Timing is Everything

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Chapter 33

Right after the doctor left, Pops and Trevor came up with a bag for her and Emma went to change and brush her teeth. While she was in the bathroom, Joan and Evan came up to visit too. And so the day went with family coming up in shifts to see Luke and check on Emma. It was very wearing on Emma, but Megan and Lydia took her on a walk of the hospital and took her outside to get some fresh air.

“Why is our timing so bad? Why can’t we just get to live our life together? We have been apart for so long. Why can’t our time just be now?” Emma asked as she sipped a smoothie.

Megan hugged her, “I don’t know Em, I just don’t know. I do know that Luke loves you and will fight to come back to you, Trevor and the babies.”

Lydia agreed as she rubbed her back. They stayed outside for half an hour and then made their way back in. The rep from the sheriff’s office was there and talked with Emma, making sure she didn’t need anything. She promised she would let them know if anything came up. Pops convinced Emma to go to the cafeteria and get some food with him before he went home and she reluctantly went with him.

They talked about light things, knowing that she was still emotional. Pops finally asked how she was doing.

“I don’t know Pops. I am worried, and scared and hopeful all at the same time. It’s a weird position to be in. You know I don’t like uncertainty or at least not having some semblance of control and then I just get mad that we have to endure one more thing in our relationship. That is unfair!”

“I know Angel. I felt all those things when your parents and Nana died. I thought it was so unfair that this magnificent little girl wouldn’t get to know those amazing people as she grew up. So I get it, Emma. I am here if you need anything.”

“I know Pops, thank you,” kissing his cheek as they got up to go back up.

They arrived to see Thelma back on shift and Trevor ready to go home. He was supposed to go to meet his friends Jake, Blake and Trip in Miami the next day. They were on Spring Break from their colleges and flew down to visit Trevor. He wasn’t going to go because of Luke, but the adults ganged up on him and basically made him go.

“We will let you know if anything changes Trev. Your dad would want you to go spend time with your friends, not be here,” Joan insisted.

Reluctantly he gave in and agreed to go.

They all said goodbye to Emma again as she got settled in her recliner chair and turned the TV on for some background noise so she could sleep.

The second full day was the same. There was no change in Luke’s condition and he was still unconscious. Dr. Tedson ordered another CAT scan to make sure that there were no other issues in his brain that were preventing him from waking up, but nothing showed up. Emma was really starting to worry. Megan called Emma’s doctor and Dr. Smithson came and checked on her as she kept her vigil. She told her to schedule an appointment next week to check her weight and blood pressure.

Emma fell asleep the second night starting to get distraught and fearing the worst.

On the third day, Emma awoke to still see Luke out. A new nurse was in the room checking vitals and greeted Emma. Emma was very upset and was on the verge of losing it again, like she did the first night. Dr. Tedson came in shortly after and started talking about moving Luke to a rehab facility if he didn’t regain consciousness within the next 48 hours. He would require different care in that case.

He left and Emma sat next to Luke’s bed, taking his hand. When she looked into his face and immediately got pissed.

“What the hell is the matter with you Luke? Don’t you know what you are doing to everyone? To Trevor? To Me? I am NOT going to raise these babies by myself!! I am NOT going to be a single parent! You better pull your head out of your ass and wake up, you dick! I can’t do this anymore!!” She yelled at him then started sobbing.

She buried her face on the bed next to him to muffle the cries. She sobbed into the bed for several minutes until she felt something on her head. She was embarrassed that someone saw her crying in such a raw way that she sat up and looked at the door, but saw no one. She turned back to the bed confused and saw Luke smiling at her.

“Oh my god!!” She started sobbing again and leaned down to hug him. He winced and groaned and she jumped back.

“Oh Luke, I’m sorry! I forgot about your ribs! Let me get the nurse!” she excitedly said.

“Wait,” he said in a hoarse voice. She stopped and looked at him. He took her hand and tugged on her down to him, “I need a kiss…”

She smiled through her tears and gently kissed his lips. It was heaven, but she pulled back to get the nurse. He watched her walk out and he wondered what was going on. He couldn’t remember much of anything. He knew he was in a hospital and in some considerable pain, but no clue why.

Emma came back in with a man in a white coat and another lady following her.

“Hello Luke, I’m Dr. Tedson. How are you feeling?”

He cleared his throat, “I am in some pain and very confused as to why I am here.”

“Well, that is understandable. Sue; let’s get Luke something for the pain. Luke, I am going to do a quick exam, then we can talk.”

Emma sat on the chair again and anxiously waited as the doctor asked Luke the date, what he remembered, his reflexes and other vitals. Sue put a shot of pain medication in the IV and patted his hand after. They waited a few more minutes until the doctor was done, then he pulled the other chair over and sat next to Emma.

“Well Luke, you gave us quite a scare. You are in an accident with the SWAT Team and were injured. You can probably feel the tube in your side that is from the chest tube we inserted for your collapsed lung. You have several broken ribs as well. The worst of your injuries was from a badly broken leg. We had to do surgery to repair those bones with a plate, some pins and screws to get the bones to heal properly. You have been unconscious since they brought you in. Today is the first day you have woken up, and I know that this lovely lady couldn’t be more thrilled. Do you have any questions?” He said gently, but with authority.

Luke followed what he had been told and was shocked. Injured? Surgery? It seemed all so foreign to him at that moment, but the ache in his chest when he breathed, made it real.

“How long was I out for?”

“Well Today is Tuesday, and this happened Saturday afternoon. So you were out for three full days…”

“Three days?! Damn…”

“It’s ok, Luke. Take all the time you need to process this. It’s normal to feel disoriented after something like this. I just want you to know that now that I am going to have the physical therapist come in and start some work with you on your leg and breathing. I will come back tomorrow to see how you are faring and we will go from there. Ok?”

Luke nodded his head, trying to process everything he had heard. The doctor left and Emma touched his arm.

“Luke, Honey are you ok?”

He looked at her and sighed, “I think so…It’s just a lot to take in. Can you tell me what has been happening?”

Emma smiled and told him that everyone had been coming in to see him in shifts, except for the little kids. She warned them that people would be arriving soon to see him and to be prepared.

“If you get tired or overwhelmed, you have to say something so we know. We won’t know unless you say something, ok?”

He promised he would and then just took her hand and kissed it and closed his eyes, tired from everything he had been through already this morning. Twenty minutes later, Joan, Evan and Pops came in to see him. Emma smiled at them and squeezed Luke’s hand to wake him. He opened his eyes and smiled weakly at his parents.

Joan gasped and rushed to his side. She kissed his cheek as the tears of happiness fell from her eyes. Evan and Pops were thrilled as Emma filled them in on the morning’s events.

“So in a nutshell, Emma bullied me into waking up by using coarse language. I was sleeping and then I heard her calling me some rather rude names!” Luke said in a pretend huff.

“That’s wonderful! I’m so happy!” Joan sobbed as the rest laughed.

They sat for a few minutes together before Emma went to change and wash up for the day. Pops was waiting for her when she was done and took her down for some breakfast and to talk.

“I know he has some PT to do and some healing, but this is wonderful! I am glad he is awake now. The doctor was talking about sending him to a rehab facility until he woke up since he would need different care.”

“I am happy for him too, Angel. Just make sure you don’t push too much too fast, honey. He has had a pretty big trauma and problems can creep up later on. Just go easy Em.”

Emma promised she would as they ate. It was the first time in weeks that she wasn’t so sick to her stomach that she had to take a pill before she ate. They went back up to find the sheriff’s office rep there explaining things to him as well as Joey and Liv.

Luke liked seeing everyone, but by 2 o’clock he was exhausted and fell asleep mid-sentence. When he awoke, Trevor was there and thrilled to see him, but that was short lived when the physical therapist came in and did some exercises. Luke hissed and gritted his teeth through the few exercises they did and was sweating. The PT promised he would be back the next day for some more. Luke was less than pleased.

At seven that night Luke insisted that Emma go home and sleep in their bed, not the chair. Joan and Megan had let it slip that she hadn’t left his side since he was brought in.

“Emma, please don’t argue with me. You need to sleep in a real bed. You are almost seven months pregnant, please Babe. Just go home. Shower, sleep in our bed and relax. Please. I am fine, I promise!”

Emma reluctantly agreed and left with Joan and Pops, while Evan stayed back for a minute.

“I’m so glad you made her go home! We couldn’t get her to budge since you have been here.” Evan said as he sat next to his son. He could tell that Luke wanted to talk a minute.

“I could tell she hadn’t been sleeping by the bags under her eyes. I couldn’t let her do that anymore…How bad was it Dad? And tell me the truth.”

Evan sighed, knowing how this would affect his son, “It was bad Son. We didn’t know if you would make it. They were worried about brain damage and the leg break was really bad. I am not going to lie, when Sara came running into the house saying we needed to leave right away because you were hurt, my heart stopped. I thought we were going to lose you and you would never see your children be born and grow…”

Luke teared up as he heard his father’s voice catch. He nodded and sat staring at the ceiling, thinking. Evan told him to get some sleep and he would see him tomorrow afternoon. He wanted to give him some space. Luke was grateful for the silence as he had some thinking to do. He had to figure out his future and do right by his wife and family.

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