Timing is Everything

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Chapter 25

Luke took her to the center of the patio where the dance floor was as they waited to have their first dance together. As the first bars and the words came on, Emma realized what song it was and it hit her and she teared up Luke took her to the center of the patio where the dance floor was as they waited to have their first dance together. As the first bars and the words came on, Emma realized what song it was and it hit her and she teared up as she was in his arms.

‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams was the song that Luke chose. She remembered that was the song playing their first time they slept together after she graduated, and now here they were married and the words meant so much more.

’Baby, you’re all that I want

When you’re lyin’ here in my arms

I’m finding it hard to believe

We’re in heaven’

Every single word hit home with them. It was their song, it was their story. She cried as she was in his arms and it really was like heaven and there was no other place she wanted to be. As the song ended, they kissed again and looked away to see more tears in the crowd.

They went and sat at their little table and had Stephen start the dinner service. They had salad and a small plate of varied sushi rolls served for the first course. The guests had a choice of a macadamia nut crusted salmon, filet mignon, or chicken Marsala. All were excellent choices and their guests were pleased. They had their cake and a dessert table over to the side. At the cutting, they gently fed each other a piece enjoying the red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

After the meal the DJ played music and they danced the night away. Emma danced with every one and was thrilled to be back with Luke. He looked at his watch and smirked.

“We have been here long enough, it’s time we say good-bye and I take you upstairs and show you how much I love you and need you.”

She agreed and they went and said their good-byes to their family, thanking them for supporting them. They reminded Trevor to take care of Bear and hugged him, pulling him away from Sara who came up for the wedding. He promised and told them to have fun while they were gone. They thanked Pops for everything and moved on to Joan and Evan, thanking them for the honeymoon, even though they still didn’t know where they were going.

All Joan would say was, “You will enjoy every second, I promise!” as she pulled Emma in for another hug.

Luke dragged Emma out of the patio doors and over to the elevators and up to their room. Once they were in the elevators he pulled her close and they started kissing, not caring who saw them anymore. They somehow stumbled to their suite, with Luke kicking the door closed behind them.

Emma immediately started unbuttoning the vest and pushed that open, next working on the shirt buttons. Luke was shrugging off all the clothes and shoes that he could as they moved closer to the bed. Finally, in only his tan silk suit pants, they made it to the bed.

Luke was kissing and nipping her shoulders and neck, driving her crazy. She was moaning as he started his perfect assault on her body. He unzipped her stunning dress slowly, allowing his fingers to follow where the zipper was. He pushed the dress off her breasts and let it fall to the floor.

He looked over the stunning white lace bra and thong set she was wearing in awe, “You are the most stunning woman in the world! I can’t get enough of you!”

She ran her fingers over his chest as he started kissing her shoulders again as he laid them on the bed. She moved her fingers to his back and he ground his bulge into the heat of her core, making them both pant. He reached under her and unhooked her bra, leaving her large breasts free for him to savor and taste. And he took his time on each of them. She was a wet mess as he worked his magic on her body.

He moved lower and slowly removed her lace thong that was now soaked through.

“Oh Emma, Babe you are so beautiful! And you taste even better!”

He planted his mouth over her heated core and sent her into a frenzy. Within moments she was bucking against him, trying desperately to get more as she grabbed his hair not letting him leave. She flew over the edge of reason within minutes, calling out to god. Luke moved back to her mouth, shedding his pants and boxers as she went. She noticed how hard and ready he was as she touched him, making him hiss.

He lined up against her and as he plunged in, she called out, “Only yours Luke!” He could have died right there at her words but instead pledged his undying love and devotion to her as he took long, hard strokes into her, hitting every good spot along the way. They finished in a blaze of glory together, as husband and wife for the first time.

After they regained their breathing pattern, Luke poured them some champagne to quench their thirst before they started round two, this time with her riding him to their finish. Luke made good on his promise to take her in as many ways as he could before they finally fell asleep after the fourth time at 5:30 in the morning.

Emma was awoken by the phone ringing for their wake up call at 7:30 and to hear a knocking at the door. She grabbed the robe off the door, looked through the peephole to see a messenger standing there. Luke finally answered the phone with a groan as Emma opened the door to sign for the large manila envelope he was holding. Emma thanked him and closed the door.

Luke came up behind her in only his underwear to kiss her neck, mumbling for her to open it and see where they were going. She pulled out the tickets and hotel reservations.

She gasped as she looked it over, “Are they serious? Is this a joke?”

Luke stopped kissing her and reread the papers in her hand, “Holy shit! This is totally serious! That’s why we are leaving from Miami! Emma, Honey we are going to Fiji!!”

She squealed and looked at the reservation at the world famous Tokoriki Island Resort. She had heard about this resort; it was one of the most romantic and exclusive hotels in the world. They offered individual bungalows with private pools and beaches. Luke kissed her and smacked her butt, telling her to get a move on. The limo would be here in less than 30 minutes to get them. She jumped in the shower and quickly washed off and brushed her teeth. Her hair was still in the design from the wedding and she left it for now, as she dressed in a comfortable knit skirt and tank top, taking her favorite zip hoodie with her. She was always cold on airplanes.

Luke hopped in the shower as she dressed and gathered all their clothes and belongings. Stephen was going to hold their wedding clothes in his office until Sharon came and picked them up later that day. Luke dressed in shorts and a fitted t-shirt, making him look utterly delicious and it was all Emma could do not to jump him right there. Luke could sense what she was thinking and promised her they would as soon as they got to their hotel.

The phone rang, letting them know that their car was here and they grabbed everything and went down. Luke had the envelope with all the passports, tickets and other important papers with him, took Emma’s hand and kissed it as they made their way down to the waiting car. The driver put their luggage in the trunk, got them in the car and drove them down to Miami. Luke called his parents, thanking them profusely for the trip. After hanging up, Emma pounced on him and they made love one more time in the back of the limo before they got to the airport.

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