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Daydreams and Intuition

The thing about dreams is that sometimes you can control them, and sometimes you can’t. Man, I wish I had control of this one. My dream self thinks as I run away from the huge ball rolling after me. I look over my shoulder to see the ball, a once red kickball coming closer and closer. Muddy, with the label long since rubbed off, the ball bumps and jerks wobbling from side to side. I almost slip in the mud that surrounds me and the ball as I study it, causing me to lose speed.

As I focus in front of me again, I see the huge cliff that I am running straight toward. If I stop I’ll get bowled over the cliff, but if I don’t, then I’ll run straight over it. And I highly doubt that I can run on air like the Roadrunner. As I’m struggling to make up my mind, suddenly I hear pounding footsteps, and I glance back to see a tall faceless man running alongside the ball and slowly gaining on me. ”Charlie! Charlie! Wake up! ” He yells in a voice that sounds way too feminine to be his. In fact, it sounds just like- “CHARLIE!”

Suddenly I’m back in my room, eyes closed, hearing the same voice as in my dream. Wait a minute that sounds like-Oof! Harlo” I whine as something or somebody jumps onto my torso. I open my eyes to see my best friend, Harlo, laying diagonally across me and my bed. She smiles innocently at me. “Good morning best friend in the whole wide world.” I glare at her, then roll her off of me, wondering why she’s in my room. “Hey, you should be thanking me, it being thirty minutes before breakfast starts.” She says, getting up and moving to my closet. My eyes widen and I jump up, running toward the bathroom. ” Why didn’t you say that sooner Harlo?!” I wail. Just as I’ve gotten into the shower, which, because of my beloved bestie, was already hot and running, I realized I left my clothes in my bedroom. As I’m about to yell for her, the bathroom door opens and Harlo sits my underclothes on the sink. “Thank you!“I call gratefully. Geez, I’m so disorganized.

I shower, brush my teeth, wash my face and put on my underclothes. Harlo wolf whistles at me as I rush to my bed, where she has already pulled an outfit out for me. “Girl you so fine, if I wasn’t straight I’d hit on you so hard.” Harlo gushes as I tug the plain black tee over my wet hair and pull my skinny black jeans on, tying a red plaid shirt around my waist. Maybe I should have dried my hair first, the back of my shirt is gonna be soaked. I flash her a smile and ask “Would you mind blow-dry my hair just a little, pretty please?” Harlo hates blow-drying my hair because it’s so long that it’s hard to dry it evenly. She reluctantly gets the blow-dryer from the bathroom and plugs it up near my bed. I pull on my thick black platform boots as she dries most of my hair and slaps a beanie on it.

Grabbing my glasses and watch from the top of my dresser, then snagging my bookbag from the closet door, I sling it over my shoulder. “Okay I’m ready, we gotta run!” I say quickly opening the bedroom door. “Ah-ah,” Harlo hums, making me pause. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Am I forgetting something? Glasses, bookbag, phone, watch- wait... PHONE. I turn back to grab it but Harlo is already holding it. I gratefully accept it, and Harlo clucks at me. “Seriously girl you’d leave your head if it wasn’t attached to your body.” I roll my eyes then open my door and practically rush across the sitting area to go out the main door. I rush outside of it, and Harlo locks up slower than a turtle. “C’mon Har, we’re gonna be lateee. I don’t want the soggy old pancakes.” I pout, and I swear she goes even slower to tease me. We rush down the hall, heading outside, and we’re halfway to the cafeteria before I have to stop. I huff dramatically, stopping in front of the first bench I see and plopping down with my hand over my heart. Harlo stops as well, rolling her eyes at my fake exhaustion. We always sit here in the mornings to enjoy the quiet time to talk. “This school is freaking huge for no reason,” she says, taking a seat next to me, shaking her head. I comb my fingers through my hair, still slightly damp as I scan the quiet campus. It’s only empty because everyone’s either eating or sleeping.

Stonewall Youth College is huge. Anyone would expect its size, though, since only the rich and famous’ children go here. My ‘parents’, Amy and Lucien Winters were one of the top business couples in the country. They traveled around the world frequently. Everything in their lives was to promote their business, a company that bought other companies, improved them and sold them to the highest bidder. Even adopting Carolina and I was solely for their reputation. The day they came into the orphanage was a turning point for me. They had only wanted to adopt her, but she refused to leave without me. Lucien and Amy immediately flew to Tokyo after adopting us to go do their business stuff, leaving me with Carolina, because I was only adopted to be a free in-home nanny. I held it together for Carolina, but I rarely smiled. Eventually, I learned to accept the fact that I wasn’t really wanted, and just give my all into caring for Lina. Once I got through middle school, I was shipped to Stonewall, where I attend Stonewall Youth College. Which is where I am now, associating with Harlo, daughter of a famous archaeologist, Hugh Carter. She didn’t like to talk about him much, but I don’t like talking about Amy and Lucien either, so I don’t blame her.

A hand waves in front of my face, breaking my musing. “Helloooo? Anybody in there? Charlie?” Harlo says in a singsong voice. “Oh- sorry!” I apologize, giving her a smile and turning towards her. “My mind wandered off again.” She gives me an i-forgive-you look, and then says “Well like I was saying, I really think it’s time for us to get ourselves some boyfriends!“. I open my mouth to object, but she holds up a hand” And don’t tell me that you don’t need a boyfriend, missy. I’m not going to let you third-wheel my relationship. That’s a crap best friend move.” She smirks as I pout .” Besides, we’re in our junior year, and I do not want to see you graduate only to fill our house with a million cats.” I roll my eyes and stand up, “Okay, let’s go before I have to fight you for insulting me.” Harlo stands up too, with a laugh before we both notice a boy and a girl heading toward us, the girl dragging the boy towering over her by the arm. “Excuse me, but do one of you know the way to the office? We’re new here.” she asks glaring at the boy, then turning to us with a smile “Because some idiot has us walking around lost.” The boy shrugs and fixes his green eyes on Harlo, who’s staring right back, a little smirk on her face with an upturned brow. “Would this be the idiot?” she jokes nodding at him and his cheeks burn red as he sends her a shy grin.

And I can tell, just like that. They’re interested in each other. “Yep! I’m Adelyn and this is Tuesday. ” she chirps, jabbing a thumb over her shoulder at her brother. “I’d be happy to show you to the office. I’m sorry, Charlie, but would you be okay with heading on by yourself? I don’t want you to miss your breakfast.” Harlo says, giving me a worried look. I see under it very well though. Harlo wants to get to know Tuesday. The last time I went to the cafeteria by myself, I was immediately harassed by some very rude boys about my best friend. It had been a while though, ad Harlo had long since put them in their place, giving me the courage to try again. “Sure, I can handle that,” I reply, adjusting my bag on my shoulder, trying to seem cool. I don’t want the new kids thinking that I can’t manage by myself, like a child. “Great, we’ll just be ten minutes,” Harlo says as they walk away. “See you in a bit!” And then I’m alone.

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you're staying safe. School started this week so I might be a bit busy. Comment how you think the first chapter went!

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