Timing is Everything

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Chapter 14

Trevor whipped around with his eyes wide and looked at Luke, then back at Emma.

“I’m so sorry Trevor! I’m so sorry…” she sobbed.

Trevor looked at her, and then stalked out of the front door, slamming it behind him. Luke sent her a small smile, sighed and went after him. She sat on the sofa, crying waiting for them to come back in, but only heard Luke’s jeep start up and drive off.

“Now I’ve lost them both!” She sobbed.

She sat a minute blowing her nose before she reached for her phone again. She stood up aware of the massive pounding in her head and knowing that it would be another 20 minutes before the meds started to kick in and ease the throbbing in her head and behind her eye.

“Well, I have fucked up my life royally and ran off my only child and the man I have loved for more than half my life! Let’s cement the deal and piss off everyone else too!” She yelled to no one in the house.

She pushed the button for Pops and he answered on the second ring.

“Hello Angel.”

She heard his voice and started crying again. God she HATED to cry!

“Pops, I need you at home.”

“Angel, what is wrong with you? Why are you crying?”

“I can’t tell you over the phone. Who are you with?”

“Everyone is here. Everyone dropped by and we were going to call you and Luke over to join us for a BBQ.”

“Well, I need everyone to come over here right now. No kids though. See if Sadie and Erin will watch the little ones.”

“Ok Emma. Give me a few minutes and we will be there.”

Emma hung up and went and took two more shots of tequila. Five minutes later, Pops opened the door and everyone walked in following him. And it was literally everyone in the family, All the Reynolds’, all the DeMarco’s and Carol and Jerry. They all assembled in the living room area and spilled into the kitchen, looking at her with confused eyes.

“Emma, we can see you are upset, what’s going on?” Carol asked.

“I have something to tell you and I need you to let me get it out and not interrupt. This is hard enough as it is without added questions. Understand?”

Everyone looked at her in wonder, never having heard her be so forceful before.

“Go ahead Emma,” Pops said gently.

Emma took a few deep breaths and tried to hold back the tears.

Emma launched into the story that Adam had told her about his inability to have a baby with Christine and the grueling tests they went through.

“Well, it turns out the doctor is right and Trevor is actually not Adam’s son. The test shows they are not a genetic match at all.”

Everyone took in a gasp as she started crying harder.

“I don’t understand Emma,” Sylvia.

“What don’t you understand? Adam is not Trevor’s father.”

“Well, How did this happen?” Pops asked.

“The scenario is the same. The supplement I was taking still messed with my birth control and I got pregnant.”

“Em, um… then who is Trevor’s father?” Megan asked.

She wiped her eyes and whispered her answer.

“Emma…” Pops said in a voice that meant he was losing his patience with her.

“Luke. Luke is Trevor’s father,” she said with a sigh.

Everyone was speechless and staring at her in disbelief until Ben boomed, “HOLY FUCK!”

“Luke? What? How?” Joan asked with a gasp.

Now was the part she was dreading, telling them the whole story about her and Luke’s relationship. The whole thing was coming out and she was so afraid that they all would hate her for keeping it from them, especially Pops.

“Luke and I have been together on and off since I was 18. I have loved him since I was 16. Things heated up when I was in college. My junior year right, after Christmas break, Luke got a 72 hour pass and flew down to visit me. We spent an amazing weekend together. I was taking that supplement by then, trying to fight that cold. The day Luke was leaving he told me he was going to try out for the Raiders and had to reup for a minimum of six years if he made it. He said that it would be better for us-for me if he did that. I could finish school and then train for a shot at the Olympic team again. I told him it was bullshit and he left and we didn’t see each other or talk for months. I thought I had my period about a week and a half later.

“Adam had been asking me out for months at that point, every time he was in town, in fact. We had gone out in the same friend groups several times before this. I finally gave in to Adam’s request to go on a date and we started dating. I fainted at practice six weeks later and found out I was pregnant. I had assumed it was Adam’s,” She stopped talking to wipe her face again from the tears and take a deep breath. “So because I was stupid and didn’t know spotting from a menstrual cycle, I ruined my son’s life, Luke’s life and Adam’s life. Not to mention all of your lives-especially you Joan and Evan! You didn’t get a chance to have him in your life like you should have! And that is my fault!!”

She started crying even harder as she looked at their faces. Every single woman in the room was now crying and the men were in shock.

“Angel, do Trevor and Luke know about this? Have you told them?”

She nodded her head, “I told Luke and Trevor right away. Trevor is confused and hurt and pissed off. When I tried to apologize he left and Luke went after him.”

“Emma Honey, why didn’t you talk to one of us about this before you married Adam? We could have helped you figure everything out!” Joan said as she wiped tears away.

“Joan, I couldn’t talk about this with you or any of you! I was embarrassed enough that I had gotten pregnant as it was! What was I going to say Joan? You, Sylvia and Carol were helping me plan my wedding. A wedding that I prayed every night wouldn’t happen because I was in love with someone else!! How could I say that to you Joan?”

She was all but hysterical at this point and Pops could see she was about to lose it.

“I just wanted to tell you all what happened, you all deserved to know how much I fucked up your lives. I don’t expect you to forgive me. Hell I don’t know if my own child will forgive me, so I don’t know how I can ask you to! The man I love will probably never speak to me again and if I don’t have them, then I really don’t have much left. Joan, Evan, Pops, I’m sorry. I NEVER meant to hurt you or any of you for that matter. That’s all I can say,” and she turned and sprinted upstairs to her room.

Everyone just sat there for a minute, not knowing what to do or what to say.

“I think we should all give them some time. Megan, text your brother and make sure that he and Trevor are safe. Everyone else, why don’t you head back to Rich and Sylvia’s for dinner. I am going to stay here with Pops and wait for them to come back. Darling, are you staying?” Evan said.

Joan nodded and went to Sharon who hugged her as everyone slowly got up and went to the door, slowly making their way back to the DeMarco’s house.

“Daddy, Luke said they are safe. They are talking at his condo and will be back later,” Megan told her father.

He thanked her and sent her with everyone else. Joan, Pops and Evan sat at the kitchen table when everyone was gone. Joan ordered some pizzas for them to eat as they sat at the table and talked about the bombshell that had been lobbed at them.

“Should I go check on Emma, Spencer?”

“No let her be. She had a migraine, I could tell by the muscle twitching by her right eye. She needs to sleep and get that to subside. There isn’t much we can do until we talk with Trevor and Luke anyway. Emma is going to blame herself and won’t give herself any grace with the fact that she was a 20 year old young woman who was raised by a man... Do you blame her Evan?” Pops asked.

“Oh hell no! She couldn’t know! I am upset that she and Luke kept this relationship a secret though! This could have been avoided if they would have told someone- anyone about their relationship. On the bright side, I have an AMAZING grandson who is a natural at business!”

Joan kissed his cheek as Pops clapped him on the back. They sat and nursed beers until the pizza arrived. And they waited not so patiently for Luke and Trevor to come back and ate as the sun started to get lower in the sky.


Emma woke up hours later on the couch in her rooms where she had thrown herself after telling everyone the bombshell. She found her favorite blanket covering her as she opened her eyes, wondering how that had gotten there. She saw that it was 2:12 in the morning. She quietly groaned as she felt the lingering effects of the migraine and tequila from earlier and was very thirsty.

She got up and shuffled to the bathroom to get some ibuprofen and chugged several glasses of water, keeping the blanket tucked around her. She splashed some cool water on her face to get the tear stains off and felt a little bit more human. She walked out of the bathroom and saw a large figure asleep on the bed.

She walked over and looked at Luke as he snored lightly. She teared up as she watched his even breathing. His hair was skewed like he had been running his hands through it. She looked down at his perfectly chiseled chest, with the sheets covering only his hips and legs. She wondered why he was here, as she was sure he was breaking it off and she would never see him again. She thought about moving away, since everyone was probably pissed at her and didn’t want to see her anymore. She loved Key West, maybe she could just buy a little house there and stay out of everyone’s hair.

She wiped the tear that had escaped her eye and leaned over and kissed his lips softly. She would miss those lips on hers. She tucked the blanket around her and walked out of the room, stopping at Trevor’s room. She went in and found him sleeping, in almost the exact same position as Luke.

It was right then that she saw all the similarities between him and Luke; the mannerisms, the looks, the build, everything. Why she never noticed it before was a mystery to her. She assumed that it was because she never entertained the thought before. She always just thought he looked like a combination of her and Adam. Now it was plain as day that he was all Luke. She moved his hair off his forehead and kissed him. She knew he wouldn’t be talking to her for a long time, he could hold a grudge just like her. And this was one hell of a reason to be pissed and hold a grudge at someone!.

She walked out of his room and down the stairs. She went and turned off the alarm and went out to the patio with a bottle of water and curled up on the double lounger with her blanket. She looked at the stars, wondering how she had fucked everything up so much and ruined so many people’s lives. She could feel the tears starting again and just didn’t have the energy to stop them. So she rolled over and let a few tears escape as she curled up in a ball, willing sleep to take her and have no dreams to remind her of what transpired the day before.

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