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Intro To Characters!

Charlotte “Charlie” Winters

Charlie is a straight 17-year-old girl with long blue-tipped black hair. Her eyes are light brown and huge. She is caucasian and about 5′2" or 157.48 cm. Her birthday is September 12, making her a Virgo. She enjoys listening to Lecrae. A shy, but a very wary little person.

Likes: Lima beans, chocolate anything, cuddling, beanies, big hoodies, the colors blue and black. tattoo designing

Dislikes: Bullies, Fetticine, Alfredo, Carrots, horror movies, being hot, mornings

Harlo Carter

Harlo is a straight 17-year-old girl with Dirty blonde wavy hair. She’s about 5′6", or 167.64 cm. She has emerald green eyes and an outgoing attitude. Harlo is caucasian and her birthday is December 21, which makes her a Sagittarius. She enjoys any type of music and being Charlie’s best friend and protector. She’s not very brave, but she’d do anything for Charlie. Confident in her skin.

Likes: Salty snacks, the colors puce and cream, galaxy anything, tattoos, tacos, big clothes, making new friends

Dislikes: Stereotyping, public speaking, being seen with bedhead, airhorns

Crispyn Robbins

Crispyn is a straight 17-year-old boy with silver-tipped black hair and blue eyes. He is a mix between white and Italian, and he is 5"8′, or 172.72 cm. Crispyn’s birthday is November 28, making him a Sagittarius. He enjoys any type of music, but his favorite song is Baby Shark. He can be very childish but is serious when needed. Loves his best friend, Maddox.

Likes: making tiktoks, corny jokes, making people smile, skinny jeans, animals, karate

Dislikes: waking up early, classes, chores, bullies

Maddox Whitman

Maddox is a straight 18-year-old man (A/N: safe to say he is a man, and can I just say what a man) with long dark brown, almost black hair that reaches just below his shoulders. He’s a mix of Mexican and white, and yes he can speak Spanish, but no, he won’t say anything for you. He’s 6"6′ or 198.12 cm (a literal giant guys I’m a sucker for height differences). Maddox’s birthday is November 12, making him a Scorpio. Maddox enjoys classical music and old school beats like Snoop Dogg. Rather mean-looking, but is secretly a sweetheart.

Likes: being quiet, reading, sculpting with clay and pottery, cooking, Charlie, combat boots, boxing

Dislikes: Liars, alcoholics, drugs/ Smoking, cursing, desperate flirty girls, snooty rich people

A/N: Expect the first chapter tomorrow afternoon! I've been working hard to present this book and have already typed several chapters up! I'll be uploading one every week until I pick up in readers.

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