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One Handsome Brick Wall

I trudged slowly across campus, no longer caring about getting the best pancakes. I didn’t want to be a child about it, yet I didn’t want to walk alone either. Students at this school weren’t particularly well known for their incredible friendship skills, and some of the girls could be downright ruthless. The boys were almost positively vulgar, except for the quiet brooding ones that make you want to shrivel up every time they pinned you down with their hard, resenting gazes.

As I walked, I decided to just listen to some music. At least if I have in my earphones, nobody will be able to bother me too much. Pulling my bag off my shoulder, I attempt to balance it in one hand while I unzip it to look for my earphones. Almost immediately, I spot the long black cord and pull. Unfortunately for me, the cord just happened to wrapped around a rather large sheaf of papers.




Frantically, I rushed about, chasing them all around, as the wind blew them here and there. Way to go, Charlie, I think sarcastically, just as I see what seems to be the last one, right in front of the student parking lot entrance. As I hed there to get it, the paper blows a little further, and I see it come in contact with the back of someone’s foot. A boy’s foot. The paper keeps blowing ahead of him, and all I do is stand there. He leans down and snatches it up, inspecting it. Then he turns, possibly looking for its owner, and sees me. And my breath catches in my throat.

The first thing that comes to my head is, that’s certainly no boy. Because he’s almost a freaking giant, tall and broad-chested with a very handsome face. No siree, that is a man and a hot, scary, big one at that. I realize that we are the only two people in the immediate area. The closest student is a nerdy-looking kid engrossed in a game system of some kind, shouting distance away. I pale a bit as he walks toward me, his hazel eye blank as he keeps them trained on my face. He stops just outside of what I consider my personal bubble. “Yours?” he asks, slightly holding up the paper to show me what it is. My math homework. Ugh. I nod, tilting my head up a little to see his face slightly better. Sharp jawline, full pink lips, and the most attractive hazel eyes. “Thank you for, um, catching my paper,” I say, interrupting my absolutely horrifying thoughts.

He nods silently, and I meet his eyes only to look away again. “Um, are you new here? I haven’t seen you around before. Not that I go around memorizing every guy’s face or anything. ” I say, smiling nervously. He nods again and quirks his lips up a little. Well, this is going swimmingly.

“Do you...need help getting somewhere? It’s no trouble if you do, I can help you! I’m only headed to the cafeteria, and my friend isn’t there yet so I can definitely take you where you need to go. I’m Charlie by the way.” I babble as he raises an eyebrow at me. “And that’s my cue to shut up.” I smile again, a tiny blush warming my cheeks.

Why am I so talkative around him? He’s a literal stranger. And I’m usually painfully shy. ”Cafeteria.” He says in his deep voice, musical as he continues to gaze in my very soul.

“Okay, I can take you, what’s your name?” I ask, remembering that I know absolutely nothing about this huge scary man and I’m practically chatting his ear off.

“Maddox.” He says.

Not one for saying more than one word. Like a scary hot brick wall. “Okay, well, the cafeteria is this way, Maddox.“. We spend the ten-minute walk in silence. With his longs legs, Maddox had no trouble keeping up, and we began to see more and more students along the way. They stared at us, at him, the girls in want and the boys in envy and caution. Finally, mercifully, we reached the food court’s main doors. The clear glass doors slide open and the few people inside are standing in lines, waiting at their respective restaurants.

I notice Maddox pull out his phone and tap a few words out, before putting it in his hoodie’s pocket. Noticing how lost in his thoughts he is, I take the time to sneak little peeks at him. His jawline has the smallest bit of scruff, and he has a slight mustache growing I guess it was a text to his friend because moments later, a tall guy with silver-tipped black hair came speeding out of nowhere and right in front of Maddox.

“Hi, bestie!” He squealed and I swear half the people in the immediate hearing range winced or covered their ears. Maddox just nodded, and said, “Crispyn.”

This is his friend? Mr. Brick Wall ’s best friend was literally the Welcome Wagon? Finally, Crispyn noticed me. ” Oh, hello! Did you bring him here? Thanks! I told the big idiot to follow the map I drew him but- ” Crispyn says, interrupted by Maddox. “Map was sh-, uh, crap” Maddox corrects himself. They start to head toward the table Crispyn was seated at, and I trail along awkwardly. So he says more than one word, cool. “This is Charlie. Charlie, this is an idiot.” Maddox says in his deep voice, and I giggle. ” Nice to meet you, An Idiot,” I say to Crispyn, barely holding the straight face I make. Crispyn also puts on a straight face and looks at Maddox. “Maddox, dear, you aren’t supposed to introduce yourself like that,” he says in a motherly voice, reaching a hand out to ruffle his hair, but Maddox is quick to slap it out of the air, his lips quirked up at the sides.

We reach the table and Crispyn is quick to leave us alone so that he can go get some food for himself. “Aren’t you hungry?” I ask Maddox after sitting in awkward silence for five minutes. As soon as Crispyn left the table, he had pulled out his phone and tapped away at a game. “I ate at home. What about you?” he asks not looking up, but my loud, growling stomach answers his question. I sincerely wish that I would burst into flames right now. He looks up and gives me a small half-grin, while I stand up. “I think I’ll go get something to eat too, I guess,” I say, and rush away from the table, my cheeks bright red.

I make it halfway to the Spacebucks booth when someone taps my shoulder and I turn to see Rodney Lane. The handsome player. Not as handsome as Maddox. Geez, I just met him, brain. Desperate much? And what’s with all the boys today? Did Harlo jinx me? “Um yes?” I say as he smiles at me. “My name’s Rodney. And I think you’re really beautiful.” He says, running his hand through his bright blond hair. Is he....hitting on me? " Thanks. Um, I have to go-” I say awkwardly, but he grabs my arm and says “Wait! Do you...want to have breakfast together? I know you don’t know me and all, but I was thinking we could get to know each other a little more.” Does he really think that I would want to sit with him after I hear all the things he does during class? I muster a barely apologetic look, and I say “I’m sorry, but I’m having breakfast with my friends today.”

He looks a bit annoyed a bit but quickly switches back to smiling. “It’s okay, I’m sure that they will let you eat with me after they see who I am,” he says, smirking a bit. “Um, I don’t think so,” I smile nervously, shifting from foot to foot. I wish Harlo was here. He frowns a bit more. “I’m trying to be patient here, can you just come with me?” What would Harlo do? Think, brain. I shake my head and blurt “Sorry, but I have a boyfriend.” Okay, he’ll back off now, right? He gives me a dubious look and releases my arm. Crossing his arms, he challenges me with n eyebrow raised..“Oh yeah, well where is he ?” Aw, darn. “Well, he’s erm,-” “Right here.” a deep voice says, right over my head, and a warm hand lands on my waist and pulls me back into a hard chest. Butterflies erupted in my tummy as soon as I felt the warmth of his arm and chest, striking me like lightning.

I see Rodney’s face turn pale. Rodney Lane, a 6′0" guy with a history of beating up guys three times as beefy as him, was frightened like a skinny little boy. “Oh, sorry, man. I didn’t know she was taken.” Rodney stammers, backing away with his hands raised in surrender. His hand still on my waist, Maddox turns me around to face him and I finally look at his face. He’s staring after Rodney, a sour look on his face, but when he looks down at me, his face softens considerably. “You ok?” he asks, and I nod silently, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry you had to step in, I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble,” I say, avoiding his eyes. “This doesn’t ever happen to me and I don’t even know why he came up to me. We hardly know each other. I mean, I only take one class with him, and I know that he’s a player just by hearing him flirting with the girls that sit around him. He’s absolutely disgusting, and I’m sure he has no type of conscience....” I trail off as I see his eyes dancing and a small smile on his lips. “You’re laughing at me, I must be talking too much”.

He shakes his head.

“No, I like hearing you talk. I didn’t mind helping you either,” he says softly, only for my ears.

I blush at that and step back, his hand falling away from my waist, making me a little sad. Whoa, girl, you just met him.“Um, maybe I should go get something to eat now. Can I get you anything? You know, to thank you.” I explain, pointing toward the Spacebucks booth, trying to distract my crazy mind. He opens his mouth, but I beat him to it. “I won’t take no for an answer,” I inform him, putting my hands on hips and giving him what I hope is a stern look. He shakes his head, then says “Lead the way, ma’am”. I brighten, then grab his hand without thinking, and pull him to the Spacebucks.


A/N: Did anybody order an extra-long chapter? No? Well, here you go anyway! I hope you guys are safe! I started school, so I might not update frequently. Let me know if you like this chapter! I love reading the comments.

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