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*Maddox walks onto a dim stage with a microphone in hand*

Maddox: Hey. Author wants to know-

*I peek out from behind the curtain and make a growling noise*

*Maddox rolls his eyes* Maddox: I mean Charlie and I *Charlie walks on stage shyly and grabs Maddox’s hand, blushing* want to know if you are enjoying our story. Also because Author is really busy being a dumba- *Charlie narrows her eyes* I mean dummy. Geez.

*Ryan saunters out on the stage confidently*

Ryan: Look we just wanna know if you are enjoying the story. Also that the viewer rating is too low. She wants to do that thing where it takes a certain amount of viewers to make her post the next chapter.

Crispyn: Boooooooo nobody likes that. *sits back in his seat next to a snoozing Harlo in the empty theater because there’s no readers here*

Maddox: We all know there is nobody. Nobody reads this. It’s a bunch of flaming trash.

*I cry a little while Charlie pats my back and Maddox looks on in adoration of her*

Starting today, I just want to see at least five views and one comment on every chapter before I post a new one. It just feels like nobody is reading. So please read and share this story!

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