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Chanel Lopez and known world wide. She is loved by all countries. She is the highest paid model and singer in history. And dubbed to be Most beautiful and kind person who has ever lived. Ayden Kingston is the Richest man in history he is the CEO of Kingston Enterprises. He is not one of those sluts the use women for there body but he has never been in a relationship since the accident. He is expected to marry a women in a year. Will they fall or will they become enemies.

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Chapter 1 - meetings and greatings

Chanel POV

I walk out of he Victoria Secret building and had to my park which is behind a swarm of paparazzi and reporters. I tried to move between them but gets stop by a women.

"I am here with the great Chanel Lopez. So Chanel do you think you will make it again this year?" The women asked. And I forced a smile and nodded.

"I'm hopeung that I will make it this year. Victoria Secret is one of my favorite fashion show to be in. So I'm praying I make it for the 7th year." I say with no hesitation. The women nodes and smiles.

"There you go. Said by Chanel in her own words. We are also wishing you make it to Victoria Secret. Thank you for your time." She said and I smile this time with no force. I walk a way and get into my jeep and drive to a little café.

When I enter all heads turn's to me. I ignore them and walk straight to the counter. A man with Brown took my order.

"May I please have Green juice and a granola bar?" He nodds.

"What flavor granola bar ma'am?'

" what kind are there?"

"Strawberry, chocolate, grape and raspberry."

"May I please have the strawberry flavored." He nodes and gets my drink and I head out. While driving I see a mob of girls. I try to see what the commotion is while trying to get in a accident. I see that they are following a man with blonde hair and hazel eyes. I ignore what happens back their and head to the mall which I meet some of my friends for shopping. I walk into the mall andfI see my friend Mallory sitting at a table about 20 fee away from me. I try to walk over but get stopped by a group of teens asking for a autograph. After signing I finally get to hang with Mallory.

"Hey mall!"

"Hey Chanel"

"Soooo... Mall where to first?"

"Let's go to Victoria Secret. I need me a new set." She said with a big smile.

"I will wait here I really font want to go there." I said.

"Okay ifyou say so. Give me about 20 minutes."

"Okay will do. I will be right here. Have fun!"

"I will bye." She exits the cafeteria.

I grab a book out of my bag 'My first fight'. About reading the book for 10 minutes I run out of my green juice I head to he smoothie place to get a new set of Green juice. While walking back while reading my book. I bump in someone's chest and spilled my juice all over me.

"Oh no I'm so sorry." I said to the man. Then I notice it was the same man that the group of girls were following.

"Why are you saying sorry. I'm not the one with green juice all over me." He looks me with a confused face.

Ayden POV

I look at the women she looks familiar. But I decided to worry about that later.

"I know but I should of watched where I was going than reading my book." She said with a sincere face.

Again she looks so familiar. Just don't remember where I saw her.

"Don't blame yourself." I say. She looks at me and smiles.

I meet hereyes which are green. She is beautiful we has tanned skin with long dark black hair and green feisty eye's. I smile back and start walking away. I look behind to see if she is watching but she isn't. Somehow I feel disappointed. I look at her as she reads her book 'My first fight' which is one of my favorite. E is also drinking her green juice.

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