The Man I Love

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Just One Night

For a wedding that was put together in like a month, Aiden thought it came out beautifully. He had no doubt that his mother and Lyla’s older sister had been all over this as he took in the color-coordinated flowers, the ribbons, and the simple grandeur that they’d somehow pulled together with a small budget.

He was even more impressed with the reception, not only because of the large dance floor, the neat tables, and the tiny decorations, but because Isaac and Lyla simply knew how to bring the party atmosphere. They’d barely finished eating before they were turning the music up and getting the DJ to hit the lights.

Aiden shook his head in amusement as guests headed on over to the dancefloor. Isaac and Lyla looked happy together as they tried to get more people to join in, Lyla moving effortlessly in her short yet classy dress.

He ran his thumb over Kellen’s knuckles as he watched for moment, relishing in the brunette’s presence next to him. “Hey Kellen?” he asked.

When Kellen looked to him, he was smiling. He simply took Aiden’s breath away with that smile, the lights reflecting off his eyes and highlighting his brown hair in shades. The vest he was wearing as part of the groomsmen didn’t make Aiden feel any less distracted.

Aiden cleared his throat as the words began pouring out. “During Ian’s wedding, I was all alone. I was, uh, a little sad back then. It was right after we broke up,” he explained, going on when Kellen gave him an understanding nod. “But I remember sitting there feeling sorry for myself, because you were the best dancer I knew and I didn’t have you to dance with me.”

It sounded pathetic all these years later, but Kellen gave him a tender look. “Well then, we should fix that now.” He got up and held a hand out for Aiden. Aiden had a moment where he wondered what it would have been like if they had gone to prom or something together. It was useless to think about now, but he wondered if his heart would have picked up like it did when he clasped Kellen’s hand and let the man pull him to a corner of the dance floor.

Aiden felt himself flush; he could play baseball with the whole nation watching him, but somehow, he thought that what Kellen did by dancing in public and without a care in the world was infinitely braver.

“Show me your moves, honey,” Kellen challenged, his eyes darkening playfully. “I want to see you shake it.” He laughed lightheartedly, shaking it himself and spinning Aiden around with light steps that made the whole move look effortless.

It was hard to feel self-conscious with Kellen there with him, doing all the silly moves that Aiden would be scared to do on his own. Aiden still thought the man looked graceful as he let the music suffuse him, laughing and smiling the entire time.

Aiden ended up with his hands in Kellen’s, Kellen directing him with a simple, but lively steps. “Maybe you could teach me how to swing,” Aiden suggested, trying to catch his breath. His attention was caught by a drop of sweat on Kellen’s neck. There was a pleased flush on the man’s face.

Kellen smiled as if it was contagious. He twirled Aiden happily, his energy levels through the roof. “Swing is fast, hun. I know you’ve got quick feet when I see you run bases, but I think it’ll take me more than ten minutes to teach you that one,” he said with a laugh. “Step left now.”

Aiden followed his gentle instruction, moving his hands to Kellen’s hips. Kellen hummed in delight, letting his blunt fingernails trace from Aiden’s arms to his chest before he rested his hands there. “I like your chest,” Kellen murmured lowly, continuing to sway.

From the way Kellen was practically bouncing in place, Aiden knew he was barely keeping himself still. Whether that was because he wanted to dance more or because he had other things in mind, Aiden didn’t know.

“You do?” he asked the taller man in the same low tone of voice.

Kellen patted his chest. He didn’t say anything for a moment before he shook his head. “Sorry. My… thoughts got away from me.” He flushed, and this time, it wasn’t from the dancing.

Aiden felt his own heart begin to race. He’d been trying to ignore his mounting frustration the entire day with Kellen next to him, but it was nearly impossible now that they were dancing together. Even though the both of them had purposely avoided pressing against the other, always leaving some space between them, suddenly even that six inches felt like it was too much.

Aiden stepped closer, deliberately fitting their bodies together like puzzle pieces. He heard the way Kellen’s breath hitched. “O-oh,” Kellen stammered. He cleared his throat in embarrassment. “Aiden…”

Kellen was clearly just as wound up as he was, getting flustered much more quickly than usual. His face reddened beautifully in a way Aiden could never get tired of.

An idea wormed its way into Aiden’s mind. He and Kellen hadn’t had any alone time since he got back. And now, everyone was busy. Most people were dancing or talking. No one was paying attention to them.

Aiden grabbed Kellen’s hand and snuck around the perimeter of the room. He breathed out a sigh of relief as they left the stuffy reception hall and the cooler air in the hallways hit his face. Kellen didn’t question him, following along until Aiden turned abruptly and Kellen walked into his chest, grabbing onto his shoulders to rebalance himself.

“Well, this is nice,” Kellen purred, making no move to step away from his place plastered against Aiden’s chest.

“Kellen? Do you want to…?” Aiden asked, swallowing at the thought. He’d never done something like this before. He wasn’t even exactly sure what he was doing or if it was a good idea. All he knew was that he wanted to kiss Kellen hard enough for the man to see stars and that the excited twisting in his gut wouldn’t dissipate until he had.

Kellen shuddered in his grip. “You’re sure, hun?” Even as he asked, it was obvious that Kellen was hoping that Aiden wouldn’t refuse.

It was true that the idea of being caught or of being too loud not only in public, but at his brother’s wedding wasn’t all too appealing, but Aiden couldn’t hold back anymore. He nosed up Kellen’s neck, smiling at the way his boyfriend shivered under his touch. “I’m sure,” he affirmed.

Kellen swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “We’ll have to be quick,” Kellen prefaced, looking around. The second he spotted a private bathroom, he shoved them both inside and locked the door.

“Oh, thank god it’s clean,” Kellen murmured, not taking his eyes off Aiden.

Aiden could see the lust in his boyfriend’s eyes as the brunette swallowed. They were both breathing heavily. The tension in the air was thick.

It only took a second until Kellen was in his arms, wrapping his legs around Aiden’s waist. Aiden held him up, groaning as he felt Kellen press into him. The man kissed up and down his neck. “We have to be quiet too,” Kellen murmured between kisses.

“Okay,” Aiden breathed out, already too far gone to put coherent sentences together. He swallowed. “But tonight… tonight I want to be loud.”

Kellen hopped down, pushing Aiden against the wall with a wicked smile on his face. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be sure you have a good send off before you leave in the morning.”

Aiden had to cover his own mouth to stop himself from moaning when Kellen undid his belt and pulled down his slacks and underwear. The man didn’t give him more than a moment before his mouth was on him, licking up expertly. Aiden felt like his knees would buckle at the sensation.

His skin was too hot. He was pretty sure he was sweating through his shirt as he leaned against the cool tile of the wall, Kellen’s strong hands holding him in place. So close, he was so close.

And then someone knocked on the door.

Aiden felt like he could cry out of frustration, but Kellen didn’t stop. He only looked up at Aiden as if to tell him to make an excuse.

When the knocking rang out again, Aiden called out, “Sorry, it’s going to be a while!” He knew his voice sounded strangled, but he’d held back his moans at least.

Kellen hummed in approval, making Aiden groan low in his throat. Aiden was already so keyed up that he didn’t last nearly as long as he would like, but feeling the tension bleed from his body was more than worth it.

He pulled Kellen up and smashed their lips together, Kellen moaning desperately for relief. “Hold on, baby,” Aiden murmured against his lips, switching their positions so Kellen was the one against the wall.

“I’m not… going to last long,” Kellen breathed out, a red line of blush coloring his nose and cheeks.

Aiden had to give him credit just for lasting as long as he had. The man truly did have a lot of stamina, although it only took a few minutes of Aiden’s mouth on him before he was groaning quietly into his fist and slumping against the wall.

“Damn, I wish we had more time,” Kellen said, his chest still heaving in and out. He helped Aiden stand to give him a soft kiss that was much gentler than their previous ones.

Aiden smiled into the short kiss, stepping back to clean them both up with wet paper towels before tucking himself back into his pants. “So do I,” Aiden agreed, feeling breathless when he watched Kellen redress, his shoulders now relaxed but his body thrumming with energy. “I can’t tell you how much I want to rip that shirt off of you.”

“The second this is over and we’re back at my place, I fully expect that to happen,” Kellen promised him, his eyes filled with lust.

Despite his obvious desire, he only gave Aiden a quick kiss as they fixed their appearances in the mirror and flushed the toilet for good measure. They looked put together again, and thankfully, no one was outside the bathroom to watch them leave together. Kellen still separated from him though and took the long way around back to the reception hall.

Aiden was glad that at least one of them was clever, since he happened to run into Ian on the way back. His eldest brother was looking at him curiously. “Hey, where’d you disappear to?”

“Bathroom,” Aiden answered shortly. “What’re you doing out here?”

Ian huffed, but he was smiling. “I needed some air. Did Kellen teach Nikki and Letta how to dance? Those two are even more energetic than usual.”

Aiden could see how tired his brother was looking now, holding a glass of water. He chuckled to himself. “Probably. He taught Nikki the thing where she stands on your toes.”

“I know; I pay attention,” Ian mumbled to himself, not looking unhappy about it at all. “Where is he by the way?”

Aiden was pretty sure that was a question he should have an answer to. He had no idea what he was going to say when Kellen thankfully made his appearance, holding a drink and making a disgusted face. “This is gross,” Kellen said, looking as if the drink had personally offended him. “I don’t know what fruits are in here, but I’m pretty sure there’s vodka? I don’t know, this is strong.”

Aiden knew that Kellen didn’t drink much. He was fine with the occasional drink, but he never drank to get drunk. Hangovers only made his migraines worse. Consequently, Kellen was never a fan of lots of alcohol, and was an incredible lightweight.

“Here, let me try,” Aiden offered, taking the drink from him. He blinked at the burning of the alcohol when it went down his throat. “Whoa, that is strong. I think it’s… kiwi in there?”

“Who puts kiwi in a drink?” Kellen mumbled, looking severely disappointed as he took the glass back. “I wonder if I can pass this off onto someone…”

Aiden smiled in amusement at the expression on Kellen’s face. He had no idea how the man managed to look so put together after what they’d just done. He didn’t even flinch when Ian asked, “You were gone for that long just getting a drink?”

Kellen didn’t miss a beat as he shrugged. “I was waiting for Aiden for a while. Before I went to get a drink that wasn’t worth it,” he added with a little pout. “Hey, does anyone in your family like kiwi?”

Ian thought about it for a second. “I’m… not sure any of them have tried it.”

“Have you tried it?” Kellen asked curiously.

“Well, no, but—”

“Oh, you’ll love it,” Kellen said to him, handing off the drink, grabbing Aiden’s hand, and dragging the both of them back inside.

Aiden found himself laughing underneath the beat of the music, Kellen much louder next to him. “I just asked the bartender for the drink they could make the quickest,” Kellen said to him, trying to calm down and lower his volume. “I didn’t know that meant mostly vodka and an unfortunate amount of fruit.”

Aiden laughed along with him, snorting accidentally. He clapped a hand over his mouth to stop. It only made Kellen laugh harder, so hard that he had tears in his eyes and was clutching his stomach.

“I’m sorry,” Kellen apologized breathlessly, trying to breathe.

Footsteps approached and suddenly there was Lyla with a glass of water. She was smiling, even as she held out the water for Kellen. “No dying at my wedding, Kellen,” she said sternly with a smile on her face.

Kellen waved away her concern and grabbed the water, taking a deep breath as he took a long gulp and exhaled. He was in the middle of another sip when Isaac came over with the same drink that they’d just gotten rid of. “Ian gave me this and I have no idea what it is.”

Aiden laughed quietly to himself at the confused look on Isaac’s face, but Kellen didn’t stand a chance. He turned away to spit out his water, laughing into his hand.

Both Isaac and Lyla were looking at him with a mixture of concern and amusement. Aiden was still laughing to himself when he put his hand on Kellen’s back and said, “Hey, hey, deep breath. I know the Heimlich; I don’t know what to do if you pass out.”

Kellen nodded, breathing in and out deeply as Aiden rubbed his back. “Okay… okay I’m done.”

“I don’t believe you,” Aiden said lightheartedly.

Kellen was clearly trying not to smile. “It’s funny, Aiden.” He clapped a hand over his mouth and took another few breaths.

“Hey, is he drunk?” Isaac asked, clearly hoping that the answer was yes.

“Oh, you’d know if I was drunk,” Kellen responded, finally turning around and continuing his deep breaths.

Aiden had only seen his boyfriend drunk once when Kellen, B, and Olivia had a night at home and he accidentally had more than he’d planned. When they Skyped that night, Aiden had smiled at the permanent flush on Kellen’s face and his total lack of coordination. He was glad B and Olivia had been with him; he was also glad that the girls had been with him the next day too when the man ended up with a terrible migraine mixed with a hangover. Aiden wouldn’t wish that combination on his worst enemy.

“Okay,” Kellen started, nodding to himself, “Okay, yeah, I’m good now. Hey, thanks for the water, Lyla.”

“Well, I’d rather you not pass out before we cut the cake,” Lyla said wryly. “And we have our thing coming up.” Her eyes were shining wickedly, mischief all over her expression.

Aiden wasn’t sure what they were talking about, and neither did Isaac, but Kellen clearly did. He looked back to Aiden happily. “Keep your eyes on me, hun.”

He said that like Aiden could ever really tear his eyes away.

Kellen, Lyla, and Letta were on the dance floor together, doing a clearly choreographed routine together. They were each smiling the entire time as Kellen did some simple twirls with the girls, followed by some fun steps together. It was definitely much simpler than what Kellen would normally do with B, but it was a joy to watch all the same as Letta watched her friends’ feet to keep on beat, Lyla danced in the center, and Kellen beckoned Nikki to join them.

Aiden didn’t look away once. Not when Kellen danced with his brothers’ wives, not when Kellen rejoined him, and definitely not when they went back to Kellen’s apartment later for some real time alone before Aiden had to say goodbye once again.

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