Timing is Everything

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Chapter 8

They arrived back at home and found a note telling them that he went out on the boat and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. Emma pulled out the Key lime Pie that Carol had made for them and the fresh whipped cream. She was just plating up the pie as her phone rang. Luke was getting some wine for them as she answered it.

“Hi Sweetie! How is it going?” He heard her ask. He assumed that she was talking with Trevor and that was confirmed as he heard her, “I’m your mother, I am allowed to worry!”

He chuckled to himself as he pulled the cork out and poured some in two glasses. He remembered his mother saying something similar when he was 18. Trevor was a really great young man and Luke enjoyed spending time with him. They got along very well and Luke knew that he would do great things in his life.

Luke stood against the counter watching Emma’s eyes light up as she talked to him. It made her look so beautiful that it took his breath away once again. He listened to the end of the conversation from the stool at the counter.

“...Luke and I just had dinner and are getting some dessert...Yes it’s Carol’s pie...Hahahaha, I will place the order before you, Jake, Blake and Tripp come out. I promise! ...I will tell him you said Hi as well. Call me when you land in New York so I know you made it ok. Try and enjoy the time with your Dad and grandparents, I know it’s not your favorite thing… I love you too. Bye!”

She hung up and sighed as she turned to face him.

“Is Trevor ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, He is having a blast with his friends. I don’t really want to know what they are doing, but he is having fun and Pops has a guy watching them, so I know everything is ok. I just feel bad for him, though. He is going to the Hampton's for the annual get together with Adam’s family and he just doesn’t feel like he fits in with them. And I get that! They are totally stuffy and don’t let their hair down much. He never was part of their East Coast/Hampton's Mentality. Not that I was either. It was just so different from the way we were raised! I mean our families had just as much money as they do and we are nothing like that. Pops would have beat my ass if I started acting like they do!”

“Adam is different when he is away from them, but his new wife is the exact same way as his mom-which Vivian loves- and Trev feels trapped. He is much more like me and loves being down here. Plus Adam and Trev’s relationship had been strained for a while. He promised that he would stay for the week and try to have fun with them. But if it gets too bad, I told him he is an adult and can leave when he wants. They can’t force him to stay. He is bigger than most of them anyway!” She finished with a laugh.

He looked at her and smiled, “You really are a good mom, Emma.”

She blushed as she took a sip of the white wine she loved. They started on the pie, loving every bite. Emma was addicted to the fresh whipped cream that Carol made and heaped on more.

“You still are obsessed with this aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes I am. I could eat it off of anything,” She said with a smirk.

He was a little shocked by the look on her face, but quickly wiped the look off of his face. He stood up and he was instantly hard and walked over to her.

“Anything?” he asked.

“Anything,” she replied with a lick of her lips.

He noticed the intensity in her eyes and the way her tongue moved over her lips and wondered how to proceed. As he was looking at her, she took a swipe of the sweet concoction out of the bowl and held it on her finger. She stood closer to him and gently wiped the smear on his neck. She jumped up to sit on the counter so she was higher, pulled him closer and started her assault. She slowly and sensually licked, sucked and kissed the cream off of his neck as he moaned under her touches. She was instantly wet at hearing his ragged breathing and felt so alive as she pulled away and looked at him.

He was a bundle of nerves and senses as she bored her eyes into his. He could feel the dare she was inviting on him. Her eyes were so brilliantly green that it made it all the harder to not just completely lose control. He stuck his finger in the bowl and gently wiped it on her collarbone and neck. She braced herself for his onslaught but was not prepared for the intensity that was instantly aroused in her as soon as he touched her skin with his lips.

She gasped as the currents flew from that spot to every inch of her body as he seductively ran his tongue all over. He changed it around and used his teeth to gently scrape her skin, eliciting an even greater response. She was moaning and pulling him closer as he cleaned her up. She was digging her nails into his arms as he slowly made his way back to her lips and kissed her. He pulled back a minute later so he could breath, resting his forehead on hers. They both were breathing very heavy.

“I don’t think a movie is a good idea tonight. I don’t think we would watch it and I don’t want to upset you since you just got back home. So I think I should head home and call you tomorrow when you have had some time to think about this…”

“Oh Luke, I have thought about this for a long time…”

“Still I think I should go home before I end up pushing you against your new bedroom wall and fucking you until you scream my name!” He replied in a hoarse voice.

Hearing him say that he wanted her was all that Emma cared about at that point, all that she needed to hear.

She wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her, “Maybe that’s what I want…”

He was trying so hard to restrain himself and she knew it. She kissed his neck again and ran her hand down the front of his shirt until she came to his shorts and gently rubbed the bulge in the front. He was in total confusion! He wanted her so bad and never really stopped, ever. On more than one occasion he had used their memories together as he stroked himself to release. Right that second he was harder than he had been in years and had no idea if the zipper in his shorts could take much more pressure.

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