Dangerous Loner

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The Sequel to Dangerous Love, Jade is worried about Sabastian it’s been 2 months with him in the hospital, Jackson and his pack is still on the run, and she still wants her answers to what is a Luna? What will happen if her best friend Violet falls in love with the wrong type guy that she doesn’t like? How is she going to take care of a whole pack of werewolves without Sabastian’s help? And what will happen when she has put everyone she loves in danger? Jade will need to be all sorts of ready, and she will really need to dig deep inside and find the badass bitch inside. Join Jade on her new adventure in Dangerous Loner.

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Chapter 1- WORRIED

2 months later…

Oh my gawd, will you just wake up Sabastian I miss you sooooo much. “I’m sorry Sabastian, I really regret everything I did and said, I miss you, will you wake up your pack misses you as well” I kept my voice a low whisper so to not get the nurse pissed at me again. Ever since Jackson did something to Sabastian leading to my boyfriend in the hospital, the pack has been wrestles knowing that Jackson and his pack of hybrids could come back any day while their Alpha is still in the hospital (aka Sabastian Cunning.) I also was starting to get really worried for Sabastian I mean whenever I was in his room he showed signs of him ACTUALLY getting better but other than that nothing. The pack said because I was his girlfriend and mate if he didn’t make it I had to take control over the pack, and for practice tonight I was going to have my first training session with Tylor and Elizabeth my security.

To say I was worried that I would let down the pack was the understatement of the year! But I was really worried something stupid would happen and people would die and I would be the cause of that, and… “Don’t ever think like that Jade you will do fine, you will be fine I will be there for you in spirit” when I turn my head towards the door I expect Tylor or Elizabeth to be there with sad smiles on their faces but. No one. “Hey I’m down here” when I look to where Sabastian is laying on the bed there wasn’t a lifeless, cold body there, there was the old Sabastian the one that brought a smile to my face whenever he was around me.

“Sabastian!” I’m that excited to see him awake and alive that I jump on top of him and his beautifully shaped body, when I hear shaky laughs coming from his chest, it makes me giggle. “Can I please have my body back?” “Of course young sir” I do my best princess voice, and in return I get a huge teeth showing smile from Sabastian.

“Er erm” when we both turn our heads towards the door, standing there in all of her glory is the easily pissed off nurse. Seriously when me and Sabastian are having our own moment? Now I’m the one pissed, wait is that laughing coming from Sabastian? When I look towards him I see a knowing smirk on his face, oh shit I forgot that he could read my thoughts and feelings. “Miss Steele can you please leave Mr Cunning and I to ourselves for a moment?” I hear low growling coming from deep within Sabastian’s chest and I can’t help but giggle a tiny bit. “Goodbye Sabby” “Sabby?” he looks at me with a puzzled yet amused look on his face. Yeah I’m that in love with you that I made up a nickname for you, we can make up nicknames for each other right? After I pull off of Sabastian I kiss his forehead lightly and walk out of the room with a scowling nurse next to my boyfriend.

“Hi Tylor, Elizabeth.” I say while sitting down on a couch next to them in the waiting room. “Is the Alpha all right Luna?” “He’s good, how bout you guys?” “I’m good Luna” they say in unison I laugh at their familiorality, “So, when are we going to do the training?” “Tonight Luna, at the pack grounds” I wonder how I will be tonight? “You’ll probs be shit!” oh no not my snarky subconsciousness, I slap her down, because I don’t need her comments right now.

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