Timing is Everything

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Chapter 16

He put down his plate and got ready to talk, but before he could say a word, Emma started crying and speaking.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am to both of you! I never meant to hurt either of you! I swear to you, I would never keep this from either of you! PLEASE don’t hate me! I will move away so that you can move on, I just want to make this right!!”

Shocked by her words, Luke stood up, “WHOA! Emma Honey, calm down!! Babe, please! Relax and let Trevor and I talk!”

He sat next to her and pulled her in his arms. She sobbed for a minute, trying to regain control of her emotions. Once she calmed down a bit, Trevor started talking.

“Mom, first I would like to say that I am sorry for running out yesterday. I said some harsh things and I apologize. You were hurting too and I didn’t think of that, just how I was feeling. And let me tell you, I had some seriously messed up thoughts and emotions going on, all at the same time. I left home last night and Lu-I mean Dad, followed me and basically threw me in the jeep and we drove off. He drove us to his condo and as soon as we got inside, I just erupted. All my emotions came out. I yelled, I cried and I sat silent. I basically threw a temper tantrum. We talked about how we felt and what you must be feeling. We came to some conclusions,” Trevor explained, impressing her with his maturity.

“Emma, we are not mad at you. What good would it do to be mad? It won’t change anything, we can’t go back. All we can do is move forward and we both want to move forward badly. We want to build a stronger relationship and get to know each other as a father and son, not just as an honorary uncle and nephew. While I wasn’t there for a good chunk of the beginning of his life, I’m not going to miss any more of it! I have never felt the emotions I did as soon as I realized what you were saying. I have never loved someone the way I immediately loved him. Now I know what my parents feel for us and what Pops feels for you. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. What I feel for you is totally different and both feelings are incredible.”

She sniffed as she listened to them both talk.

“So you aren’t pissed at me? You don’t hate me?”

“Mom, why would we hate you? You were a young woman, facing a daunting situation. You were hurt and confused and scared. I can’t fault you for going with the logical conclusion. I can’t say I would do anything different in the same situation.”

“Me either, Babe. Please just relax.”

“But what about your family, Luke? Your parents must hate me and your sisters must think so badly of me!”

“Actually, my parents were there last night and they feel the same way we do. The only thing my Dad is upset with is the fact that we kept our relationship secret during that time. Things would have been so different if we had said something to someone. They want to see you tomorrow night for dinner to prove that to you.”

Emma was shocked at everyone’s attitude about this. She had taken away precious time and memories from all of them, accidently, but it was still a fact. She didn’t know or understand how they could forgive her.

“I know you don’t believe it yet, but please just have some faith in the people that love you, Emma. And there are a lot of people that do,” Luke said as he kissed her temple. “Can we continue or do you need a minute?”

“I’m ok. Go ahead and finish,” She said wiping her tears away again.

“So like I mentioned, Trevor and I talked a lot and agreed on a few more things. I want to have his name and birth certificate changed to show that I am his father and that he is part of the Reynolds family. But he will let me know when he is ready for that. I am not going to push him; he has a lot to think about.”

Emma agreed and nodded her head.

“There is something else Mom. This is something I have been thinking about for a few weeks before this and the events of last night have shown me that this is the right choice…” he stopped and took a deep breath before he continued, “ Mom, I don’t want to go to Cornell. I don’t want to study medicine.”

“What? Why? I thought that’s what you wanted?”

“No, that’s what Da-Adam wanted. He wanted me to go to an Ivy League school and become a doctor. I have never wanted that, I agreed to it to help our relationship.”

“Oh Honey! I am so sorry! I had no idea that’s why you decided this!”

She got up and hugged him close to her. His arms wrapped around his small mother and felt the love she was emitting in that hug. He knew that no matter what happened, she would give her full support to him and whatever he wanted to. He knew the same to be true for Luke after they had talked last night. She released him and they sat back down, and she looked at him.

“What do you want to do then?”

“I want to take a year off and figure out who I am. I have had a huge change in my life and I don’t feel like I can just continue on like nothing has happened. I want to get to know my family properly and I can’t do that away at college. I would still like to continue to help Pops, Rich and Gramps with the businesses and investments. Pops and Gramps both agreed to that last night and I want to go all in with them and learn as much as I can. Then next year, I want to go to University of Miami and study business. I love the challenge and strategy that it takes. It totally fascinates me! And Gramps says I am a natural.”

She listened and could hear the passion and excitement in his voice. She knew this was something he needed to do and she couldn’t deny him that. He needed a chance to discover himself in light of all the changes.

“If that is what you want, Trevor, then do it. I will call Adam tonight and make sure that he can try and get his money back. I can tell this is something that you want to do and I am not going to stop you. You are 18 now and an adult, I just want you to be happy. And if this is what you want then, by all means do it. Sweetie, Adam said when you are ready he would like to talk to you. He would still like a relationship with you, so do his parents, but they leave that up to you. They love you, but don’t want to put you in an awkward position.”

“Ok I will think about that…But thank you for understanding. I am really excited about this, Mom- about what the future holds! I FINALLY feel like I belong somewhere. These people make me feel wanted-they always have and that I can truly be who I am and not pretend!”

Luke felt so bad to hear his son say this. He wanted to make it better. He will never forget when he held Trevor last night as he cried talking about how he felt relieved to not be a Collins. Then he felt bad that he had those thoughts. He looked at his son and put a hand on his shoulder in support.

They finished talking, and then continued eating. Once they were done eating, they sat on the boat and talked about lighter things, laughing and telling stories. The day was getting very hot so Luke and Trevor jumped in the water and swam around. Emma took out a floatie that was in a storage pin and floated around, relaxing and watching them play around. She was exhausted after the last 24 hours and climbed back in the boot and went under the deck and took a nap.

She woke an hour and a half later to find her son and lover listening to music and fishing. She came up and hugged and kissed them both, then sat between them to watch. A few hours later, they agreed to go to a favorite restaurant of them all that had boat docking. They ate a great fresh seafood dinner, and all had Key Lime Pie for dessert.

They arrived back home about 8pm to find Pops reading the paper outside and having a drink. He tipped the paper down as he saw them and heard them walking up.

“I assume that everything went well and we have a plan for the future?”

Emma leaned down and kissed his cheek, “We do Pops. Thank you for being so understanding.”

“I love you Angel. And you too Trev. I am rather partial to you too Lukas.”

They laughed and bid him good night. He smiled as he watched the little family walk in the house. “Now they just need to get married and all will be right.” He said out loud.

They emptied the coolers, went upstairs. Emma showered and blew dried her hair as Luke and Trevor watched Sports Center in her living room. Luke showered as Trevor and Emma talked and then he went to his room. Emma climbed in bed to read while waiting for Luke.

She looked up to see the bathroom door open and saw him standing there in all his glory with just a towel low around his waist. He walked to the bed and made love to her slowly to show her just how much he loved her and didn’t hold any anger or resentment towards her. She fell asleep in his arms and knew things would be ok.

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