Love Is

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So. Hey again. I don't even know who I'm greeting because nobody is really here.

Nobody, and, I mean not one single person. has been here to read my story and I'm a little hurt and confused, Maybe it's because there's very little exposure, or maybe it's because it's not a very interesting story, or it might even be because it's not appealing to you guys.

There's no clear answer, but as a result, my motivation to continue uploading chapters has diminished greatly. although I won't stop writing my story, I will still continue not uploading them because I just feel like it's a real waste of time if nobody is reading it.

I'm very sad to have to postpone this book yet again, but it's been four months of inactivity and I've been checking every few days, but when two days turning into two weeks, then two months, my hope vanished.

So to whoever finds this, even if it's years or so later, I guess you'll know what happened. Maybe I'll upload it again, just for you.

But for now, all movement online for 'Love Is' has paused due to inactivity.

Merry frickin' Christmas :(


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