Timing is Everything

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Chapter 24

Emma woke the next morning and had a good swim to get her going. She had coffee and a light breakfast with Pops as he told her he loved her and Luke and couldn’t be happier for them. She pulled her hair in a ponytail, gathered all her bags and got in the limo Pops hired for her. He would come with Rich and Sylvia later. She poured herself a glass of champagne and let the driver take her away.

She arrived at the beautiful hotel and was greeted by Stephen who had all the bags taken up to the suite. She had Luke’s luggage with her so everything was set for their honeymoon. She got up to the room where she set out the dress and her very lacy undergarments and stepped into a hot bath filled with her favorite oils and fresh hibiscus flowers floating in it. She set her phone on her favorite playlist and a timer, sat back and thought of nothing but happy things. She was so relaxed that she dozed off until the alarm went off. She got out, rubbed on her favorite lotion to compliment the oils-all the scents that Luke loved on her and was totally ready when the make-up and hair people came in.

The rest of the ladies in her family arrived as they were finishing her hair.

“Oh Emma! Your hair is perfect! I love it so much!” Meg gushed.

The stylist had done an intricate braid in her long hair and pinned up in a beautiful design, leaving a few wisps of hair around her face. He finished and pinned some plumeria in her hair. She went in the bathroom and put on her underwear, slipped her robe back on and went out, ready to put on her dress. She was so excited and went to the closet door where her dress was hanging. She was giddy and unzipped the dress. The photographer came in at that point and started snapping pictures of the ladies getting ready.

Jenna and Sharon helped Emma step into the dress and zip it up. Emma turned and looked in the mirror.

“Aunt Emma, you are totally hot! Uncle Luke is gonna lose his stuff when he sees you!” Izzy, Megan’s 13 year old daughter yelled.

The ladies all laughed at Izzy’s remark.

“She is telling the truth, Em. You look stunning,” Sylvia said rubbing Emma’s arm.

Each woman took a turn hugging the bride, wishing her and Luke a happy life. Just as Joan and Emma pulled away from their hug, they heard a knock on the door. Pops and Stephen were at the door, telling them it was time to head down.

Pops went up to Emma and took her in his arms, “Oh my Angel, I am so happy for you. I just saw Luke and he looks like the happiest man in the world. You look absolutely beautiful! I love you both so much! Congratulations!”

She thanked him and kissed his leathery cheek. The ladies went down to get their seats with Emma and Pops coming behind them.

“You look very handsome Pops.”

“I do look rather dashing, don’t I? Someone did an excellent job choosing my outfit.”

She squeezed him tightly and they waited around the corner to the beach where the chairs for the ceremony were placed. There was an arbor covered in sheer material and flowers all around it. She wanted to peek around the corner, but Pops held her back.

“Be surprised Angel,” He said as he kissed her forehead.

Stephen came over and took her sandals and placed them on the patio for Emma to slip on for the reception. She wanted to be barefoot, just to give her the total beach feel she wanted. She heard the beginnings of “Pachelbel’s Canon” start playing and she knew it was time.

Pops patted her hand, “Let’s go get you married!”

She took a deep breath and nodded her head as they started the walk to the arbor where Luke and Trevor were waiting. They turned the corner and saw each other for the first time. Luke immediately tears up as he watched her walking towards him. She was breath-taking in her dress and now she was his. He couldn’t believe his luck; he was going to marry a woman he had loved for more than half his life and spend every day with her from that moment forward.

He felt a hand on his shoulder as he turned to see his son grinning from ear to ear with tears in his eyes too. After what felt like an eternity, she had finally arrived before him. They only had eyes for each other and had to be woken out of their trance by the judge presiding over the ceremony.

Pete’s uncle, William, was a judge for the county and Pete had asked his help for Trevor’s case and then asked him to marry them.

William cleared his throat, “Are you two ready?”

The crowd laughed as they pulled their eyes from one another and looked at William.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” He asked.

“I do, with my whole heart,” Pops said lovingly.

He kissed her cheek again and went to sit down. Carol took her bouquet as Luke took her hands.

William continued, “Family and Friends, we are here today to celebrate the marriage of Lukas Johnathon to Emma Celine. If there is any just cause why these two shouldn’t be joined together, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

They waited for a few seconds and then William continued with a big smile, “As we begin, I just want to say how honored I am to be here conducting this ceremony. When Pete told us that you two were together, Laura and I were so happy for both. You really do make a stunning couple. But when Pete came and told us the rest of your story and how Trevor came into the picture, it was truly amazing. Your timing is rubbish, but your love has endured so much and has only gotten stronger over the years. Some couples only wish their love was as strong and lasting as yours is. Congratulations!”

William finished the ceremony and vows with a “You may kiss your bride Luke!”

Luke took her face in his hands and kissed her with so much passion and love that it made her dizzy as their guests cheered and wolf-whistled. They pulled away to face the crowd.

“It is my great pleasure to introduce for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Lukas Reynolds!” and the crowd yelled some more.

They walked back down the aisle to the back corner and waited as the crowd was ushered to the patio. As soon as they were around the corner, Luke pulled her close to him and kissed her roughly.

“God Emma, there are no words to describe how beautiful you are! I can’t tell you how bad I want you right now! Let’s skip the reception and go back to our room! PLEASE!”

She pulled him in for another kiss and their tongues danced around each other and she wanted to give in so bad.

“I REALLY would like to do that, but we should spend some time with our family. We have the next ten days on our honeymoon to be together. I bought some special things for you too,” she said with a smirk.

His eyes went wide, “Are you serious? Like what? Things you wear or what?”

“Oh a little bit of this and that... You just have to wait, my Husband,” she said as he started kissing her neck.

“I want you so bad right now Wife!” He groaned.

They kissed again and finally pulled away when Stephen came to get them, gave Emma her sandals to put on and told them to head to the patio for the reception. The DJ announced them to louds shouts as they entered and received more hoots and hollers.

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