The Man I Love

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Whenever You're Ready

It was hard not to be distracted. Aiden had been trying his best to focus all day, but while he landed all of his pitches and batted as usual, his mind wasn’t in the game at all. Honestly, he was just lucky that he didn’t throw a bad pitch with how often his thoughts strayed to Kellen.

It had been days since he’d spoken to his boyfriend and Aiden was worried.

Normally, they would speak every morning and every night. They would at least spend a few minutes texting back and forth.

But it had been days. Days.

Aiden knew why. Olivia and B had both texted him to let him know three days ago about Kellen’s migraine, which had lasted for two whole days before Kellen finally passed out into a fitful rest on his couch.

He knew why Kellen hadn’t talked to him, but knowing didn’t make him feel any better. He couldn’t fight how much he was fidgeting with the desire to be by his boyfriend’s side, to hear the man’s voice to be sure that he was really okay. He couldn’t stop checking his phone every few seconds, keeping it in his hand the entire time he was alone in his hotel room.

Aiden knew his team noticed his somber mood the past few days, and a few of them tried to cheer him up, but they just couldn’t assuage the worry resting in Aiden’s chest. It sat there like a heavy weight, and it would continue to sit there until Aiden heard Kellen’s voice again.

Maybe it was silly. Kellen was always fine; the migraines would go away after a few days, and once Kellen rested, he’d be his usual self again.

But for right now, all Aiden could think about was his boyfriend sitting in the dark in his apartment with those blackout curtains drawn closed and the television off. He’d sat with Kellen enough times to know how painful it was, how difficult it could be for the brunette to even get up and use the bathroom with his head pounding so badly that he couldn’t even open his eyes.

God, Aiden wished he could be there.

Kellen wouldn’t want him to worry. He’d tell Aiden that he didn’t want to be a distraction and that he could handle himself.

Aiden knew his boyfriend could take care of himself. Kellen had been doing it for years since his car accident, with Olivia and B checking up on him during their breaks.

But even so, Aiden couldn’t shake the desire to be by his boyfriend’s side, rubbing his hand down Kellen’s back, or holding his hand, or running his fingers softly over the man’s scalp. He wanted to be there to take care of Kellen.

Aiden sighed as he returned to his room that night, tired from the game, but even more exhausted from not being able to sleep these past few days. He practically fell into bed, still unable to drift off fully with worries on his mind. His mind stayed somewhere in that state between being fully asleep and fully awake for who knows how long before he felt his phone ring from his front pocket.

With a groan that was much too dramatic for the situation, Aiden rolled himself over and pulled out the phone, mumbling a quick, “’ello?”

“You dork, why are you awake?”

It took Aiden’s tired mind a second to piece it together, but when it did, he sat up like he’d been shocked. “Kellen!”

“Yeah, hun, it’s me,” the man said with mirth in his voice. “How awake are you right now, actually?”

“Can we video chat?” Aiden asked, completely ignoring the question.

There was some muffled movement on the other line. “You’re really going to make me turn on the light here, huh? Just a second… get your computer.” His voice was soft and fond, obviously exhausted yet there. That was Kellen.

Aiden didn’t know how he convinced his tired body to race across his room so fast to get the computer, and the charger while he was at it. In a second, he had it set on his bed, opened and ready.

When he saw Kellen’s face on his screen a moment later, he breathed out a sigh of relief. He let the tension bleed from his body as he confirmed with his own eyes that Kellen was okay.

“Okay” was a relative term though. It was clear that Kellen had barely slept the past two days. He was extremely pale in the lamplight as he squinted. There were dark bags underneath those eyes, a testament to his exhaustion. The way he was blinking, slowly, like it took a lot of effort to keep opening his eyes after each blink, told Aiden that the man was liable to fall asleep at any moment.

While Aiden thought his drowsy boyfriend was incredibly endearing, he would prefer the man tired because he liked to sleep in, not exhausted from not sleeping at all.

Aiden flicked on his bedside lamp, squinting when it came on. He could hear Kellen chuckle tiredly on the other line. Concern shone through his voice when he spoke. “Oh, Aiden. Honey, have you been sleeping right?”

“Um…” Aiden tried, but there was no use in hiding his own dark bags and messy hair. “I’ve been worried,” he said honestly.

Kellen hummed, resting his chin in his palm. He blinked again and shook his head like he needed to wake up. “I know. I’m sorry I made you worry. Did Olivia or B text you? I could have sworn one of them told me something about it, but to be honest, I kind of lost track of what was happening after like 12 hours.”

“It was that bad?” Aiden asked quietly. Of course, it was that bad. His migraine had lasted for two days straight when usually Kellen only had to deal with them for one.

Kellen hummed. “I think I fell at some point? I don’t remember to be honest. Maybe one of your brothers was over here for a while to help me? I have no idea what actually happened. I’ll have to ask around later.” He made a face, obviously displeased that there were gaps in his memories. “All I know is that I’m starving but would fall asleep into anything I was eating.” He covered his mouth and yawned widely, like a cat.

Aiden gave him a sympathetic look. He wished he could be there, but for now, all he could do was say, “Go grab something and I’ll keep you awake while you eat.”

Kellen sighed like it took a lot of effort, but there was still a tender smile on his face when he stepped out of sight for a moment. Aiden could hear him moving around in the kitchen with some pots and pans. In only a few minutes, he reentered the frame with a plastic container filled with ramen noodles.

Aiden almost chuckled. He knew Kellen didn’t actually like ramen, so he always dumped out all the juice and added his own concoction of spices. It was honestly a hot mess, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. To his poor starving boyfriend, it probably tasted heavenly.

“Sorry I missed your game today,” Kellen apologized in between bites. His eyes were still drooping, but he hadn’t fallen asleep quite yet.

“I’m not. I probably looked like a mess all day,” Aiden tried to joke. “I’m kind of surprised that I threw all my pitches right.”

Kellen hummed in acknowledgement as he finished swallowing. “I tried so hard to message you to reassure you, but god, phones are bright when you’ve been sitting in the dark for a while.” He shook his head idly. “But you sweet man, you should be sleeping.”

Aiden smiled at the easy endearments that fell from the man’s lips as Kellen scarfed down his food quickly, clearly trying to finish it so he could go to sleep. “It’s already hard enough to sleep without you with me, but sleeping without you, and knowing you’re in pain? Not possible, baby,” he said. Even so, he could feel his eyelids drooping too, the sound of Kellen’s voice and the feeling of his presence relaxing Aiden for the first time in days.

He only forced himself to stay awake to stop Kellen from overturning the rest of his food, and to see that soft smile on the other line. “When you first went back, I had trouble sleeping again too,” Kellen started. “It had been a few days of tossing and turning at night when I ended up at your place with your mom. Did I tell you this one?”

He had, but Aiden shook his head, wanting to hear Kellen speak for longer. Kellen chuckled. “She had some things to drop off for you. All your throw pillows are courtesy of your dad now, by the way. But your mom is so sweet. I ended up napping on your couch and she stuck around to check up on me. Covered me with a blanket and everything.”

Kellen was smiling fondly at the memory, a sight that made Aiden’s heart swell. His boyfriend still wasn’t used to gestures of affection from people other than Aiden, let alone from parental figures. He always flushed spectacularly whenever either of Aiden’s parents did something sweet for him.

Aiden had to swallow before he went on speaking. It wasn’t the first time he thought about how easily Kellen fit in with his family. It made him happy in a way that he couldn’t explain to hear about how Kellen bonded with his parents and his siblings. It was almost like Kellen was part of his family already.

“My mom still calls you my sweetheart,” Aiden said after he cleared his throat, trying to distract himself from the direction his thoughts were going before he blurted something out. They were both far too tired to have a serious conversation.

“I know,” Kellen laughed as he finished his food. He rested his chin in his palm again, his eyes drooping even more now that he’d eaten.

Aiden smiled at the endearing sight. “You should go to bed, Kellen.” As much as he didn’t want to say goodbye to his boyfriend, they both needed to sleep.

Kellen hummed lowly in his throat. His eyes had been closed for a few seconds before he forced them open, rubbing them as if to stay awake. The man let out a heavy huff. “We could stay online until I fall asleep,” he said lowly, reaching forward to pick up his laptop.

For a second, Aiden could only see Kellen’s chest and stomach from how he held the computer. “You’ll fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow,” he quipped.

The computer must have bounced slightly as Kellen dropped it on the bed, flopping down beside it. “No way,” Kellen slurred, already drifting off.

Aiden smiled when he saw Kellen finally shut his eyes completely. His breathing evened out as his chest rose and fell calmly. Aiden pulled back his own covers, sliding underneath. He didn’t close the computer. Maybe it was because he was a sap, but he wanted to feel like Kellen was next to him.

It was the sound of Kellen’s breathing on the other line that helped Aiden relax that night, sending him into a restful sleep for the first time in a few days. It would have been even nicer with Kellen there in his arms, but Aiden still had a few more months before that would happen.

Or so he thought, anyway.

A few months later and it was just two weeks before the season ended. Two more weeks felt long enough for Aiden to wait to see Kellen again, but add in an extra four weeks after that for the postseason and Aiden was feeling incredibly frustrated.

Not to mention that Kellen had sounded really off that day and Aiden was left wondering if everything was alright. The man had sent him short messages at odd times, and said that he was too busy to call when Aiden asked him if he was okay. It was strange considering that Kellen usually never refused phone calls, and Aiden knew his schedule perfectly by that point.

He was left feeling frustrated and pouty by the time he made it back to his hotel room after one of their last training sessions. While Aiden had lightened up and celebrated the team making it to the playoffs the day before, now that he was back at the hotel, he couldn’t shake the loneliness that hit him when he walked into his quiet room to watch bad TV.

Except the room wasn’t quiet. The lights weren’t off and the TV was turned on.

Aiden frowned. He was sure that he’d turned everything off when he left in the morning. He always did.

His heart picked up nervously. Logically, he knew that it couldn’t have been easy to get into his room. Maybe the maid left the lights and TV on, even though she had never done that for the entire time Aiden had been staying there.

Aiden stepped forward slowly, feeling much more alert as he surreptitiously held onto his baseball bat. Just in case.

He’d only gotten about five steps in when a familiar voice greeted him.

“This movie is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Like were they intentionally trying to make a movie worse than a 70s porno?”

Aiden stepped around the corner and his eyes widened. There he was with his thin frame, brown hair, beautiful eyes, and confused frown as he stared at some movie about a lovestruck girl crying about her impossible decision to choose just one guy.

“Kellen,” he breathed, prompting the man to turn off the TV and look at him fully.

“Aiden,” Kellen said easily, a fond smile on his face. He raised an eyebrow at the bat Aiden was holding. “Aw, did I scare you? Sorry, but I thought—”

Aiden couldn’t even think. He hadn’t realized that he dropped the bat and pounced on his boyfriend until Kellen was laughing happily from underneath him. Aiden peppered his face with kisses, ending with a deep one right on the lips.

Kellen smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Aiden’s neck. “Did I surprise you?” he mumbled in between kisses.

Aiden pulled back, unable to hold in the elated laughter that bubbled up in his chest. “How… I mean, you were… and now…” He couldn’t even get the words out. Something about Kellen just made it impossible to think.

Kellen thankfully found it amusing as he chuckled. “I was at the airport all day today flying to come see you. You don’t know how hard it was to tell you not to call me,” he said sheepishly, flushing cutely. “Especially because I could practically hear you pouting over text,” he finished with a teasing smirk.

Aiden wanted to kiss that smirk right off. “I can’t believe you’re here,” he said, still wondering if this was actually real or not.

“Hey, it wasn’t easy, you know. By the way, your team is really nosy, and that’s how I got a keycard to your room,” Kellen said with a wide smile. “But is that really what you want to talk about?” Kellen asked, his voice getting lower.

Aiden swallowed heavily, only now noticing Kellen’s carryon suitcase in the corner, the man’s phone on the bed next to him, and a spare pair of clothing hanging over the desk chair. The little touches of his boyfriend were everywhere, making Aiden feel more at home in this random room than he had in the past week.

He leaned forward and kissed up Kellen’s jaw. He could hear the man exhale in satisfaction. “You’re actually here. You didn’t have to do this,” Aiden murmured as he leaned back to meet Kellen’s eyes.

“I wanted to,” Kellen said simply. “Do you remember, Aiden? In high school?” He sat up and gently pushed Aiden on the chest until he was lying down, his head hitting the pillows. Aiden didn’t think he’d seen anything sexier than his boyfriend climbing atop him, straddling him with a lustful look in his eye. “Back in high school, that time I watched you play,” Kellen clarified.

The memory clicked. “You came over after,” Aiden remembered. “What did you say? Something about comforting me if I lost and congratulating me if I won?”

Kellen chuckled low in his throat. “And do you remember what we did after that?”

The brunette didn’t give him a chance to answer this time. He leaned down to kiss Aiden soundly, humming happily. Aiden wrapped his arms around Kellen’s neck, content to let the other man lead tonight. It was always sexy when Kellen took charge, running his hands up Aiden’s chest in slow motions, the tingling sensation of his fingertips already overwhelming.

Aiden was breathing heavily when Kellen pulled back to sit up, smirking. “This is going to be fun making you come undone.”

The way his voice sunk huskily made Aiden shiver. His hands went up to Kellen’s hips, ostensibly to hold him in place, but really because Aiden just couldn’t keep his hands away anymore. Kellen shifted his weight to brush against Aiden’s crotch, something Aiden knew he did on purpose from the satisfied smirk on his face.

Aiden felt like he couldn’t get his breath back as Kellen slipped his hands underneath Aiden’s shirt, pushing it up tantalizingly slowly, one inch at a time.

Then he stopped.

It took Aiden a second to even realize that Kellen had stilled with how riled up he already was, but he blinked in confusion when he did. Propping himself up on his elbows, Aiden looked up to see why.

Kellen met his eyes. “You got hit in that game last week, right hun?” he asked softly, brushing his hand over the large healing splotch on Aiden’s side. Aiden had almost completely forgotten. He barely even noticed the bruises anymore after they smarted for a while.

“Oh, uh,” Aiden started, but it seemed that Kellen didn’t expect him to say anything.

The brunette leaned down to give him a tender kiss before kissing down Aiden’s jaw, over his chest, and trailed soft kissed across his side. Each movement was sweet and loving, less hurried, but still full of passion. Aiden was reminded of how attentive Kellen could be when it came to others, even if that often meant that he forgot about himself.

Now he was silent, but every one of his touches spoke volumes. Aiden swallowed as Kellen licked and nipped down his chest and stomach, pressing his hand teasingly over the hem of Aiden’s pants. Aiden groaned deep in his chest, at least glad that he was wearing his workout pants.

“God, Kellen,” he murmured, grinding up against Kellen as he replaced his hands on the man’s hips. “Feeling a little excited, babe?” he said with a smirk.

Kellen chuckled deeply, not stopping Aiden when he pulled down his sweat pants slightly, smirking the entire time at the way Kellen breathed out with a barely contained whine. “I knew sweats were a great idea,” Kellen said, his eyes wide with lust.

Then he was on Aiden again with new passion. Aiden heard himself moan loudly as the man’s hands found their way into his pants, touching him in all the right spots. It felt like his boyfriend was everywhere, his hands rough yet soft, his lips warm and tender, and his gaze lustful yet loving.

Aiden was sure he was being loud enough for anyone walking by his door to hear, but he didn’t care. It was hard to care about anything with the pleasant twisting in his gut and the heat in the room. It was too hot even when Kellen pulled both of their pants and boxers off completely, crawling on top of him once again.

He was pretty sure he saw stars when Kellen lowered himself and groaned from his place on top of him, his skin shining with sweat. Aiden grabbed him and kissed him, feeling completely overwhelmed every time a spike of pleasure from Kellen’s movements ran through him.

Aiden wasn’t sure if he was sore from his training or from his time with Kellen when they finally laid next to one another on the bed. He let out a satisfied breath, turning to look at Kellen lying facedown on the bed with a goofy smile on his face.

Aiden chuckled, rolling onto his side to run his fingers fondly through Kellen’s hair. Kellen hummed. “I like that,” he mumbled, opening his eyes to give Aiden a pleased look.

“I can’t believe you sat in the airport all day,” Aiden said quietly, his voice hoarse.

Kellen shifted to face him more fully. “It wasn’t too bad. I made friends with a sweet old woman on my flight. She was nice enough to shake me awake when we landed,” he responded with a laugh. “But coming to see you was such an easy decision. It’s going back that’ll be hard.”

His voice was soft, tinged with longing that Kellen tried to hide. Aiden leaned forward to give him a slow kiss, relishing in the warm feeling of their lips pressing together. His heart felt full with Kellen there kissing him like that, even knowing that the man couldn’t stay for longer than a day or two. His sweet, busy boyfriend had a job to get back to—if only to give Olivia and B a break.

Aiden only leaned back when he needed a breath, lying next to Kellen as the man kissed his jaw slowly. “Hey Kellen?” he asked, feeling warm as he was showered with love.

“Yeah, honey?” Kellen asked, lying back on the pillows with a secretive smile.

Aiden felt his heart flutter, but he wasn’t nervous about asking the question he’d had in mind for a while. “Do you, uh, think about marriage?”

Kellen blinked at him, but the smile didn’t fade. “Yes, I do,” he said gently. “And to clarify, I think of marrying you, not marriage in general.” He traced his fingers over Aiden’s chest idly, smiling playfully.

Aiden laughed under his breath, feeling relief flood his chest. “Good, that’s good,” he said breathlessly, suddenly unable to think of his next words.

Kellen patted his chest to get his attention, no doubt noticing his ears turning red. “I’m guessing it’s been on your mind lately?” he prompted softly.

“It’s just…” Aiden started, trying to think of how to phrase everything. “I…”

“Take your time, Aiden,” Kellen encouraged, giving Aiden his full attention.

The man made it easy to feel comfortable saying even the things Aiden was nervous about. “I really love you, Kellen,” he started, sure that was the best way to begin. “And I’ve been thinking a lot about what it would be like to… to be, uh, husbands.” His face was definitely red now. Aiden was reminded of when they first started dating years ago and he used to go red every time he thought of Kellen being his boyfriend.

Kellen’s smile only seemed to grow wider. “I’ve thought about that too. Sometimes—ah, this is a little embarrassing—but sometimes I daydream about it.” He was smiling bashfully, but didn’t shy away from meeting Aiden’s gaze.

“You do?” Aiden asked, blinking in surprise both at Kellen’s embarrassment and the new information.

Kellen just shrugged awkwardly from his position. “Sure, I do. I imagine what it would be like to wake up to you every day before work, and greet you with a kiss in the afternoon. And…” He paused, clearing his throat. “The idea of adopting kids together has crossed my mind.”

Aiden leaned forward to give him a brief kiss on the lips, hoping to put him at ease. “You’d want to adopt kids with me then? You have a lot of faith in me to not fail as a parent,” he joked.

Kellen only scoffed. “As if you’d fail. You’d make a great dad. And a great husband,” he added, bringing them back to the original topic.

“I’m still gone a lot,” Aiden murmured.

He met Kellen’s eyes when the man patted his cheek gently. “Even half of a country away, you’re still a wonderful boyfriend. That wouldn’t change if we were wearing wedding rings.”

Aiden let his eyes close for a second at the warm feeling of Kellen’s hand. “I know, but I mean, when we’re married… I really want to enjoy my time with you. And enjoy being with you. Not that I don’t now of course, it’s just…” He frowned, sure that he’d mixed up his words. “When we’re married… I don’t want to think about leaving you behind,” he finished simply.

Kellen leaned forward for a slow peck on the lips. “You’re never really leaving me, Aiden. But I do understand,” he said with a relaxed look. Despite the warm feeling of their bodies together underneath the covers, Kellen was perfectly awake. “Aiden… are you talking about retiring?”

Swallowing, Aiden nodded. “I mean… not right now or anything. And I know a lot of guys are married and they love their families so much, but…” He took a deep breath and let it out. “But I want that too. I want to wake up to you every morning and see you off to work. And I guess, I don’t know, go to work myself. Kiss you in the afternoon when we’re home. Help kids with homework. Have dinner together.”

Aiden felt Kellen run his hand calmly over his cheek, letting his blunt fingernails scratch over Aiden’s scalp. It felt like he could melt under the brunette’s touch as Aiden breathed out in satisfaction.

“Aiden,” Kellen began, “that sounds wonderful. But you already know that I would never want you to give up your baseball career for me. And for any potential future children,” he added offhandedly. “Maybe we could have all that after you retire.”

“I don’t want to wait that long,” Aiden said without thinking. When Kellen’s eyebrows rose at the quick response, he cleared his throat. “I mean… 30 is usually when players start thinking about retirement. Some pitchers last a while after that though, and I mean, I love what I do, and I want to keep doing it, but I love you too. Maybe I’m just being a lovestruck idiot, but I want the chance to have a real life with you that isn’t spent being away for eight months of the year every year.”

Aiden hadn’t even realized that he was starting to feel worked up until he registered Kellen rubbing over his pecks and neck to get him to calm down. He exhaled. “I’m twenty-five now. And so are you. We’ll both be thirty, minimum, before we’d even get the option of being together.” Aiden huffed, sure that he was pouting. “We spent seven years apart and I guess I don’t want to waste any more time.”

Kellen leaned forward to give him a sound kiss on the lips, making Aiden feel relaxed with just that one gesture. He was looking over at Aiden with a soft look. “I don’t either. It’s… hard to be without you when you go back to play,” he said with difficulty, exhaling. “It’s hard to sleep without you, to only hear your voice on the other line, to want to kiss you and be close to you, but to be unable to.”

He tapped his fingers on the sheets idly, clearly having a hard time getting this out. “But Aiden, I’m okay with it because I know that you’ve worked hard to be here and you love baseball. No matter how much you happen to love me too,” he said with a little playful smile. “So, I want you to promise me something.”

Aiden nodded curiously at Kellen’s more serious expression, hanging on every word.

Kellen hummed and said, “I want you to promise me that when you think about retirement, whether it’s one year from now, when you’re 30, 35, or even past that, that you’re doing it for you.”

Aiden opened his mouth to protest, but Kellen went on, “And if I make you happy and you want to get married and adopt kids, or if my happiness makes you happy, then that’s part of your decision, but I don’t want myself to be the primary reason you retire. I want you to decide what will make you most happy. I’ve never wanted you to sacrifice for me.”

He patted Aiden’s chest lovingly. “And I’d be more than glad to talk through it with you when you’re thinking about it. We could think about our lives after you retire, or whether you want to marry while you’re still playing. If you want, I could even help you go through what you might want to do for work after, if you still want to work at all.

“But Aiden,” he said seriously, inching forward so their bodies were pressed together. “No matter what you choose, I love you, and do you know what that means? That means that I’ll always be right here with you.”

Aiden swallowed, needing to take a deep breath to dissipate the full feeling in his chest. “No matter what we choose,” he corrected, causing Kellen to blink in confusion. “No matter what we choose,” Aiden repeated. “If… if we’re thinking about marriage here, then what I choose to do affects you too. And so, it’s your decision too. Even if you don’t want me to retire just for you, I won’t say that you won’t be a huge part of it,” he said bravely. “Because you’re important to me.”

His voice petered out in the end, the emotion clogging it up. “So, I uh, I promise that I’ll think of myself when I retire. But there’s no way I can promise not to think about you too.”

Aiden met Kellen’s eyes sternly, noting the surprised look on his boyfriend’s face. He wasn’t backing down from this one. The next thing he knew, said boyfriend was kissing him like he needed it to breathe. Aiden was breathless when Kellen gave him a moment to catch his breath, smiling widely as his own chest heaved in and out.

“I’m one lucky man,” he said seriously, that smile still on his face. “To have a boyfriend who cares about me as much as you.”

That smile was infectious. Aiden felt his heart lift, smiling too when he realized something. “So, you’re making it sound like you definitely want to get married to me.”

Kellen laughed loudly, clearly elated. “Am I now? Gee, I wonder why.” He pressed them together, kissing Aiden’s neck teasingly. “You’re sweet, considerate, adorably awkward, intelligent, and loving. Definite husband material.” He punctuated each word with a kiss, sending a wave of heat throughout Aiden’s body.

“As if you’re not,” Aiden countered, smiling against his boyfriend’s lips. “You laugh too loud, you dance beautifully, you’re good with kids, and you can say the dirtiest things with a straight face. And flying all the way here to see me with that beautiful smile and big heart of yours? It’s hard to beat that.” He said it playfully, but he definitely wasn’t kidding. “Not to mention that ass that I love.”

Kellen barked with laughter. “Oh, I love you,” he said easily. “And yes, enough to get married, whether that happens in a year, when you retire, sometime after that, or whenever.” He gave Aiden a sexy smirk. “But for right now, if I’m right, then we’ve still got some time left to enjoy ourselves before I have to go back.”

“Fuck, Kellen,” Aiden moaned when he felt the man grind into him. His boyfriend could go from a charming man whispering sweet nothings in his ear to a sexy god saying the dirtiest things Aiden had ever heard.

He loved it.

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