Sarah Wilson

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Kevin Howard

In no time Sarah find herself in front of the Morris Company. She took a deep breath and she got out from the taxi. She was in time, she was not in hurry. She saw a Starbucks coffee shop wright in front of her so she decided to get a coffee, she loved to drink in the morning a mochaccino and the Starbucks made it exactly how she like it. The coffee shop was full with people, it was in the morning so lots of people got there breakfast there. She had to stand in line but it worth it, finally she got her mochaccino. As she was about to step out from the coffee shop she stumbled into the threshold and she poured her coffee on someone. She looked up and she saw the most handsome man she ever seen. She was in daze.

“What the hell?” the handsome man was furious but in the same time he was enchant with the beauty of this women.

“Oh I’m sorry, I really sorry!” she said looking at him, and trying to wipe the coffee with a paper handkerchief.

“It is useless, I have to change. Please excuse me!” and he turned around and he left.

Sarah Wilson was standing there and she was so embarrassed. She try to put herself together and go on with her goal. She threw out the coffee and get in the Morris company to find her cousin. It was a big hall with a big reception desk.

“Good Morning, I would like to speak with Hank Morris, were is his office?” she asked firmly.

The receptionist was in disbelief “Good Morning, do you have an appointment?” she asked, looking at Sarah. The Receptionist was very well dressed in a black suit, her black hair was in bun and she wore a natural makeup with a light coral lipstick.

“No I don’t, and I don’t need, please make a phone call to Hank Morris and tell him that Sarah Wilson is here!” Sarah said with a determined voice, and she was looking to the receptionist with no fear.

“Ok, I will ask, please sit down” the receptionist just wanted to get rid of Sarah so she thought if she sees that she makes the phone call, then she will leave, she never thought that the answer will be yes and she can go up.

“Ms. Sarah Wilson, you can go up, Mr. Hank Morris office is on 10 flor on the right the second door.” She looked at her envious eyes.

“Thank You!” Sarah didn’t bother with the receptionist attitude she just got in the elevator and got up to the 10 flor. When she arrived the secretary was already waiting for her.

“Good morning, Ms. Wilson please come with me!” Sarah followed her.

“Mr. Morris, Ms. Wilson is here!” The secretary sad with a smile.

“Please let her in”

“Sarah, You are finally hear! How are You?” Hank Morris sad with a happy smile.

“Hi Hank, I thought your receptionist never let me in” She said with a sad face.

“She is good at her job, don’t ever mind it. So did you think about my proposal?” He was very curios because he would be very glad if she would work for him. They were like brother and sister and they get really along, and he need someone who can rely on and is trustful.

“Yes, Hank I did and I don’t have time to search for another job so I take you offer!”

“That is fantastic. You can start right now if you want, your office will be next to mine!”

That is fine ok! Sad Sarah with a big smile, she was happy that she will be with Hank, it was like her brother so she was definitely happy to be on his side all the time.

In the next moment the phone ring from the secretary, Hank picked up.

“Yes is here, ok send him in thanks”

“Hello Kevin please come in, You came in right time, I have someone to introduce you, This is my cousin Sarah Willson she will be my financial adviser from today!

When Sarah Willson saw Kevin Howard she could not move, could not breath he was the man in who stumbled at the coffee shop. But know he was already change in a suit and he look gorgeous, he was so handsome that she was totally lost in a daze.

Kevin also was totally out of words, he saw again the women from the coffee shop who was an annoying persona there and he did not take a good look at then, but know he thought he never seen such a beauty in his life he was mesmerized.

Kevin try to put himself together and sad: “Hello, Ms. Wilson my name is Kevin Howard and I am the CEO of the Howard Corporation!”

Sarah also tried to say something: “Hello, Mr. Howard”

“ Now that you are the financial adviser of this company I think we will work a lot together!”

Kevin Howard was a billionaire bachelor, who was living for his company only. He was so rich that no one could not even estimate how much money he had. He also invested in the Morris Company he was a very good friend of Hank they went to the same collage so their friendship started long ago. His company was interested in publicly traded real estate development that owns, manages and develops commercial, residential and mixed-use property.

Sarah sighted “Yes, that is fine I started to work from today so if you need help, just tell me, I will go back to my office!” Than she turned around and left.

“Hank, you did not tell me you have such a beautiful cousin”- Kevin sad with some enthusiasm.

“Well, well I see you like Sarah, if you hurt her you have to deal with me, I am like her brother so watch out, Ha-ha-ha! And he lough it.

They took out both a cigarette and the ordered to the secretary a coffee. They chat for a vile than Kevin got up to leave.

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