opposite of what it should be.

Hearing the chime, I knew that it was Maximus. Walking to the front I see him walking in, the look of him took my breath away. The man oozed confidence, sex appeal and danger. Three things you only hear about but something I have never seen; not till he came barreling into my life.

I tried to keep my distance, to be careful but maybe everyone is right. Maybe I could take some time to have some fun, fun with no strings pulling in my business. What better time to cut loose then with a man like Maximus, a man who would be a once in the lifetime type of man and know how to make my time with him worth it.

“Buongiorno Bella.” His deep voice made me shiver while I plastered, hopefully, a soft smile and one that didn’t show how he made me shiver at the sight and sound of him. A professional smile, not one that gave away I was thinking about using him for his body.

“Mr. Sorrentino. I can bring the suit to you or it’s in the back if you want to make sure it fits correctly.” I answered, proud at myself for keeping my voice polite.

Maximus playfully rolled his eyes. “Stella, Mr. Sorrentino is my older brother Lorenzo, not I. You don’t have to be formal with me.”

Not answering I lead him into the back, picking up the finished suit and handed it to him.

Clearing my throat, I busied myself while he checked the final result. “It is better quality than any other suits I have at home. I trust your skill to not have to try it on. Plus, if I don’t like it, it gives me a reason to come back.”

I nodded and hid a smile at his compliment to my work.

Slowly turning to him I found Maximus carefully watching me. “Have I offended you Stella?”

“No.” My voice was high, too high to be considered polite and one that obviously said I was hiding something.

A slow grin spread over his face, his body taking a slow step towards me. “Ah, are you trying to make sure you don’t seduce one of your customers?”

“Maximus.” I said slowly watching his body come closer.

He raised a brow. “Oh, its Maximus again, is it?”

“I’m not interested in anything Maximus. Right now, I’m trying to learn how to run the family business to the best I can, hire more staff and design my own clothing. You are, well you would be a distraction.” I said stepping back, my but hitting the table keeping me in front of him.

He smirked taking one step forward. “I’m also not interested in anything serious Stella, running my family business keeps my days occupied. I have no time for relationships. But I will still wait for you to come to me.”

Maximus took a step back but my hand went out grabbing his jacket keeping him in front of me. I tried to tell myself that this is a bad idea but I couldn’t. He is so close and I can’t let him go. “Casual?”

The word was out of my mouth before I could register it. I felt one of his hands slowly move around my waist and down my ass making me shiver into his touch. “Casual?”

My head was screaming for me to walk away but I was captivated by his eyes, the pull he had over me.

“Your right.” He raised his brow with a tilt of his head. “I can’t deny the pull I have for you, for some reason and no matter the talks I have with myself to stop it, your Italian charm can’t go away.”

He chuckled with a soft grin. “Thanks, I think?”

Rolling my eyes my hand slowly slid up his chest, my body needed to feel him against me. “No strings, just two consenting adults surrendering to a pull. Both with busy lives and needing one thing from the other. Nothing more than satisfaction.”

He tilted his head, those dark eyes of his slowly looking over my face, looking for a sign that this isn’t what I wanted. “If that is what you wish for us to be. Occasional lovers.”

I snorted shaking my head. “Can’t even say friends with benefits, can you?”

Maximus shook his head, his dark eyes filled with a lustful need. “Friends with benefits sounds like something a stupid college boy would say who doesn’t even know how to please a woman.” His hand went up my ass to the back of my skirt, his fingers slowly beginning to unzip the material. The skirt dropping on the floor a second later. “La mia bella Stella, I know how to please.”

My resolve for him disappeared at the use of his Italian. Needing him now, my hand tangled into his hair and pulled his face towards mine taking his lips immediately.

“I’m not a whore.” I blurted out snapping my head back before I could stop myself, my entire childhood had that stupid ‘virgin or a whore’ complex ingrained in my brain.

I felt his lips lightly brush against mine tenderly, his soft kiss sending a rush of warmth down my body. “Never call yourself that, you can enjoy sex Stella.”

Part of myself was always scared to be enjoying sex, when people call your mother a gold-digging whore you try and do everything you can to stay away from being anything near what she is.

He moved his face down, kissing my lips softly while his hands moved up and down my body leaving a bury sensation over my skin. “No sleeping with other people.” I said lifting my lips from his.

He moved his hands under my but-cheeks and lifted me onto the table, my legs wrapping around his waist. One of his hands held my face while the other gripped my waist. Looking into his dark eyes I saw the sincerity in them. “Done.”

That was it for me, I couldn’t hold back my need for this man. My hands went to his suit jacket, unbuttoning and pulling it off of him while he kissed me. No, he didn’t kiss me, he consumed me.

His lips hungrily ate mine with the occasional nip on my lips. Moving my head over I felt his lips kiss along my neck, his lips now on the space between my shoulder and neck.

My blouse was ripped open, the buttons flying in different directions. Maximus’s hand started to run up my chest, the bra the next piece of clothing to leave my body.

“Sei cosí bella.” He muttered against my neck, moving his kisses across my collar bone

I didn’t know what he said but I didn’t care. Maximus can speak Italian to me every moment I’m with him.

My hands pulled at his pants, popping the button of his pants open and unzipping them as fast as I could. My entire body was burning with need for him.

“Maximus.” I moaned feeling his hands on my breast, his lips back on mine.

“Si, la mia bellissima Stella?” He asked.

By the time he finished that sentence I slipped my hand into his briefs, shivering feeling his thick hard shaft.

“Impazienti siamo?” He chuckled while I pushed his pants and briefs down and stroked his cock.

“Max.” I growled stroking him harder making him growl.

His fingers dipped between my legs and the last piece of clothing I was wearing was ripped off of me.


“English?” I asked wrapping my legs around his waist.

He chuckled against my skin and moved his head back to look at me. “Sorry, condom?”

Groaning I pulled him closer to me, lining him up. “I have the IUD but next time we will use one.”

Maximus smirked, the dark heated look making me shiver with need. With my legs around his waist I pulled him closer into me, a hiss leaving my mouth feeling his tip enter me.

Maximus let out a growl, his hand fisted in my hair and other hand gripped my waist. “Se mi vuoi, mi prenderai gattino.”

I didn’t care what he was saying, my body was on fire and I didn’t have the time to ask what he said. Once the words left his mouth he thrusted the last of his cock into me, my body arching against his with him thrusting over and over into me.

My hand went beneath his shirt feeling his muscles, he let out a hiss when I accidently touched his bandaged wound. Quickly I removed my hand from the bandage and took one hand out to go pull on his hair to bring him closer to me.

I let my head roll back, Maximus placing kisses across my neck as he fucked me.

Yes, this was a fuck.

And I loved every second of it.

My body was tingling and while my hands scratched down his back to grip into his hard ass, I only wanted him to take me harder.

“Max.” I moaned, his pants rubbing against my clit, my legs beginning to tremble around his waist feeling the oncoming orgasm.

His grip in my hair and on my wait kept me in place as he thrusted harder and harder hitting inside of me deeply. I arched more into his body feeling the orgasm hit me, and I couldn’t help but scream his name when it hit.

Maximus let out a groan and bit into my neck feeling my orgasm grip his cock. It only took him a couple more thrusts until he orgasmed letting his cum coat the inside of me.

Falling back on the table I felt Maximus weight on top of me but I didn’t care, right now I was trying to get my mind to think straight after what Maximus was able to make my body feel. I knew I was pulled to Maximus, but I didn’t expect him to make me feel an explosion that would turn me into a pile of mush.

It took a couple moments for both of us to get our breath back, Maximus’s hand was no longer entangled in my hair but was softly stroking the soft curls to get out any tangles. My nails dug out of his perfect ass and slowly ran up his back then came out from beneath his undershirt. Next time he will be fully unclothed, though I am not complaining about the roughness of his pants against my clit.

“That was…” I started. “Bloody hell I have never felt it like that.” Maximus chuckled in agreement to my statement.

He moved his head off from my neck to look me in my eyes, a satisfied grin on his face. “And you wanted to call us ‘friends with benefits’.”

Rolling my eyes, we slowly untangled from each other. Looking over I reached down to grab my blouse and slipped it over me to cover up a bit. With the shirt on I leaned back on the table taking Maximus in, zero shame in letting this tall, dark mysterious Italian of a man take me the way he did in my store.

Wait, my store.

“Shit.” I muttered, Maximus looked to me, a guard in his eyes thinking I am about to say that this was a mistake. “There are security tapes in this room.”

The room filled with Maximus’s laugh as my mind filled with two thoughts. That I need to delete those tapes ASAP. And that caving into my need to this man was worth it.

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