Sarah Wilson

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Asking for a date

Kevin was very anxious to see again this beautiful woman named Sarah. So he think that he will invite her for lunch, but unfortunately she was already gone she was not in her office. Sarah already got out for lunch. So Kevin just got back to his company to finish some work.

In the meantime Sarah get back from her lunch and she asked Hank what she should do.

“Hi, I just got back from lunch what can I do?”

“Here, take this two project they are really big and is a cooperation between the Morris and Howard company. You should take a look about the finance if everything is ok and we don’t miss anything” – said Hank.

“Ok, I will take a look and report if I found anything!” than she got back to her office.

In the meantime Kevin was back in his office. He was daydreaming. He just could not think about anything else, he was overheled by the beauty of Sarah Wilson. He could not even work.

There was a knock on the door.

“Kevin, here are some documents sent by the Morris company, the financial adviser of the Morris company is waiting for your response.”

Kevin Howard was silent. Adam was his personal assistant, who was not just assistant he was his bodyguard, matter affect the best, he was member of the UKSF special forces. And know he was working for Kevin Howard. He was his best friend also. They get along very well.

“Kevin? Are you daydreaming wats the matter?” Adam was asking, and he was looking at Kevin with sharp eyes.

“Well, I will tell you later. Give me the document and prepare the car. We are going back to the Morris company.”

“Ok, I will be right back for you.”

Adam in one minute got back. “The car is ready.”

“Ok let’s go.” Kevin was anxious he wanted to see as soon as possible this gorgeous woman again.

At the Morris Company Sarah was making a coffee in the kitchen. This company had a little kitchen for the employers on every floor. And it was very well equipped. She got back at her desk with her coffee and started to work again.

In the meantime Kevin and Adam arrived to the front of the Morris Company. And they go up to the Financial adviser office they didn’t even talk to the secretary. Kevin nock twice at the door.

“Come in!”

“Good day Ms. Sarah Wilson!“ Said Kevin, Sarah was more beautiful then first he see.

“Hmm, Good day to you to! Sorry but may I ask why are you here?” Sarah was astonish, Why is he here, didn’t have work to do. She sight, she was thinking he is very handsome. And was very hard for her to speak in his presents. She started to get some butterflies in her stomach. OMG this can’t be happening to me. I don’t want to be in love.

“Well I thought I will bring you the sing papers myself. Buy the way are you free tonight.” He was hoping that he could get her to dinner.

“No I have some things to do.” She didn’t want to go with him she was to nervous in his presents.

“Then maybe tomorrow?” He try again.

“Tomorrow also busy, look I don’t have time for this, so if you please excuse me I have work to do.” She hoped she could get rid of him.

“Ok then maybe next time“ but he didn’t think og giving up. He will wait for her until she finish work.

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