The Man I Love

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A Little Talk

Aiden arched his back, exhaling breathily as he felt Kellen’s fingers dance along his sides. He had no idea how Kellen so easily made him moan, but the man had perfected the technique by now. He could take Aiden to the brink of pleasure and back with just those hands. Add in the way his mouth kissed up Aiden’s stomach, chest, and neck, and down lower sometimes, and it was impossible to keep himself under control.

Maybe that was how Aiden ended up underneath Kellen on the couch, completely ignoring the show they’d put on as he groaned in pleasure. They really had intended on just watching TV and messing around on their computers, seriously, but hey, eight months away was a long time, Aiden had his own apartment, and Kellen practically jumped him during dinner.

It was hard to resist.

Kellen usually fell asleep during movies, but he was wide awake for this as he straddled Aiden with a sly smirk on his face. Aiden had to resist the urge to groan again as he looked up at his sexy boyfriend above him, balancing himself with his hands on Aiden’s chest. He grabbed the brunette by the shirt and pulled him back down, kissing him deeply.

They hadn’t been able to be intimate these past few days, what with Kellen’s packed schedule actually exhausting him and Aiden’s continued training tiring him out. It was nice to just lay together sometimes though, or to simply cuddle on the couch and have a low conversation before they fell asleep. That’s what they’d planned on doing that night too when Kellen gave him a long kiss and they sort of got carried away from there.

Aiden bucked his hips, listening to the beautiful sound of Kellen moaning, accompanied by a muffled curse.

“Fuck, Aiden,” he mumbled against Aiden’s lips.

Aiden only smiled, already feeling how excited his boyfriend was through the material of their pants. He couldn’t resist pressing their hips together again for more friction, Kellen practically going boneless on top of him in pleasure.

Aiden reached his hands underneath Kellen’s shirt, slowly drawing them lower and lower as Kellen shivered underneath his touches. The man’s face was red as he moaned at the feeling, swallowing when Aiden’s hands reached the waistband of his pants. Tantalizingly slowly, Aiden teased his hands lower, enjoying this far too much.

“I fucking swear, Aiden,” Kellen got out, just before Aiden slid his hands under Kellen’s shorts and right on top of his shapely butt.

Kellen practically crashed on top of him with a kiss, grinding them together and reaching to peel his own shirt off. Aiden felt his heart pound at the sight, his chest rising and falling—

When the doorbell rang.

“Ignore it,” Aiden pleaded with his boyfriend, who seemed intent on doing just that when it rang again and hurried knocking followed.

Kellen pouted in frustration and forced himself to sit up. “Okay, you’re going to need to get that, I think,” he said grabbing one of the fallen throw pillows to hide the situation in his shorts.

“I’m not in much better shape,” Aiden said with a teasing smirk, gesturing to his restrictive jeans. Still, he got up awkwardly, fixing himself up and shuffling over to the door to check who it was. “Shit, it’s Isaac,” he whispered, unsure of why his brother would be over here at this time of the night, but definitely sure that he couldn’t just leave Isaac out there.

Kellen nodded in acknowledgement. He still looked absolutely wrecked, which made it even harder for Aiden to refocus, take a deep breath to calm down, and open the door curiously.

“Isaac—” he started, but his brother stepped right in, fidgeting in the doorway.

“Hey, I’m sorry, but I really needed some help and I figured you guys would be up,” Isaac started, sounding harried. “I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?”

Aiden and Kellen just shared a look and turned back to Isaac. Kellen rested his chin in his palm, amusement and frustration dancing in equal measures in his eyes. “Yeah, I’m going to need a minute before I answer that.”

Isaac looked confused for all of a second before he took in their appearances and flushed lightly. “Oh, you guys were— oh, I can go—”

Aiden just grabbed him and shoved him in further, shutting the door. “It’s too late now. You’re already here.”

“Mood ruined,” Kellen added casually. “I just need a minute.” He huffed and stayed seated, clearly trying to calm down.

Aiden definitely stared at his boyfriend’s adorably frustrated face for a beat too long, but tore his attention away to say to his brother, “Take a seat.”

Isaac raised an eyebrow, deliberately choosing to sit at the tiny dining table rather than the couch. Aiden didn’t have the heart to tell him that the table wasn’t clean either when his brother, the brother that was always playing jokes and messing around, looked so fidgety and panicked. Aiden wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen his brother this way.

Taking a seat across from the blonde, Aiden leaned back with his arms crossed. “Something the matter, Isaac?” he tried.

His brother was tapping his fingers on the table, fidgeting and generally looking uncomfortable. He was quiet for so long that he gave Kellen the chance to step in and take a seat next to Aiden. The brunette raised an eyebrow. “Spit it out, Isaac. Are you okay?”

“Lyla and I had a fight,” he said with difficulty, like the words had been forced out of him.

“About?” Aiden prompted softly, trying to get his brother to talk.

Isaac’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “That’s the problem: I don’t know.”

“You… don’t know what you were fighting about?” Aiden asked in disbelief.

“No, I don’t know what we were fighting about!” Isaac practically yelled, obviously agitated. He ran his hand through his already messy hair like he’d probably done multiple times that night.

His shoulders slumped again as he released a breath. “I mean, we’ve talked about our future before, but kind of vaguely you know? We never had specifics down and we both agreed that that was okay. But then tonight she started freaking out about it and I guess we both got too excited and I have no idea how the hell we had such a big fight.”

Isaac sighed tiredly, rubbing his hands over his face. Aiden frowned at him. He knew Isaac and Lyla had been together for a while, so it made sense that she was thinking about their future, but it hadn’t seemed to bother her much before.

“Wait, she was asking you about your future together?” Kellen clarified, sitting straighter. “What did you say?”

Isaac shook his head. “It’s kind of a blur now. I said something about how we don’t need to ever get married if she doesn’t want, or have kids. I’d be cool either way. She got really weird about it then and started telling me I needed to be more decisive.”

Aiden could already see where this was going. “And then you probably said something kind of rude to her and it got worse, right?” he guessed.

He’d apparently hit the nail right on the head from the way Isaac winced. Aiden had never seen his brother look so miserable as he sat there, clearly in a lot of pain.

“I yelled at her and told her that she hadn’t even been sure either. She yelled back. She told me to leave her alone for a few hours. And here I am to bother you,” he finished apologetically. “But I just… I have no idea what got her so worked up! She’s never like that and we’ve been together for years now.”

It didn’t escape Aiden’s attention that Kellen was looking on with interest, wincing when he asked, “She wanted to know about kids? And marriage?”

“Yes, Kellen, I already said that,” Isaac complained like Kellen was a moron.

Aiden was about to reprimand him, but Kellen stopped him with a calm hand on his and a minute shake of his head. Looking back to Isaac, Kellen said slowly, cautiously, “I… think I know what was bothering her.”

Both Isaac and Aiden looked at Kellen, who looked uncomfortable under their attention. It took Isaac all of a second to ask, “You do? How?”

Kellen shrugged. “We talk. Lyla, Letta, and I.”

“What?” Isaac practically screeched. “Well then, tell me!”

“No,” Kellen said adamantly, crossing his arms sternly. “She made the both of us swear not to say anything. You need to find out from her.”

Aiden could feel the tension rising in the room as Isaac kept his gaze on Kellen but Kellen refused to budge. He had no idea what to do about this situation. The two people he knew who were usually carefree and laughing were now staring one another down tensely.

“It’s not your place to be involved in our relationship,” Isaac said lowly, his panic turning to anger.

Kellen didn’t look intimidated one bit, although Aiden knew him well enough to see that he was getting agitated at the effort to scare him. “I’m well aware. But I’m not breaking Lyla’s trust in me.”

There was a tense silence that followed. Aiden looked back and forth between the two, wondering what exactly he was supposed to do when his boyfriend and his brother were fighting. Any hope he had for mediation went out the window when he saw Isaac lean forward.

“Kellen, she’s my girlfriend—” Isaac started, halfway out of his chair.

“Sit your ass down,” Kellen commanded lowly in irritation, standing up to his full height. Kellen didn’t even need to yell or raise his voice with his “I’m so disappointed in you” brand of anger perfected. Aiden should know from the times they’d fought over the phone.

While Aiden had seen Kellen mad like this before, Isaac obviously hadn’t as he obeyed seamlessly, staring up at Kellen with wide eyes as the brunette went on, “Take a damn seat and calm down. I’ll make you some tea.” Kellen stepped away to calm down with an angry huff, looking tense.

Aiden wasn’t ashamed to admit that he stared after his boyfriend. He didn’t see Kellen get angry like that a lot, at him or at anyone else. He knew it was a bad moment to think this, but it was admittedly kind of hot.

“Seriously, Aiden?” Isaac asked, drawing his attention back.

Aiden shrugged unconcernedly. “Sorry, Isaac, but Kellen is the calmest person I’ve ever met. And you actually got him pissed.” He was almost impressed. “This might just be because you walked in on us, but that was definitely attractive.”

“When it’s not directed at you,” Isaac murmured, looking sufficiently cowed. A small smile graced his face though. “But… this is nice.”

“My boyfriend yelling at you?” Aiden asked in confusion.

Isaac shook his head with a roll of his eyes. “No, you being so straightforward,” he clarified with a shrug. “You’ve just never talked about girls you liked before, and I mean, we know why now, but I feel like we never got the chance to talk about that kind of stuff. Like a brotherly advice kind of thing,” he said with a small smirk. “It’s nice that you feel comfortable staring at your boyfriend and talking about him now. Even if it’s giving me mental images that I don’t want.”

Isaac heaved a long-suffering sigh, maybe still imagining it. He should count his blessings that Kellen wasn’t in the mood to joke or those mental images would be a lot clearer.

Aiden huffed in amusement though, trying not to get lost in any mental images himself. “You know Kellen and I were together in high school, so I’m not sure how helpful your advice would have been even then,” he joked, smiling at Isaac’s obvious care.

It was nice to see Isaac crack a smile, some of the anger draining from his shoulders. Now he just looked tired, and maybe a little guilty for how he’d reacted.

Aiden shifted, looking at his brother cautiously. He asked gently, “You know Kellen cares about Lyla too, right? And that Letta probably wouldn’t tell you if you asked her either?” When he got Isaac’s grudging nod, he went on, “So, why are you so worked up that Kellen won’t tell you?”

Isaac released a breath. “It’s just… I don’t know, it’s stupid, but the thought of another man, even one who happens to be in love with my brother, knowing what’s wrong with my girlfriend when I don’t…” He shook his head, having a hard time articulating it.

Aiden knew exactly what the issue was. “Oh my god, you’re totally jealous,” he laughed lightly. “You do know that there’s no reason to be, right?”

“I know,” Isaac said tiredly. “I know Kellen loves you and Lyla loves me and there’s no reason to be jealous, but I feel like I should be the one to know stuff.”

“Then you need to ask her,” Kellen said surely as he reentered the room with two mugs. Aiden cracked a smile at the funny designs that Maia and Rory had insisted upon. “Here’s your tea,” Kellen said to Isaac a moment later, taking a seat back at the table and wrapping his hands around his own mug.

Aiden still wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing, but he watched as Kellen took a long sip of his tea, breathing it in. “Look, I’m sorry Isaac,” Kellen apologized when he’d swallowed. “It’s just that Lyla’s problem is genuinely something you need to talk to her about. It’s not my place to say.”

“I… I’m sorry too, Kellen. I got worked up,” Isaac said awkwardly, looking contrite. “I know you can’t tell me, but… is it bad? Is Lyla okay?” Aiden figured his brother was coiled as tightly as a spring waiting for Kellen’s answer.

Kellen frowned, not like it was bad, but more like he didn’t know how to phrase his next words. “Um… no? I mean, no, it’s not bad. She’s healthy if that’s what you’re asking.”

“That was the worst non-answer I’ve ever heard,” Isaac pouted.

“Hey, it’s a sensitive topic,” Kellen answered with a shrug.

“Did you tell Aiden?” Isaac moved his gaze to his brother suspiciously.

Aiden only rolled his eyes. “Don’t bring me into this. And no, I don’t know.”

Kellen patted his thigh. “Sorry, hun. Sworn to secrecy.” He looked genuinely apologetic.

“I’d rather not know,” Aiden said, more than happy being in the dark on some things. He knew everything about Kellen, and that was all he needed to know.

He caught Kellen smiling into his mug as if he knew the direction of Aiden’s thoughts. The man took another sip and exhaled at the warm amber liquid running down his throat. “But Isaac,” Kellen started. Sitting straight with a little frown, he said, “As for the jealousy thing, I get it. But you really don’t need to worry.”

“You get it?” Isaac asked with a frown.

Kellen only shrugged and sipped his tea again. “My boyfriend is an attractive baseball player. He shares a locker room with a bunch of other more or less equally attractive men. He’s on TV and online. Let’s just say that I’m not the only one who appreciates his ass in baseball pants.”

Aiden flushed at the reminder. While he had no problem with Kellen saying things like that, he avoided comments on the internet like the plague. He’d gotten used to the kind comments, and even the rude ones about his sexuality or his pitching, but the dirty comments were always too much for him.

He blinked at the rest of what Kellen said, “Wait, you really get jealous? Of me?”

Kellen raised his eyebrows. “I mean, you know I’m not the jealous type, but you can’t blame me,” he shrugged completely unapologetically. “I’d tell you exactly why you’re so amazing, but out of respect for your brother’s current problem, I’ll hold back.”

“God, thank you,” Isaac sighed, messing with the tea bag. His other hand was running over the design on the mug.

Aiden chuckled. It didn’t take too much imagination to come up with a few things Kellen might have said, making his ears go red. Instead of getting carried away, he commented, “I used to be jealous of B and Olivia, you know.”

Kellen laughed loudly, almost spilling tea all over himself. “Seriously?”

Fearing for his boyfriend’s skin, Aiden grabbed the cup from his hand, placing it back on the table like it might explode. “If the dances you’ve shown me are anything like what you’ve done with them, I’m definitely justified.”

“Okay, no, no, I don’t want to hear about whatever you two do when I’m not here,” Isaac interrupted firmly. “The only reason I haven’t left already so you guys can get back to doing it on the couch is because I’m kind of scared Lyla will kick me out.” His voice petered out at the end, his frown deepening.

Aiden leaned forward to pat his forearm, gesturing for him just to drink his tea. “Sorry, Isaac. We got carried away.”

“I’m regretting walking in on you two more and more now,” Isaac quipped dryly. “But thanks, guys. I know it’s stupid to be jealous. Sometimes I can’t help myself though.”

“Understandable,” Kellen answered shortly. A tentative calm settled over them, the tension finally gone from the room. Kellen leaned back in his chair, picking up his mug again.

It was quiet between the three of them before Aiden broke the silence with a teasing smile. “Hey, no tea for me?”

“You don’t like tea much,” Kellen said in amusement. “You dork.” He cupped Aiden’s cheek for a moment, a fond smile gracing his features.

Aiden was aware of Isaac watching when the blonde said shortly, “You guys are good together. Do you two, uh, mind if I ask a question?” At their head shakes, Isaac cleared his throat. “Have you guys… talked about like, kids and marriage and all that?”

Aiden raised his eyebrows, not expecting the question. With a glance to Kellen, who looked similarly surprised, he answered, “Yeah, actually. It’s an ongoing conversation, but we both want marriage and kids.”

“Was it… an easy conversation?” Isaac asked tentatively.

“For us it was,” Kellen said to him with a shrug. “Aiden and I want the same things. I mean, we always get caught on the topic of Aiden’s retirement, but we’ve talked about that too. For you and Lyla, it’s about your futures and what you both want.”

“What if we don’t want the same things?” Isaac mumbled.

“Then you’ll talk about that too,” Kellen answered surely. “And until you do, you’re welcome to stay here.” He looked to Aiden for confirmation.

It was technically Aiden’s place after all, although Aiden spent so much time with Kellen here that he rarely thought of it that way. It wasn’t like he had a problem with his brother staying over anyway. “Stay the night here, or a few days,” Aiden shrugged. “It’s not a problem. I promise we’ll be good.”

“Or we’ll be quiet,” Kellen couldn’t resist saying in between laughs.

Isaac rolled his eyes good-naturedly, but there was a smile on his face. He was finally more relaxed, a little more like his usual self, if a much more subdued version. He was at least able to sit still and think for a few hours with a movie on, up until he said he was going to go back to Lyla to talk and left with a prompt goodbye.

“This late? It’s almost midnight,” Kellen said skeptically from his place in Aiden’s lap. He’d been dozing on and off all throughout the movie, comfortably warm. “Man, they’ll probably be awake all night,” he added with a slight yawn. Patting Aiden’s chest, Kellen got up to stretch.

Aiden was about to say something when he noticed the way Kellen’s shirt rode up, having a hard time tearing his eyes away from the sliver of skin on his stomach. Suddenly, he thought of a few things they could be doing all night too.

Kellen clearly caught onto his gaze, smirking as he turned back around. “You sure you’re still awake enough for this?”

“Are you?” Aiden shot back lowly.

Kellen straddling in his lap was answer enough. “So, before you didn’t think I could be jealous, right? Well, let me tell you all the reasons why you drive me crazy.”

Aiden was glad that he was strong enough to lift Kellen and carry him to the bedroom. That way, he could feel Kellen’s lips on his neck and jaw the entire way as the man whispered the sweetest words to him between kisses, his legs hooked around Aiden’s back and his hands everywhere at once.

While Aiden really wouldn’t have minded if Isaac had stayed overnight, he was glad they were alone now. After a year of being quiet when they were teenagers, he really liked being able to hear the way Kellen screamed now.

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