Sewing Bullets (Sorrentino Mafia 1)

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‘Stamm Fort’ blasted as I walked through the club towards the VIP section; Romano, Tate and Vinzo following. Seeing Carnellio and his men sitting in our booths I motioned to keep the section closed off for privacy.

I trusted the men I was with to keep their cool when sitting with someone who could be responsible for the death of one of our own. The two other men who were injured during the ambush are fine and home already. But no one goes against us, and it’s hard to keep the call for revenge down.

Our Mafia feels bloodlust but at the same time, Lorenzo prides our family on being one who ensures we take a second to breathe, get information then inflict pain.

Rashness gets you no-where but six feet below.

Slipping into the booth I watch Carnellio jump with a shocked expression, one he quickly tried to hide. “Maximus, Romano, I uh was not expecting you here.”

I motioned for drinks as I took in Carnellio, a couple of young kids who has no respect for our ways sitting beside him. Most likely recruited with some stupid mafia movie reference.

Leaning back, I spoke. “This is our club and we have a meeting, who would you be expecting?”

“Well I was expecting to be talking to the Don.” Carnellio said while the waitress put down a round drinks. “Seems right for me to talk to the head. No offense of course, you are also important to be talking to.”

I raised a brow spinning my drink ignoring his tone. “What makes you important to speak face to face with our Don? You have lost one his shipments of valuable art tonight before I came here then there is the night where I was ambushed going to one of our crates. If he were to see you in person, it will be to put a bullet in your knee for betraying us.”

Romano let out a dry chuckle catching Carnellio’s attention. “And that would be him being nice.”

Carnellio fidgeted in his seat, his face struggling to not show the fear that was in his eyes. “My men notified me of the art shipment and I will get it back for you. I will not let him down, I respect and appreciate his business.”

Looking him over I fought my distaste. Since Carnellio took over his family’s business he has reminded me of a Weasel. An animal that tries to hide in your good graces but has multiple faces for its own ambition. The way he seems to be brushing past this breach in security tells me he isn’t focused on finding out what really happened and is only concerned about the money.

“If you let one more of our shipments be taken, or if you do not find what was stolen from us.” I leaned forward narrowing my eyes threatening. “You will be getting a meeting from my brother.”

“I swear your next shipment coming in tomorrow will be safe and ready for you.” Carnellio said nodding vigorously.

I took a slow sip of my drink. “You swear huh?” I kept eye contact with the man in front of me, watching the sweat begin to break out on his forehead. It took a couple of moments until he looked away. “That better mean something to you, as you know, in our world, breaking you word is a death sentence.”

Romano hummed beside me, I knew he doubted Carnellio and I was glad we were on the same page.

As I said, Carnellio is a weasel.

Carnellio let out a small whistle looking behind my shoulder. “Now that is a woman I would like to have under me. Might have to go over there after we’re done.”

I withheld my growl at the man for not taking the meeting seriously anymore. He should still be pissing in his seat begging for us to give him a chance after what happened, not get distracted by a woman in a club.

Glancing over my shoulder to see who he was talking about my body tensed. I know that blond hair, I know that body, I know that laugh. I watch Stella stand at a high top with her friends taking a few rounds of shots, her body in a tight blue body con that made me remember what it was like to be inside her just a day ago.

Remembering how Carnellio mentioned her I brought my face back to him giving the man a cold glare.

“You should have some naked women.” He muttered still watching Stella, his words making me tilt my head and my hand ball into a fist. “At ours we have women walking around naked, being fucked in every corner. You should come, let out anything you need to. Maybe bring the blond over there.”

Romano stiffened beside me, my hand under the table gripping his knee to make sure he doesn’t lose himself. “Skin trade is illegal, and highly enforced in our territory.” He spat out to him.

Carnellio put his hands up. “They are all there on their own will.”

“They better be.” Romano said coldly, his fingers twitching on his thigh wanting nothing more than to go torture anyone in the skin trade. “Or else you will have another problem on your hands.”

“They are I swear to you Mr. Sorrentino.” Carnellio nodded and then glanced back over to where Stella is most likely still standing. “I wonder if she would be interested in the idea.”

I hardened my face at the disrespect of the man, talking in front of us about his clubs and dismissing our conversation of security threats yet again. And the fact that he would dare suggest bringing Stella to his disgusting club made my blood boil.

Banging the table, I brought Carnellio’s attention back to me. “You will leave now. Our shipment should be your priority and never come in here to do business. I also expect for you to look into your men to find out if one of them leaked our information. If not, there will be repercussions.”

Motioning with my head I ordered Vinzo to lead them out. Carnellio with-held a sneer at the henchman in front of him and reluctantly got up with his men to head out of my club.

I finish off my drink and glanced over to Romano. “What are your impressions?”

Romano drained his glass and looked to me in deep thought. “Don’t trust him, he’s hiding something.”

I hummed in agreement of his assessment. Glancing over my shoulder I found Stella in the crowd once again.

“She keeps popping up doesn’t she.” Romano stated while I stood up.

Turning to him I gave him a nod still in Underboss mode. “Did well tonight, we will watch his moves to see what side he is on. Tate, make sure Vinzo follows them back out of the territory, don’t want them causing trouble till we know more. We will talk with Lorenzo tomorrow morning since he is busy with the recruit. Till then, I am going to go see my new woman.”

Not waiting for Romano to say anything I stepped away from the men, our duty was done for the night and now, while I waited to see Carnellio’s true colors, I could spend time with Stella.

She has now moved away from her table and was on the dance floor near me. I watched Anthony spin her around, my hand going out to take hers and press her against me.

Stella’s eyes widened before her body relaxed into mine, my hands caressing her body that melted against me. “Well, well, well, fancy seeing you here. Do you own this club as well?”

My hands moved against her body that danced along to the music, her eyes flushed with alcohol and sexual desire. “I do.”

Her hips swayed to the music making me growl at her, her body brushing against mine making my cock press against my pants. From the teasing look in her eyes she knew exactly what she was doing.

“I guess the Italian music should have given that away.” She said now moving up on her toes with a giggle, her lips brushing against mine letting me taste the tequila.

It was interesting to see her so forward about her desires instead of hiding them behind blushes. Then again, she was full on sober when she asked about us being ‘casual’, this woman is full of surprises.

Looking over her shoulder I make eye contact with Anthony motioning towards Stella saying I got her, he rolled his eyes before looking to his boyfriend.

Wrapping my arm around her waist I walk her through the crowd with one destination in mind. It only took a couple minutes till we reach the office above, the room empty.

Stella turned walking backwards in the room facing me. “Hmmm, the office away from the club, does someone have a wicked thought?”

Raising my brow, I close the door behind me. “My my my, does someone have a dirty mind. Ever think I just wanted to get you alone to talk, away from all the other eyes running over that sexy body of yours.”

Stella gave me a look that said she was unconvinced and slid onto the desk, crossing her legs seductively. “That bulge in your pants says otherwise Maximus.”

I refused to adjust it and let my eyes run over the tight dress that showed her cleavage. “You used to blush at the innocent mention of attraction, now that we bowed down to our desires you have become a dirty girl.”

She rolled her eyes at me, a flush on her cheeks. “That would be the tequila, now for a serious question.”

I chuckled raising my brow. “Sí?”

She leaned back against her elbows, the desk giving her space to spread out. The sight of her on the desk made my tongue slip between my lips and wet them. “What are you doing all the way over there?”

Smirking at her confidence I stalk over wanting to feel her against me already. She watched every move I made, her tongue slipping between her lips to wet them making me growl. In front of her I slide my hand over her legs to separate them and then stepped between them.

Her legs wrapped around my waist while I bent down taking her lips in mine, tasting the Margareta she has been drinking.

Stella moved her head back giving me a wicked grin. “And you said you wanted to talk.”

Chuckling I kiss along her jaw and then looked back to her face. “I was going to but then you beckoned me to satisfy you. But you are right, how was your day?”

Her chuckles rang in the room, her arms wrapping around my neck keeping me over her. “Not bad, had a couple bridal parties come in. Yours?”

“Productive.” I push one of Stella’s loose hair behind her ear. “You are definitely a sight for sore eyes at the end of it.”

Her hand pulled at my pants, smiling at her face she gave me a devilish look. “Formalities over Mr. Sorrentino?”

Giving her a wink, I laugh at her impatience. “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to delete the security camera’s footage in the room.”

Stella raised her brow. “Right, cameras.”

Pulling away from her I take out my phone and go to the security app and press a button. “Here, now they are off. Even better.”

“Good, now kiss me you Italian mystery man.” Her voice purred with the demand.

Take her order my hand went into her smooth hair and my lips crashed on her perfectly soft lips.

Kissing her made all the stress, questions and plans about what needs to be done go quiet. Stella made me feel peace even when I live in a constant battleground.

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