Timing is Everything

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Chapter 51

The next few days saw Maggie continuing her positive progress. She had gained a few ounces and Dr. Nichols was pleased. She said that when she wanted Maggie to get up to five pounds, with no other complications then she could go home. She was still on oxygen, but that was not an issue. Emma and Luke were thrilled and prayed harder than they had before to get her home. She was almost a month old.

The weight gain was slow and frustrating at that point. Emma had her post op check and was given the thumbs up by Dr. Smithson had healed very well, incision and all. Luke and Emma were so close to the finish line and they just wanted to be at home with their kids. They were stretched thin and their nerves were shot. The stress was getting thick.

Rachel came up to them and handed them a piece of paper that was folded when Maggie was seven weeks old. She handed it to Luke with a smile.

“This is a prescription from Dr. Nichols. You need to follow what it says before Maggie can go home. This is very important!”

Emma stood next to Luke as he opened it and read it. Emma giggled as she read down the page; Luke wrapped his arm around her.

’You need to go home feed your other children lunch, and then go to the park and play. It is a beautiful day, enjoy it!

When you get home, take a nap! You need it! Take a long hot shower or bubble bath and remember that while you may be parents; you are also a loving, married couple. Go out to dinner, dancing, have too much to drink and get a cab ride home. What you do after the kids go to bed, I leave up to you.

You must follow these rules and remember how much you love each other and reconnect before Maggie comes home. Doctor’s orders!!’

Luke and Emma looked at each other then back at Rachel, “Is this a joke?”

Rachel shook her head, “This is something that Dr. Nichols does all the time. This is an extremely stressful and difficult time for parents and she wants to make sure that you remember that you love each other as well as the little one that is here. Go have fun, forget about the stress for one night. Maggie is doing really well and she will be going home in a few days. Make sure you are rested and ready for her.”

They stood there and looked at each other for a few minutes.

“What are you waiting for?” Rachel asked.

They kissed Maggie as she napped, then left, giggling like school kids. They figured out a new restaurant they had wanted to go to on the waterfront and Luke made a reservation on the way home. They came home and gave Charlotte the afternoon off and she promised to be back the next morning. Erin, Sharon and Kyle’s daughter would come over to watch the twins while they were out for dinner.

The twins squealed with glee when they said they were going to the park and they had a wonderful time. They played for several hours in the sun, enjoying the time together after such a crazy few months. They stopped for lunch after, and then the twins fell asleep in the car on the way back. They each carried one upstairs and put them in their toddler beds. Luke met Emma in the hallway and took her hand. They went in their room and lay on the bed. He pulled her close and they instantly were asleep.

Luke awoke an hour and a half later to hear the water running in the bathroom. He looked in on the twins and saw them still sleeping, then went into the bathroom to see Emma lying in a tub full of bubbles, with her eyes closed.

“Hey Babe… Feel good in the bubbles?” He asked.

“I’m in heaven… Do you want to join me?” she smiled.

“No honey, you deserve this all by yourself. Bubbles aren’t really my thing either. I will shower when you are done. Enjoy!” he said and then kissed her softly on the mouth.

He went down stairs and grabbed some water and some fruit and sat out back with the baby monitor to hear the twins. He loved this, the quiet, the calm out by the pool, listening to the water lapping on the shore. He heard Jaxon stirring and went up to get him. Jaxon grabbed his stuffed fish and then went down to sit on the lounge chair with his dad.

Emma heard Luke get Jaxon as she got out of the tub and wrapped herself in her robe. She quickly spread her favorite cream on her body then heard Sophie calling to her. She picked her up and together they went in the bathroom together and Emma did Sophie’s hair. They sang songs and nursery rhymes together as they did.

“Mommy, Maggie come home?” she asked Emma.

“Maggie is getting stronger and better. She will be home very soon, Baby. Won’t that be fun to have your little sister home?”

“Oh yes! We play babies!”

Emma laughed as she finished with the second braid and put the little rubber band on the end. She loved doing Sophie’s hair. It was long and the same dark rich color that Luke, Trevor and Jaxon all had. Only Maggie had Emma’s fiery locks and it was coming in thicker every day. They went down stairs to join her twin and dad outside. They all sat on the lounge chair together, reading a book, as a family. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Erin arrived at 4:30 to watch the twins as Luke and Emma got dressed. She was in the bathroom putting on some makeup when she noticed how thin she was. The stress had really hit her hard with Maggie in the hospital. She liked her curves and hoped they came back when Maggie came home. She sighed and finished dressing and came out in her favorite black halter dress, hoping that she still looked ok to Luke. Luke was dressed in a dark grey suit, with no tie.

“Damn Emma, you are so beautiful!” he said as he watched her walk down the stairs.

She smiled at him as she hugged him, “You clean up ready good yourself Reynolds. Maybe we can wear less clothes later!”

Erin was feeding the twins and they all waved to them as they went to the garage to leave.

“Be good Sophie and Jaxon! We will see you in the morning!” Luke said as he kissed each of them on the head.

They got in the convertible and drove off with the top down. The new restaurant was awesome. Settled on the water by Jupiter Beach inlet, the inside resembled an old Venetian villa and was so elegant. They drank an amazing, fruity red wine and had the most tender steaks and seafood. They had been eating on the go and hadn’t had a real meal in weeks.

They took off their shoes and walked on the beach for a little bit then went over to Ben’s club for dessert and dancing. They shared a slice of decadent chocolate cake and a slice of key lime pie. Carol gave Ben her recipe to make at the club, so they knew it was going to be good. They talked and laughed as they ate, reminding them of their first date when Emma moved back. They danced and when they couldn’t take the sexual tension that was building between, they paid the bill and drove home.

Luke drove home with his hand on Emma’s leg the whole time, creeping higher and higher under her skirt.

“Luke! We have to get home in one piece! Stop it!” Emma squealed at him.

He groaned and moved it back down again. They finally made it home a little after 10, paid Erin, hugged her and sent her on her way home. Luke grabbed a bottle of wine and they went outside to the back yard. They sat on the edge of the pool dangling their feet in and drinking.

They started kissing when half the bottle of wine was gone and they couldn’t take the buildup any more. Hands and lips started roaming each other’s bodies and their breathing started getting heavy.

“Let’s skinny dip!” Luke said as he was kissing Emma’s neck.

Emma giggled and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“I guess that’s a yes?” he asked as she ran her hands up and down his chest.

She nodded before she kissed him again and straddled his lap, pushing his shirt off. He unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it over her head, throwing it to the side of the pool. He unhooked her bra and massaged her even fuller breasts. He desperately wanted them in his mouth but couldn’t with her pumping for Maggie. Instead he started nipping across her collarbone and neck. She was melting in his arms and he knew it. He stood up, pulling her with him and kissed her again. She made quick work of his belt and pants, leaving them both in their underwear.

She was rubbing against him and killing him and he groaned. He pulled down her lace boy shorts in one swift movement and took his off next. They walked over to the steps and walked in the pool, and as soon as they were waist deep in the warm water, grabbed each other and were kissing passionately. They continued for several more minutes before Luke guided her to the side by the wall.

“I can’t wait any more Em!” He hoarsely said in her neck.

She pulled him closer and whispered in his ear what she wanted him to do. He groaned and lifted her up some and entered her in one swift thrust. Emma’s eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned. Luke felt Emma move her hips and he started moving to follow her nonverbal request. They moved as one as the water was sloshing around them and out of the pool. He quickened his pace at her insistence and they both fell over the edge at the same time clinging to each other for dear life.

“How do you do that to me?” Luke asked as they stood there in the water, trying to catch their breath.

“I could ask you the same thing!” Emma said, kissing his neck.

After their heart rate stabilized, they walked out of the pool to the towel cupboard and wrapped up in one of the plush towels. He picked up their clothes and they walked back upstairs. Emma checked on the kids and found them both sound asleep, with Bear sleeping in the hall between their rooms as a protector. She petted his head as she walked past.

She walked into their room expecting to see Luke getting ready for bed, but he obviously had other ideas. He was still wrapped in the towel and crossed the room to her and took her in his arms. She let her towel slip to the floor as she untucked his towel and let it fall to the floor too.

“So we aren’t sleeping?” she asked with a smirk.

“Oh hell no! Not for a while yet!” he answered.

They spent the next two hours wrapped up in each other and didn’t fall asleep until almost one o’clock.

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