The Mafia and his lost queen

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Sophia is a troubled girl fighting her demons and trying to run away from her past life as much as she can but she cant just run away. Its too difficult. She desperately wants someone to help her out until the mafia boss takes a glance at her. His life is fucked up, messed up but he is the king. He knows when to shut down his emotions, when to snap ,when to hold things under control. He doesn't believe in love or happiness and vows to die alone. But will he be able to complete his vow when he sees a set of pure green eyes which make him completely stop on his way. What will be the fate of Ashton Romanno?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1


It was annoying.

I swear.

The morning alarm with my mothers screams for me to get up were seriously annoying the hell out of me. Who does that? Who starts screaming at a person right when they just wake up ? Especially from a great nap i must add.

Last night was exhausting. I had to give three shifts just to earn extra money to make sure that no one starves during dinner. Mum was already getting dressed to leave for her date . Munchkin was already dressed to go to school. My little sister is the only one i find beautiful and lovely due to which i started calling her munchkin. She is adorable. So cutting it short I had to do three shifts and i was so tired last night that i just passed out .Today was another hectic day and i just had to get on with it.

Saying goodbye to mother and picking munchkin up to drop her to school we started walking. It was so freaking hot. The scorching blazing heat was burning up my skin . I looked down to see munchkin already sweating profusely but we couldn’t help it. We had no car no bicycle. Not any form of transportation . Jogging for about 15 minutes we finally reached school. I dropped munchkin off ,waved her a goodbye and went to the cafe to start my daily morning routine and to finish off my first shift.


“WHAT THE FUCK” . I slammed my fists hard on the desk not believing anything i was hearing. How can it be possible? I had placed all my trust in him making him the most trusted man i had but i never knew he would betray me.

“Throw him in the dungeons. I’ll personally attend to that fucker”.

“But boss--” I threw Massimo ,my second in command a questioning glare and it was just enough to shut him up and he quickly backed out to carry out my orders.

3000 dollars worth of drugs . 3000. And he gave it to the Russians, our biggest enemy. The fucker thought i wouldn’t notice but he forgot who was the mafia boss. I was known for being the most cold hearted person alive on this damn earth and i guess it was time to give him another reminding. Putting on my black button down shirt to camouflage the blood stains, sleek black coat I turned around to grab the gloves ill use to torture him before turning around to go meet him but not before grabbing a bottle of alcohol which I’ll pour on his wounds to remind him of his loyalty, to remind him who he betrayed and to remind him who was the boss.

At last, my name was Ashton Romanno.



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