Timing is Everything

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Chapter 44

Luke and Emma spent the next week reconnecting and remembering what they were to each other. They made love countless times, toured and played on the islands and talked. She really opened up to him about how she was feeling since Pops died and how empty she felt. He better understood the level of her grief for him.

“I never meant to hurt you Luke. I was just so lost. Pops wasn’t just my grandfather; he was my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and my biggest champion. He was the only person who had my back unconditionally and loved me no matter what. He reminded me of so many things in his first letter to me; how proud he was of me and how Trevor turned out, thrilled that you and I were finally together and how much he loved the twins. I was just able to read that letter about a month ago. ”

“I want to be that person for you now, Emma. I want to be your biggest champion and the person who loves you no matter what. Will you let me do that for you?”

Emma looked at him as they sat on the beach together while the sun set. She could see the sincerity and love in his eyes. She teared up as she realized he was really willing to be those for her. The tears fell softly down her face as he held her in his arms. She felt whole for the first time in months.

“Luke, make love to me please.”

Luke stood up, pulled her up and kissed her softly and gently. The kiss was brimming with love and hope. They walked arm in arm back to the walkway that led to their cabana. He stopped her, picked her up and carried her bridal style back to their little hut. He laid her on the bed, and they made love to each other for hours, realizing how sweet life was and how happy they were now and would be for the rest of their lives.

They finished their vacation with a luau on the beach and went home totally rested and ready to continue their life together.

The twins were thrilled to see them and loved the presents they received. Joan and Evan could immediately tell that Emma was better and were so happy to see the light back in her eyes. And they could see that Luke and Emma couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“You know that if you keep this up you are going to end up with another baby right?” Evan whispered in Luke’s ear.

“Sorry Dad, no more kids. I have all that I want. I have two sons and a daughter. And I will keep this up-there are ways to prevent more kids.”

Evan chuckled and slapped his son on the back. Luke grabbed the bags and took his wife and kids home. The rest of the weekend was wonderful, spent together, being a family.

The next few weeks were busy for them. They were having Jenna do the designs for their remodel and putting together info on getting a nanny. Luke insisted that they get one to help Emma at the house. Carol was retiring and Emma needed time to paint, so they found an agency to hire from.

In the middle of August, Emma took the kids up to surprise Luke and take him to lunch. The twins were very excited as they were each carrying the drawing of their new rooms to show Luke. They all but ran off the elevator dragging Emma with them. They went to Luke’s secretary’s desk and gave Julie a hug. She was a sweet woman in her 50’s who worked for Evan before Luke.

“How are you little monkeys?” Julie asked.

“New room Miss Julie!” Sophie said.

Jax nodded his head, letting his sister talk again. Emma talked with Julie for a minute before she told her they were in the conference room finishing up a meeting. Emma wrangled the kids for a few minutes before the door opened and they jumped on the first person that left.

They were shocked that it was Pete who was the first to exit.

“Unka Pete!” Sophie yelled and squealed as he picked her up and threw her in the air.

Jax was picked up by Megan and covered his face in kisses as he giggled. Sharon and Kyle come out, hearing the commotion. They passed the kids over and continued to make them laugh. Luke came out and both kids yelled “Daddy!” He took them both in his arms, kissing them both. Other people come out of the room smiling at the scene, except for one. Abby left the room, shoving Emma with her shoulder harshly with a scowl on her face. She gave one last fleeting look to Luke as she got in the elevator. He ignored her.

Sophie showed Luke the picture of her new room, “Look Daddy! Pink!”

Luke and Emma decided to put the twins in their own rooms since Trevor and Sara decided to get an apartment off campus together and he would be moving out in a few weeks. They decided to give Emma a little girl room in shades of pinks and purples with simple flower patterns. Jax was getting a room in his favorite color, green.

“It’s so pretty baby girl!” Luke replied then looking at the picture Jax had.

“Jax, we need to get you some fish to go in your new room,” Pete said.

Jax’s eyes went wide, “please!!”

The men had taken Jax fishing for the first time last week and loved it. He asked Luke every day, “Fishy Daddy, Fishy!”

“Don’t encourage him Pete!” Emma hissed, “That’s all I have heard for the last week!”

The family talked for a few more minutes then headed off in different directions, Luke taking Emma and the kids to lunch. As they were leaving, Julie waved to them.

“Luke you make great kids, when are you having another?” Jason, one of the administrative assistants on the floor asked.

“No more, Jason. We are done. Three is a good number!” He said as they left.

They walked to the restaurant that was next to the office building, hand in hand.

“So you don’t want any more kids, Honey? I know we have never really talked about having more…”

“I don’t really want any more kids, Em. I just got you back and we have one kid in college already. He is going to marry Sara, you know that and we will have grandchildren soon. I just think it will be too weird to have them so close in age. I don’t want to be old when another kid graduates. I am 42, Em.”

“I know our ages, Luke. I was just wondering what you thought. I had never really thought about more kids, I was just asking,” she replied, a little sadly.

The rest of August was a blur. Jenna and her team were busy getting the renovation done so the house was a mess. The new nanny they hired, Charlotte had started and was a dream come true and Trevor moved out. Emma was exhausted from everything going on and just wanted everything to be done so they could settle back in.

One night during the first week of September, Luke was working in the office and Emma was at the kitchen table sketching.

“Hey Em, I left my phone on the table. Can you look through my texts to find one from Abe; he has a new email address. Can you read it to me?” Luke called from the office.

Emma laughed at him and picked up his phone. She punched in the passcode and went to the texts. She flipped through until she found what she thought was Abe’s thread and clicked it. She gasped at the picture that she saw on his phone. She looked at the top and it was someone named Abby that had sent him a picture of herself in a lace bra and panty set in a very provocative position. There was a message below it that read, ‘See what you are missing, call me if you get bored with your wife again!’

“Again?” Emma said in disbelief.

The date on the text was earlier today.

“Em, did you find it?” Luke called.

She got up, shaking and walked into the library. She saw Luke sitting at the desk on his lap top, shirtless. He looked up and smiled at her. He saw the look on her face and was worried and stood up.

“Babe, what’s wrong?”

She thrust the phone at him, “Is this what you were looking for?!”

He caught the phone she all but threw at him and looked at the screen. His heart dropped.

“Fuck…It’s not what you think Emma-“

“Oh really?! And what is it I am thinking Luke? Please enlighten me!”

“I know what it looks like, but nothing happened! She is hung up on me!”

“And how would she have gotten hung up on you? How do you know her?”

“She is an engineer at the firm. We worked on some different projects together.”

“That’s right! I saw her when the twins and I met you for lunch! No wonder she ran into me that day!”

“I didn’t know she did that, I’m sorry. I-“

“Keep your fucking apologies to yourself! I don’t want them! Why does the message say if you get bored with me again?”

Luke lowered his head in shame, “Emma please let me explain…”

“Oh my god! Something already happened, didn’t it?”

“It was nothing. I was lonely when you were grieving-“

“SHUT THE HELL UP!! I don’t want to hear it! So while I was dying inside, mourning the loss of Pops, you were out fucking some bitch at work? Did you tell her about your pathetic wife as you fucked her?!”

Emma was crying and yelling at him.

“Baby, please, I never slept-“

“You may not have fucked her, but something happened! I don’t want the sordid details, thanks. I want you to get out.”

“No, Emma, please, she means nothing to me! I told her that and that I love you!”

“I don’t want to hear it! I can’t do this again! I can’t!” She said and started breathing heavily.

Luke made a move to come to her and she put up her hand.

“I want you to get out!! Don’t touch me!!”

Luke saw the look on her face told him she was serious. He felt horrible for what just happened and wanted to make it better.

He walked past her and stopped at the door, “No matter what you think, I do love you Emma. So much…”

Emma didn’t say anything to him as she heard him go upstairs. She had to hold it together while he was still there. She went out to the kitchen and waited at the table until he came back down 15 minutes later with a couple of bags in his hands.

He looked at her, “I’m sorry Emma. I will call you and we can talk and get through this. I love you.”

“Don’t call. I won’t answer. Don’t come back while I am here. I don’t want to see you.”

He sighed as he picked up the bags and went out the garage door and she heard the car drive away. When the garage door was down, she put her head on her arms on the table and started sobbing, her heart shattered. She cried for over an hour then dragged herself upstairs and fell into bed.

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