Because Of You

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Brielle is having trouble coming to terms with her sexuality. She constantly asks herself why she doesn't like boys, she doesn't understand why she feels the way she feels. The one special girl comes along and helps her through her journey.

Romance / Drama
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How It Began

Disclaimer: This book uses the F word and I'm sorry to anyone that gets offended. This book is meant to be educational.

"Mom, I can't find my racquet." I looked everywhere for it. I looked under my bed, in my closet, and in the garage. "Ty, did you take my racquet again?" I looked towards Tyler to see him snickering, he pointed to his closet. I walked over to his closet and got my racquet. "Take my racquet again and I'll hurt you."

"Shut up faggot." I lost it. I picked his twelve-year-old ass up and shook him then put him down and punched him over and over until Daddy came and yanked me off.
"Bri you can't fight your brother." His face very disappointed and he knows I hate it when he gives me that face. It makes me feel weird.

"Daddy he called me the f word for a mistake I made." Tears swelling in my eyes because it's not fair that he constantly calls me a slur and my parents do nothing about it. Daddy looks at me then looks at Tyler.

Daddy sighed."Tyler if you call your sister that one more time and I'll take your stuff. You know your sister made a mistake, and won't make it again." Tyler crosses his arms and sticks his tongue out at me. Daddy smacks his hand. "Now apologize."

"I'm sorry Bri." He said it so sourly, I knew he didn't mean it. I left the room to go collect myself and rethink my choices and think why did I kiss her. It didn't mean anything, I think.

One year ago

"Daddy can Devi come over for my birthday sleepover. Please daddy please, I'll do the dishes for a week and I'll mow the lawn." He agreed reluctantly. That day we went to the store. We bought chips, dip, and lot and lots of candy. Mom called Devi's mom to see if we could pick her up and she could stay the night. While that was happening Daddy was on the phone with the pizza parlor. Daddy had Mom ask Devi's mom if Devi had and allergies. Which of course I knew she didn't but they wanted to know for themselves. We picked her up an hour later and we ate pizza and played video games, then Mom and Daddy when to bed and it was just Tyler, Devi, and me. Sooner or later Tyler goes to sleep and leaves us.

"Hey, um Bri do you have any pj's I forgot mine at home." She looked uncomfortable like she was embarrassed.

"Yea I got some let's go get them." We walk upstairs to my room and I grab her some clothes and she just changes in front of me and I can't help but look at her almost perfect body. She sees me staring and smiles.

"Bri haha stop staring at me.....unless you're going to do something." I chuckle and walk downstairs to wait for her. I don't understand what just happened. I enjoyed looking at Dev's body, but she's a girl it's probably because she has a perfect body. When Dev comes down, she pushes me down and we start wrestling. Once she pinned me down she kissed me, I pushed her away then got closer to her and kissed her back.

"Mom Bri and her friend are kissing." I quickly pushed her off of me and looked at my parents. All I saw was disappointment in both of my parents.

"Brielle Renee Lovely go to your room we'll talk about this later." I heard the anger in Daddy's voice. Mom started crying. "Devi you stay down here. Daddy comes into my room and sits down on the bed. "Bri what happened why are you kissing another girl?"

"Daddy I don't know but I don't like girls." He sighed and left the room just then Devi texts me. Hey, you alright, I'm sorry I got you in trouble but I really do like you. I didn't know how to respond. When I finally did I told her that I don't like girls and that I'm sorry for misleading her. She left me on open.
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