The Man I Love

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Wedding Night

“Well, this is nice,” Kellen said cheerfully, sitting down on the edge of the hotel bed. He bounced energetically, looking up at Aiden. He was still in his formal clothing, sans the suit jacket.

Aiden looked down at him with a fond smile, hanging his own jacket up on the back of the desk chair. “It really is,” he mumbled, averting his gaze to look around the rest of their hotel room. A single bed for the two of them, the usual bedside tables, an attached bathroom with a nice large bathtub, and a TV against the wall. “How sound-proof do you think these walls are?”

Kellen laughed loudly. Despite a whole day of dancing, talking, and fielding well wishes from family and friends, he was still going strong. “For the neighbors’ sake, I hope they’re pretty thick,” he replied, giving Aiden a smoldering look.

Aiden shivered with desire. Kellen had been giving him little kisses all day just for the fun of it, kisses which had slowly been driving him nuts. But even though Aiden wanted to rip that vest off the moment they got into their car, he held himself back. He wanted to spend all night cherishing Kellen, not do it quickly in the parking lot.

That was the same reason why they’d just been holding hands when they stepped into the room rather than already ripping one another’s clothing off.

Aiden knew Kellen was thinking the same thing as the taller man stood up, standing just far enough that their bodies barely pressed together. “It’s too bad we’re not honeymooning until June, but I guess we’ll just have to make tonight and tomorrow extra special.”

“I’m regretting wanting to be a teacher now,” Aiden mumbled. “If we didn’t have to wait until the school year ended to honeymoon, I’d spend the entire week just worshipping you.”

Kellen face flushed, although he was smiling pleasantly. When he chuckled, their lips almost touched. They still didn’t have their hands on one another, but neither one had made a move yet. “Well, we have two days before we both have to be back to work. I think we can do a lot in two days, don’t you, Aiden?”

His voice lowered an octave, daring Aiden to just rip that vest right off and run his hands all over Kellen’s smooth chest.

Aiden was about to do just that when he heard a noise. Kellen flushed in embarrassment and put a hand to his stomach. “Ah, I didn’t eat much at the wedding,” Kellen said with an embarrassed smile and heat stretching across his nose and cheeks.

“I didn’t either, actually,” Aiden agreed with a laugh, only now just feeling how empty his stomach was. They’d managed to steal some bites of their food here and there, but every time they sat down to eat, there was another person talking to them, or another song to dance to, or something else to handle.

Aiden cleared his throat in embarrassment himself. “I couldn’t even eat breakfast with how nervous my stomach gets.”

Kellen pecked him on the cheek, already going to pick up the room phone. “Room service? It’s our wedding night, so I’d say we deserve the good stuff.”

Aiden knew that it was a bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, and the same idea was also applicable when it came to ordering order room service. Needless to say, they ended up with way too much food for just the two of them.

“This is definitely the opposite of a problem,” Kellen said in between bites of pasta. They’d settled on the bed now, sitting across from one another with the TV on low.

Aiden had to swallow a bite of his chicken before he said, “What, you plan on finishing all this?” He gestured to the dishes they had laid out on the desk, some stacked in containers atop each other.

“As we learn from Thanksgiving every year, we could,” Kellen pointed out, “but my goal here is to have a nice dinner with you before I rip your pants off, you tear my shirt off, and we make it a memorable night.”

Aiden knew that Kellen deepened his voice with every word on purpose from the way he was smirking, staring at Aiden with lustful eyes. It felt like his throat was too dry to swallow, but Aiden still said, “Can’t do that on a full stomach, I guess.”

Kellen just hummed in agreement. “Plus, now we’ll have leftovers.” He looked far too happy about that fact as he accepted the bite of chicken Aiden held out for him. “Mm, this is good. Here; try some pasta.”

They might have not been jumping right into bed for a night of making love, but there was something intimate about eating together too, feeding each other different bites of everything while they smiled and laughed in between.

It didn’t diffuse the sexual tension one bit. If anything, waiting only heightened the anticipation as they kept touching each other innocently. A brush to the knee, a gentle touch to the cheek or chest, a kiss on the cheek.

Aiden would have jumped Kellen first if Kellen didn’t have the same idea. The second Aiden placed their food down on the bedside table, Kellen was straddling his lap. “Do you want to be on top tonight, or do you want me to be?” Kellen asked, inching closer as his hands went to Aiden’s belt. He’d had so much practice getting it undone that it only took him a second to open it and unbutton his pants.

Aiden swallowed as the cooler air hit him, although he didn’t get a moment of relief as Kellen sat right atop his crotch, grinding down atop him.

“Can we do both tonight?” Aiden asked breathlessly.

Kellen smiled devilishly. “Of course, we can. But what do you want right now?”

Aiden didn’t give it a second of thought. He sat up enough so Kellen scooted off of him and reached for that vest. Kellen moaned when Aiden really did rip it off him, popping the buttons with a strong tug. “You’re lucky I know how to sew,” Kellen joked, surrendering to a hot kiss as Aiden leaned down, quickly untucking Kellen’s shirt from his pants.

Kellen’s hands were on his chest as Aiden worked, actually unbuttoning Aiden’s shirt and pushing it off of Aiden’s shoulders.

Aiden shivered at the cooler air, feeling impatient. “I want to ride you,” he said to Kellen, pleased at the way Kellen’s expression curled into a lustful smile.

“Then allow me,” Kellen said, reaching his hand into Aiden’s pants. Once they had the lube, Aiden moaned at the cool feeling, letting Kellen take control before he settled himself on top and Kellen held onto his hips tightly enough to leave bruises. Aiden grunted in discomfort at first, getting used to the sensation.

“Take your time, hun,” Kellen said through clenched teeth, using his stamina to stay still.

It didn’t take long for the discomfort to fade and for Aiden to leverage himself on Kellen’s chest, holding himself up. It was during times like these that he was grateful for all his training that gave him the strength he needed. If he kept up his workouts just for moments like these, it would be worth it.

Aiden felt the telltale coiling in his gut when he felt Kellen finish in him. He didn’t know how much time had passed from when they started, but he did know that when Kellen moaned, Aiden couldn’t help but to be enraptured by him. It was impossible to ignore that beautiful red coloring adorning his cheeks and the way his chest heaved up and down. He leaned down to kiss Kellen sloppily, groaning at the friction between them.

“Doing okay there, hun?” Kellen asked when he got his wits about him. Aiden’s eyes followed Kellen’s Adam apple as he swallowed, his throat bobbing.

“I don’t know if I can…” Aiden started, unsure of what he was about to say. He was feeling overwhelmed and incredibly turned on.

Kellen seemed to understand, however, switching their positions so that he was hovering over Aiden. A smirk graced his face. “I think I’d like to eat something else now,” Kellen teased, going quiet when he put his mouth exactly where Aiden wanted it.

Aiden let himself get lost in the sensation. He reached up to muss Kellen’s hair, gripping lightly as Kellen hummed around him. He was sure that he saw stars when he came. He definitely saw stars in Kellen’s eyes when his husband wiped his mouth and looked down at him.

His husband.

Aiden took a second to catch his breath, smiling widely. He probably looked like a goof smiling like that as Kellen ran a hand through his hair. “Was I that good, hun?” he asked jokingly, cupping Aiden’s face with his hand.

Aiden answered by sitting up and smashing their lips together with just as much force as before. Kellen laughed against his mouth. “I think you’re going to need a minute to recharge here before we get going again, hun,” he said with a sympathetic chuckle.

“Think that you can wait that long?” Aiden asked, sending him an amused smirk.

“You know that I can,” Kellen purred. “Now, come here my beautiful husband.” He wrapped his arms around Aiden’s neck and pulled him in for a softer kiss, one that was less urgent but no less full of emotion.

Kellen moaned into the kiss, smiling again. “Reminds me of when we were teenagers making out in your bed.”

“Or behind the bleachers,” Aiden added, kissing the side of Kellen’s mouth and trailing over his cheekbone and jaw. “Or in the showers in the locker room. Or those few times that I snuck in your window.”

Kellen breathed out with a moan. “Do you remember that time when we showered together when your parents were out?” Aiden smiled at the memory. There had been a lot of slipping and laughing, but cleaning up the water they’d spilt was so worth it when he got to see Kellen with water dripping down his chest.

Aiden let his hands spread out over that same chest as he leaned over to nibble at Kellen’s pulse point, earning a long moan for his efforts. “Fuck, Aiden,” Kellen murmured.

Aiden breathed out. “I remember that,” he answered belatedly. “We have that tub in the bathroom. Maybe we could use it for some… cleaning up later.” Honestly, they’d probably just end up dirtier with what Aiden had in mind.

He nipped at Kellen’s collarbone, slowly easing Kellen back onto the bed and settling over him. The brunette swallowed again. “Now, that would be fun. We’d probably spill less water using the shower though,” Kellen said breathlessly.

Aiden smirked at the obvious effect he was having on the other man, settling himself on top of his husband. He kissed down Kellen’s chest oh so slowly, his teeth grazing over the man’s pecks. Aiden let his hand rest on Kellen’s stomach, his blunt fingernails scratching lightly enough to make Kellen shudder.

“I told you that I was going to worship you, Kellen,” Aiden murmured against his chest, his lips grazing down to Kellen’s abdomen and stomach.

“Fucking shit, Aiden,” Kellen slurred quickly, his throat bobbing and his eyes completely blown with lust.

Aiden smirked at the curse words, kissing Kellen’s abs and down to his bellybutton. “Forget how to put sentences together?” he teased.

Kellen didn’t answer for a moment, desperately breathing in and out. “Less talking, more touching,” he commanded without any heat behind it at all.

“Are you sure? I know you love it when I tell you all the things that I love about you,” Aiden answered breathily, his body heating up at the way he watched Kellen shiver. “You’re the sexiest man I know. With these amazing hip bones, and this beautiful stomach,” he said, punctuating each word with kisses that reached lower and lower. “I love it when you dance with your shirt off so I can see your chest. But your laugh is even sexier.

Aiden kissed over Kellen’s femoral artery in his hip and down into his inner thighs. Kellen was practically shaking underneath him, his hands gripping the sheets so hard that his knuckles were white. His cheeks and nose were red, and from the look in his eyes and the way his chest was heaving, Aiden knew his husband was feeling overwhelmed from all the compliments and sensations.

“You still with me, Kellen?” Aiden asked with a small smile.

Kellen had to take a moment to collect himself, swallowing with difficulty. “More or less,” he said, his voice cracking.

Aiden kissed him on the lips this time, letting his hand trail down in between them. Kellen whined. “Aiden,” he commanded in frustration.

Aiden took that as his cue. He didn’t know which one of them was enjoying this more, but he did know that they were both catching their breath by the time they finished. He let his hand rest over Kellen’s heart, feeling the quick beating beneath his fingertips.

Kellen brought his hand up to Aiden’s hair, running his fingers over his scalp lazily as Aiden rested his chin on Kellen’s chest. “Definitely a good wedding night,” Kellen mumbled, smiling tiredly.

Aiden hummed. “Running low on energy after today?” he asked, if only because he knew that Kellen would chuckle. Aiden could feel the vibrations underneath his chin.

“You don’t know how much energy it took not to lick the cake right off your fingers when we cut a piece,” Kellen said with a smile in his voice. “And when we danced together? Forget it. We’re all lucky that we both have self-control.”

Aiden could relate. When they’d fed each other cake, it took all of Aiden’s willpower not to do something incredibly inappropriate. At least they hadn’t been cliché and shoved cake in each other’s faces. That would have been fun, but maybe not PG when Aiden made it his mission to lick it all off his new husband.

The dancing had been fun though. They’d swayed back and forth with their bodies pressed together intimately, just enjoying one another without moving past sweet touches and little kisses. There was something fulfilling about being with Kellen without the need to have sex, but Aiden agreed: it was a good thing that they both had some self-control.

“Wouldn’t look too great for us to grind on the dance floor together,” Aiden joked.

Kellen laughed under his breath. “Remember in high school when everyone used to do that? God, I think half the couples at prom were just there to rub against each other without parents around.”

Aiden gave him a small smile. “Too bad we weren’t one of them,” he said without thinking. “Wait, I mean like, it’s too bad we weren’t still dating at the senior prom. Not that I wouldn’t have wanted to be pressed up against you—” Kellen interrupted his rambling with a gentle tug on the back of his hair, right at the nape of his neck.

Aiden let his eyes shut languidly at the feeling, the rest of the words coming out easily. “I don’t think I would have been brave enough even if we were a couple then though. High school is never a good place to publicly get a boner. Not that any public place is a good place.”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” Kellen chuckled. “But do you mind if I ask: how about now? Would you be brave enough?”

Aiden let his hand trace over Kellen’s chest, opening his eyes again. “Yeah,” he said truthfully, “I think so. I mean, not just randomly, like there would need to be music and we would need to not be somewhere that we could get arrested, but yeah.” Kellen laughed at his response, and Aiden pulled himself up for a slow kiss.

When they separated, Kellen said, “Well maybe we could have our own little dance party some time. You can strip for me.”

“I’ll probably end up doing the most unsexy dance in the history of stripping, but I’ll give it a shot,” Aiden ventured, resting his weight atop Kellen lightly.

Kellen didn’t look uncomfortable at all, wiggling to fit them together better. He patted Aiden’s shoulder, silently telling Aiden to relax. Aiden did so, lying atop Kellen more fully. With every one of Kellen’s breaths, Aiden felt himself move up and down.

“You’d really do that for me?” Kellen asked with a fond half-smile. “Honestly, hun, even if you end up tripping out of your jeans, I still think you doing a sexy dance would be absolutely thrilling. I can teach you some pointers,” he said, his voice lowering.

“Oh, really?” Aiden teased.

Kellen nodded, letting his hand massage the back of Aiden’s neck. “I’m a hundred percent qualified to teach stripping I’ll have you know.”

Aiden raised an eyebrow. “You are?”

Kellen was already laughing silently at what he was about to say. Aiden could feel the vibrations underneath him as Kellen tried to calm down and said, “Okay, so they didn’t want me to tell you right away because they said they were self-conscious, but I taught Lyla and Letta some stripper moves,” he admitted.

Aiden couldn’t help it if he snorted. “I knew you taught my family some dance moves, but…!” He ended up snorting again, hiding his face in Kellen’s chest as he started to laugh. “Did they ask you?” he got out through chuckles.

“Yeah. We had lunch together and they asked if I could show them some things. I gave them some simple basics,” Kellen barked out, laughing the entire time.

Aiden kept laughing himself. “Maybe that’s why they didn’t trip on our feet when we all did that siblings’ dance.”

Kellen leaned down to kiss him, still smiling. “That’s giving me way too much credit. They told me that they all worked really hard on that with B.”

Aiden returned the kiss gently. “You taught me how to dance though. I’d say that’s a pretty big accomplishment.”

“I’d say my biggest accomplishment was landing a husband as wonderful as you,” he said right away, their lips still pressed together.

Aiden moaned lowly, content to kiss Kellen languidly. There was no need to move beyond deep kisses and slow touches as Kellen kept his fingers massaging the back of Aiden’s neck and Aiden let his thumbs stroke Kellen’s soft skin.

He moaned into Kellen’s mouth. Their kisses were slow and tired, the adrenaline of the day finally wearing off. Aiden would have been content to stay in that position forever if Kellen didn’t pat his shoulder to get his attention.

“Hey, hun, I want to try something. Can you lie on your stomach?” Kellen asked sweetly.

Aiden didn’t know what Kellen was thinking, but he complied anyway, shifting his weight off of his husband and lying face-down. “What should I be expecting here?” One thing came to mind, but it didn’t sound like Kellen was looking for another round.

Kellen straddled him from behind. “It’s not that, and it’s not weird; don’t worry.”

Aiden sat for about a second in anticipation when he felt Kellen’s hands on his spine. They were warm and soft. A moment later and those hands were pressing into his back, Kellen’s thumbs hitting just the right spot for Aiden to groan in satisfaction.

“Massage?” Aiden mumbled. He groaned again as Kellen’s palms went up and down his back, kneading into his shoulder blade. “How have we not done this before?”

Kellen chuckled lowly. “No idea. Lack of time maybe. It’ll take me some time to get you feeling completely relaxed,” Kellen breathed out, momentarily lowering himself to whisper in Aiden’s ear. Aiden moaned, Kellen’s hot breath and warm hands turning his muscles to putty. “Plus, this took some effort to learn on my part.”

“You researched this?” Aiden asked, exhaling as Kellen moved his hands to a sore spot below his shoulder blade.

“Not more than the average person,” Kellen clarified. “Google searches during lunch breaks. I asked Letta for some tips too; she’s a physical therapist, after all.” He leaned down, putting enough force into his fingers to make Aiden groan deep in his chest. “We should do this more though if you’re going to make noises like that.”

Aiden didn’t answer for a moment, getting lost in the way Kellen kneaded his fingers into the nodes next to his spine. He moved down to the small of Aiden’s back, his hands splaying out as he worked. “Kellen, that feels… really good,” Aiden mumbled, his muscles loosening with every moment.

Kellen hummed from above him, kissing right at the top of his spine in a way that made Aiden sigh in satisfaction. “Good. You just let me take care of you.”

Aiden felt like Kellen took care of him in small ways every day. He’d started to make Aiden coffee in the mornings he was extra tired, just like Aiden made tea for Kellen about every day. Kellen would hold onto him when he was feeling overwhelmed, quickly obliterating all his worries. He’d rub Aiden’s stomach when it hurt, and even carried around medicine just in case he needed it.

And now Aiden could feel those amazing hands applying gentle pressure to his back, moving up to his shoulder blades. Aiden knew that he took care of Kellen too, doing all he could for his migraines, making dinner when Kellen worked late, and getting him up when Kellen just couldn’t get his eyes open. They took care of each other, and that was something Aiden didn’t think he would ever get tired of.

Yet in that moment, Aiden couldn’t help but to feel incredibly special. He moaned again when Kellen’s fingers got a spot right under his shoulder blade, releasing some tension he didn’t even know he had.

Aiden felt his eyes begin to droop after a while. It was impossible to keep them open as Kellen kept digging into his muscles, his weight comfortable on the back of Aiden’s thighs.

He was somewhere between awake and asleep when Kellen’s low voice reached him. “Falling asleep on me, honey?” he asked in amusement.

“No,” Aiden murmured petulantly. Kellen paused in his movement and Aiden mumbled, “Aw, don’t stop though.”

Kellen laughed, continuing his gentle caresses and steady kneading. It was during times like these when Aiden remembered just how strong his lean husband really was, and how absolutely sexy it was to see him use his strength. Kellen lowered himself to kiss Aiden softly on the cheek, readjusting himself and moving his fingers along Aiden’s back once again.

Aiden was fading quickly. He was barely awake when he felt Kellen scoot off of him and lie down beside him. The brunette’s arms were around him when Aiden’s breathing evened out and he succumbed to the heavy feeling in his body.

Aiden didn’t want to wake up. He didn’t know what time it was or how long he’d been asleep, but he did know how warm and comfortable he was underneath the fluffy white hotel covers. Kellen was breathing quietly somewhere to his right, the sound rhythmic and hypnotizing. Aiden could have fallen back asleep to that sound if not for the incessant twinge in his bladder prompting him to open his eyes.

It was still dark in the room. Aiden spared a moment of appreciation for the blackout curtains, wondering how he’d ever survived before them.

It wasn’t dark enough to obscure the outline of his new husband beside him though. Aiden smiled at the sight. Kellen was breathing in and out softly, his head almost buried by the covers he’d burrowed himself into.

Aiden leaned over, unable to fight the urge to kiss him on the temple. Kellen hummed and shifted, rolling over to snuggle into Aiden’s chest. Aiden just hugged him closer, his heart feeling too big at the adorable sight.

“You awake, baby?” he murmured.

Kellen groaned. Even if he was awake, he definitely wasn’t anywhere near coherent yet.

Aiden ran a hand over Kellen’s hair. “Kell, I have to get up.”

He waited a second for Kellen to mumble, “You’re warm.”

“I also have to go to the bathroom,” Aiden chuckled.

Kellen’s only response was to groan in dissatisfaction and pull the covers up higher. He didn’t protest when Aiden turned to get out of bed.

Aiden shivered as the cold air hit his bare skin. He yawned, standing up to stretch with a satisfied groan. “Wow,” Aiden said under his breath, relishing in the loose feeling of his muscles. He looked back at Kellen with an impressed smile. The man’s hands really were magical as far as Aiden was concerned.

Aiden stretched again and padded to the bathroom. In the low light of the room, he raised his eyebrows at the mess they’d made. Their jackets were hung up across the desk chair, but he spied his belt by the window, Kellen’s shirt hung over the TV, shoes in disarray all over the place, and pants thrown haphazardly.

Reaching down, he picked up Kellen’s vest, smirking at the lack of buttons. Aiden had to fight the spike of desire that ran through him. He wondered if Kellen had any other button-up shirts that he wouldn’t mind sacrificing in a fit of passion.

Placing the vest by their jackets, Aiden stepped into the bathroom to relieve himself. He noticed the large tile tub in the bathroom again, but paid it no mind as he quickly shuffled back to lie in bed with Kellen. Checking his phone, he raised his eyebrows at the time. It had been a long time since Aiden had slept in almost until the afternoon, although the two of them had been up late.

Aiden swallowed another wave of desire at the memories, closing his eyes and pulling the covers back up over them.

Kellen shivered at the influx of cooler air and moved close to him for warmth. “I don’t want to wake up,” Kellen murmured. “What time izzit?”

“Almost afternoon,” Aiden answered, running a hand through Kellen’s hair.

“That late?” Kellen asked, groaning unhappily. “We should get up… shower… eat… ugh, I’m really hungry, but I don’t want to move.”

Aiden watched Kellen sigh in satisfaction as he let his blunt nails scrape over Kellen’s scalp. A thought hit him. “How about if I carry you?”

This time, Kellen cracked open an eye in interest. “Is this a serious offer?”

“You took care of me last night. My turn now,” Aiden answered simply, kissing his forehead. “Just let me do all the work.”

Kellen hummed and shut his eyes. “I’ll leave it to you then, Aiden,” he mumbled, not making any effort to move from his place on the bed. “Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll get up. I have to pee before any carrying happens.”

Aiden chuckled, getting up more energetically this time. He slid into the bathroom to turn on the shower when the tub in the corner caught his eye. Now that was an idea….

Changing his course, Aiden reached down to turn the nozzles. He’d never exactly drawn a bath before, but he poured in some of the oils next to the tub, made sure the water was hot, and set a couple towels off to the side.

When he returned to the bed, Kellen was breathing softly again, his eyes closed. Aiden crept up quietly. “Kellen?”

“’m awake,” Kellen mumbled unconvincingly.

“I’m sure you are,” Aiden said tenderly.

Kellen huffed and finally sat up. His eyes were bleary and unfocused, his brown hair sticking up in every direction. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. When he shifted his legs over the side of the bed, he sat for a moment as usual before he stood up.

He kissed Aiden’s cheek on the way to the toilet, yawning again when he finished. Kellen blinked in confusion when he saw the steam rising over the tub.

“I thought something was different,” he mused.

Aiden smiled when Kellen joined him by the tub. He got in first, slowly so as not to splash water all over the floor. Kellen slipped in to sit in between his legs, plastering his back to Aiden’s chest as he leaned back with a satisfied sigh.

“Like it?” Aiden asked, wrapping his arms around Kellen’s chest.

“Mmm,” Kellen hummed, relaxing into his arms.

Aiden began running his hands over Kellen’s chest to wash him off, moving down to his stomach when he was done. Kellen leaned all of his weight on him, not that Aiden minded. He relished in the feeling of Kellen up against him, slowly tracing his finger’s all over his husband’s body: down his stomach, up his back, over his shoulders. Kellen was pliant beneath him, making occasional happy noises low in his throat.

Aiden kissed up the back of his neck chastely, moving his fingers into Kellen’s hair to wash it for him.

“You’re going to spoil me like this,” Kellen said after a while.

“And that’s a bad thing?” Aiden quipped.

Kellen hummed. “I guess not. I doubt we’ll have much time for long bath once we really start the adoption process though, so don’t get me too used to this,” Kellen said with a chuckle.

They’d been talking about adoption for months, and had been in contact with a social worker already. They were still learning and it would probably take a few years to actually bring their future children home, but they were both ready.

“Even if we have a whole house full of kids, I’ll always find a way to spoil you,” Aiden promised.

Kellen turned around to kiss him squarely on the mouth, ignoring the way the water shifted around them. “You beautiful man. I know it’ll be stressful to have children and jobs and just life, but I’m looking forward to it as long as you’re with me.” He kissed Aiden again deeply. “And as long as we get that house that we’ve had our eye on.”

Aiden smiled against his lips. “We should make a bid on it. Moving in will take a while, but if we get it…”

“Then that’ll be the house we live in with our kids,” Kellen finished for him, a wide smile on his face. He leaned over Aiden kissing him fiercely. In between kisses, he added, “But for now, I say we eat before we get dirty all over again.”

Aiden held back a groan at the sight of Kellen, naked and wet. The brunette only gave him a sexy look before drying himself off and wrapping his towel around his waist. The second Aiden had dried himself off, he followed through on his original promise and picked Kellen up in his arms.

Kellen laughed loudly, wrapping his arms around Aiden’s neck. He laughed again when he saw the multi-flavor waffles Aiden ordered for them. The only time Kellen stopped laughing was when Aiden kissed him again and slotted their bodies together, although he was smiling the entire time.

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