Timing is Everything

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Chapter 31

The New Year started off busy. Trevor decided to take some classes at the local community college to get some prerequisites out of the way. He was doing so well with the commercial building he was working on with Evan and Pops and they were very impressed. Sara was in her second semester at Miami and doing well too. They spent as much time together as they could.

Emma was still sick every morning, but she had a routine established and was getting a handle on it. She had stopped losing weight by the end of January and the doctor was pleased. Emma and Luke had decided on the room across from theirs and next to Trevor’s for the nursery. Luke and Trev moved the furniture out and Emma was starting to sketch out designs for the décor in the room. They were going to find out what they were having so everything could be planned out.

Both Luke and Emma celebrated their birthdays’ in January. Luke said this was the best birthday of his life and couldn’t wait to spend every single one with her, Trevor and their twins. Emma couldn’t agree more with him.

By her five month appointment in February, Emma was definitely showing and Luke was mesmerized by the changes. He constantly had his hands on her stomach and loved when they could feel the babies kick. Emma did not love getting in and out of her convertible and Luke talked about a new car for her. Neither of their current vehicles was conducive to hold two car seats.

Luke came home with a brand new Range Rover a few days before they found out what they were having and Emma loved the feel of the SUV. It had nice space for the car seats and diaper bags as well as being stylish, plus it had really good safety ratings. Pops found it acceptable to be parked next to his ridiculous G Wagon. Emma rolled her eyes, as Luke and Trevor laughed. Bear just ran around barking as everyone laughed.

On February 16th, Luke and Emma found out they were having a boy and a girl and everything was progressing well. Luke was speechless at the thought of a little girl and Emma was just glad that they both were looking good. Dr. Smithson wanted Emma to start to gain some more weight and talked to her about more protein in her diet.

“And I don’t say this often to pregnant women, but eat a piece of pie Emma! You need some calories. But this is NOT permission to go crazy!” Dr. Smithson instructed.

She laughed and nodded. They made their way home after stopping at the furniture store to look at furniture for the nursery. They agreed on some beautiful dark wood cribs, dressers and changing tables to be delivered at the beginning of April. Emma had about six weeks to decide on the theme and what to paint on the walls.

February finished off no surprises and March started off the same way. Emma decided on a chevron pattern and Elephants for the nursery theme. They had several colors including yellow, mint green, gray and light purple. She had painted whimsical elephants on the walls and there were chevron prints on the curtains, sheets and blankets. She was almost done with the painting and was pleased with how it looked. Luke loved it and her talent still amazed him.

In Mid-March, Sara and her mother, Melissa came up to have lunch with Emma, while Sara was on Spring Break. Luke was working and Trev was finishing up a paper downstairs while Emma showed them around the nursery. Sara’s dad, Martin was a doctor and was working at the biggest hospital in Ft. Lauderdale.

“I love what you have done Emma! You are so talented!” Melissa gushed.

Emma blushed as the two women marveled at what she had done. Sara opened the closet and saw some of the clothes and items that they were slowly buying. Emma was almost in the last trimester and getting bigger everyday. Everyone else said she looked beautiful and she tried to believe them. They were giggling and talking about terrible baby names as they heard Trevor come bounding up the stairs, yelling at them.

“MOM!!!” as he came bursting in the door.

He startled all of them.

“Trev, what’s wrong?” Emma asked, looking concerned after seeing his face and hearing the edge in his voice.

He came up to her and put his hands on her arms. She started to get very nervous as his face grew serious and he was breathing hard.

“Mom…Joey just called…it’s Dad…There was an accident on bust the team was on…Dad’s been hurt!”

Emma’s heart dropped, “What are you talking about?”

“We need to go, Mom. He said we need to come to the hospital!”

Emma wasn’t processing what he was saying. She looked at him and then Melissa and Sara to see if they could help her make sense of what he was saying. She just kept looking at each of them, waiting for something to click in her mind.

Sara spoke, but Emma didn’t really comprehend what she was saying, “Mom, drive Trev and Emma to the hospital! I will run down to your grandparents’ house and tell them. Pops is there too. We will meet you there,” Trevor just nodded but didn’t move.

“GO!!” Sara yelled.

Melissa took Emma by the hand and Trevor followed out and down the stairs. Melissa drove with urgency to the hospital, while Trev kept repeating that everything was going to be fine. Emma didn’t say a word and rubbed her stomach and prayed.

‘We just got together and got married! We are in love and we are having twins. Please God let him be ok!’ she kept repeating to herself.

Melissa pulled into the parking lot and helped Trevor walk Emma into the ER. They were surrounded by some of the team and their commanding officer. He told her that they were there for her, and that the trauma team would be there to help in any way. Trevor thanked him, but Emma didn’t respond. She was in shock.

Just as the C.O. got up to walk away, Sara came in with Joan, Evan and Pops. The C.O. talked with Evan, telling him what he told Emma, so that someone other than a shocked pregnant woman heard the details. Pops came over and sat with Emma, taking her hand and squeezing it, not saying a word. He leaned over and kissed her forehead.

“Joey, what happened?” Evan asked him.

Joey sighed still in his uniform and covered in dust, sweat and dirt, “We were at this raid at a money laundering ring and they had boobie traps set, is the best way I can describe it. Luke was on the right side of the building leading a group and saw that one of the other men was heading to an unsecured room by himself and stepped in front of him to stop him, but they had tripped a wire that was in the doorway. It triggered an explosion and Luke took the brunt of it. I got to him as soon as I could, but it took us a few minutes, there was debris everywhere. I’m sorry Emma, I tried to get to him faster, I’m just so sorry…”

His voice caught at the end as they looked at him. Evan put a hand on his shoulder in reassurance.

“We know you are Joey. We know you are…” Evan said.

Everyone was trying to absorb what Joey had said, lost in their own thoughts. She just sat there, not sure what to do. Just as she was going to ask Pops a question, a doctor came out of the exam area and called for “Mrs. Reynolds?”

Emma stood up and Joey directed the doctor to her. He saw she was pregnant and was going to mention it to the nursing staff so they could keep an eye on her.

“Mrs. Reynolds, I am Dr. Knitware. I am the attending physician here today. I would like to talk to you about your husband. He has a collapsed lung and we had to insert a chest tube to re-inflate that. His heart rate was all over the place and the chest tube is helping stabilize the rhythm. He does have several broken ribs as well. His right leg is broken and that is our main concern right now. Both the Tibia and Fibula are broken severely and he is going to require surgery to place several pins and screws to put it back together and heal properly. We are clearing an operating room now. The orthopedist wants to get in there right away. We have just received the CAT scan results and while there is no brain damage that we can see, he is still unconscious.”

Everyone just sat and tried to absorb what the doctor had just said: Unconscious, broken bones, chest tube, surgery.

“Shit,” Trevor said under his breath.

The doctor asked if anyone had any questions.

Emma finally spoke, “Can I see him? Please?”

“Mrs. Reynolds, we already took him up to the surgery floor and are getting him prepped. I can take you up to the waiting room and we can give you updates from there. I’m sorry.”

She nodded as Melissa rubbed her back to sooth her. The doctor headed back and sent a nurse out to take them up to the waiting room. She explained that they were looking at a 2-3 hour surgery and that the OR nurse would call and give updates as needed. She showed them the room and asked who Emma’s doctor was so she could call her and let her know what was going on, just in case.

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