Timing is Everything

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Chapter 38

Emma dissolved in sobs at her words. She just kept repeating “No!” as she cried on the ground. Carol started crying at hearing the words and Joan went over to pick up Jax as Carol held on to Sophie. Rich had called Sylvia and told her as she called her kids and they ran over to the house. She found the women she considered family all crying. She went to Emma and sat on the ground next to her and Megan.

Emma was inconsolable. Within minutes of the phone call the rest of the family ended up at the house. Ben came and picked up Emma and carried her to the couch inside. Joan and Sylvia took the babies in and got them dressed and something to eat, when Ben’s phone rang. He moved to the kitchen to answer it.

“Emma honey, Luke is on the phone. Can you talk to him?” Ben gently asked.

Emma tried to control her sobbing as she put the phone to her ear. She couldn’t say anything, just listened to Luke’s voice.

“…Emma, Babe. I am so sorry! Are you ok? I am bringing him home today Babe. I am just waiting on a few things and we will bring Pops home. Trevor is ok, I have him with me. I love you Em. I love you…”

Emma sobbed all over again and Ben took the phone from her. She curled up on the couch, letting the tears flow again. She had never felt so alone in her life. There was a dark cloud she could feel descending on her and it was choking out all the light around her. She felt empty and had no idea what to do.

Emma had no clue what happened from the time she got off the phone and from when the charter plane arrived with Pops on board. She was in a daze and time had no meaning to her. Evan, Luke and Rich were making calls and getting arrangements on that end made with Ben on this end. Ben, Sharon, Kyle and Pete met them at the airport and made sure that Pops was transported according to his wishes. Pops had made Pete his lawyer several years ago and wanted him to be in charge of his wishes.

It was after midnight when they landed and got Pops transported to his chosen funeral home. They went back to the house to meet the rest of the family. All the couples left for their respective houses as Luke checked on the twins and saw that Trevor was already in bed. Ben had taken Emma up to their room several hours earlier and Luke found her still there with tears dried on her face and her staring off into space.

Luke quickly shed his clothes and climbed in next to her, pulling her close to him. As soon as she felt him near her, she started crying again. Luke could feel the pain rolling off her and he started crying too. His heart broke as he listened to her sob. He just rocked her back and forth, kissing her head and smoothing her hair back. She soon fell asleep, exhausted from the anguish she felt.

The next few days were a blur for Emma. She had no idea what was happening each day. Pops had written out his service and Pete was following the orders. Emma just had to show up, which is all she could manage at that point. Luke woke her up on Wednesday letting her know that the funeral was that day. She got up and Luke ran a shower for her and had to get in and help her. She was not functioning, the grief was consuming her.

He called Megan to come over and help her so he could get the twins dressed and check on Trevor. Luckily, Sara and her parents were right by and helping every step of the way. A limo arrived at each family’s house and drove them all to the church. Emma just put her arm in Luke’s and followed him around. She didn’t really register the hundreds of people that had come to pay their respects. She went through the motions of shaking hands and accepting the words and hugs from them.

Once seated in the church, the Minister, who was a good friend of Pops’, gave an amazing eulogy. The one thing that stuck out to them all was not all the charities he gave money to, all the places he built, all the people he helped, but the fact that he had set up each of the kids with their spouses. He had handpicked each person’s mate, finding what they needed most and making sure it was a love that would last. The kids were stunned when the minister said it. They never saw it or put two and two together.

“Spenser wanted to make sure that each of you-whom he considered to be a grandchild, would have the amazing love he had with his beloved Celine. Each time he saw you together, each time he went to a wedding or saw another one of your children born, he was proud and told me all about it. He delighted in rubbing his excellent track record in my face. He said he had a better rate of success then I did! But I have to say that when Emma and Lukas finally found each other again and were married, he knew he had finished his job. Your twins were just the icing on the cake. Each one of you was happy and loved. And that was all he wanted….”

Emma heard that and couldn’t believe it, but at the same time it didn’t surprise her. It’s just how he was.

The service ended and they went to the cemetery for the graveside service and to finally lay him to rest. Emma sat in the chair right by the open earth, with her sunglasses covering her eyes and her large black hat on her head. She looked beautiful to anyone watching her, but she felt like a shell of who she was. Luke held her hand the entire time, not letting go for one second. He needed her to feel that he was there, right with her.

She didn’t say a single word the whole time the minister spoke; she barely recognized that someone was talking. Her mind was racing with memories of her life and remembering as much as she could of Pops. She was terrified that the memories would go away like they did of her parents. She only had a few memories of them and even less of her Nana.

She stood when Luke directed her too, as the Minister said the final prayer over the casket as he was lowered into the hole. The tears fell as she watched it slowly disappear and when the small hum of the motor stopped the people started walking away. Some were heading to the house for a private reception, others were just leaving. She felt Luke’s arms around her as she stood there. People came up and hugged her again or shook Luke’s hand and she just nodded at anything they said.

Once everyone was gone but the family, Luke sent the twins on with Megan and Sharon as he stayed with Trevor and Emma as they stood just looking at the site. Trevor was doing much better than Emma and hugged Luke and went with Sara and her parents to the house. Luke held Emma close as she lost control again and sobbed in his arms.

He just stood there whispering loving things to her, knowing that it wouldn’t ease the pain, but to remind her that he was still here for her. She calmed down about 20 minutes later, trying to regulate her breathing. Luke rubbed her back as she took some deep breaths. He kissed her head repeatedly as she finally was breathing normal.

“Emma, are you ready to go? I can wait if you want…” he asked gently.

She nodded her head and he took that as she was ready to go. She grabbed a white rose from one of the bouquets that were on the side and threw it on top of the casket. She grabbed three red roses from an arrangement to take with her.

With one final look she whispered, “Goodbye Pops. I love you,” and let Luke guide her away to the last waiting limo.

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