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This story is being published and only six chapters are available. He is acting like he loves me but is keeping secrets from me, but who can I trust about my life after the accident that took my memory away? Is he really just my roommate?

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CH.1 ♤ Mason

This story is no longer available here and it’s now published and available as eBook through Amazon or my website, or as paperback through Amazon.

Only six chapters are available here as a preview.

I’m getting dressed to go out with my boyfriend. SJ has been planning a surprise for the past few weeks and has been refusing to tell me what it is about. I am fairly sure my co-workers are in on it too since they are so subtle and all. The idiots keep giggling like toddlers whenever they see me near.

“Hurry up! How long can a guy take getting dressed? It’s a surprise, Mase, not the Oscars.” I laugh at him for being so desperate, as I see him pacing the floor behind me while I stare at my reflection to make sure I look right for wherever it is that he’s taking me.

I’m finally satisfied with the way I look and grab my keys and cellphone, so we can finally leave the house. SJ speeds out of our driveway so fast I barely get to see anything.

“I hate it when there are so many people at the park, this late at night,” I tell SJ as he drives in silence. “They always leave so much trash behind. Then our morning run turns into a damn obstacle course run.”

He doesn’t acknowledge my complaint and instead instructs me to search in the glove compartment for a gift box. I do so and see the white rectangular box with silver trim. I open the box and find an eye mask in it.

“Are we going to a BDSM club?” I ask while I try hard to hold my laughter, knowing that is the last place SJ would ever take me to.

“Har, har… Just put it on, wiseass.”

I smile, blow him a kiss, and follow his instructions. I put on the mask, and he keeps driving.

Wherever he is taking me isn’t far since he didn’t take the highway. Unless there is an accident ahead or something. Otherwise, there is no reason for him to take so many turns and to be driving like a grandma.

“Where are you taking me, Scotland?”

“Stop being so difficult, Mr. Valencia. You’ll see when we get there.”

Oh, SJ! My boyfriend. My grumpy, dreamy, bossy, demanding, handsome, hunky boyfriend. Scotland Hall and I met three years ago, and I’m not embarrassed to say that I chased him without shame until I got him to go on a date with me.

I saw him running one day at a park across the street from my house. I saw him the next day, then the day after that. Guess who bought some new sneakers and oh-so-casually ran into him on the fourth day? The rest is history.

“Ok, we’re here.”

I hear him and begin to take my blindfold off.

“No, uh-uh! We aren’t done. I’ll come around to get you.”

I stick my tongue out at him but do as he says. He leaves the car, and then I hear my door opening and a hand gently gripping my bicep and pulling me out of the car to guide me through where we’re walking.

“There are six steps in front of you, baby,” he says.

“Up or down?” I ask.


I climb the steps and keep walking. Wherever it is he is taking me, is breezy as hell.

“Ok, we are here.”

I feel his hands untying my blindfold, so I open my eyes slowly and when I focus, I see it. There are thousands of tiny little lights hanging from the trees and a giant sign hanging from two branches.

"Will you marry me?”

“Baby, I… Oh, my God! What? Did you just drive around for fifteen minutes for this?”

Yes, he brought me to the park across the street, the one where we met. He made me dress up and drove for fifteen minutes with me blindfolded, to end up here.

I turn around to give my response and see more lights hanging from the trees, my man down on one knee, with all of our friends and his family behind him.

“Oh, my God, SJ! Of course, I’ll marry you!”

“I haven’t asked,” he smirks, and I nod. “Mason Valencia, will you make my life complete and do me the honor of marrying me?”

“Of course, baby, yes!” I shout. And in that park, across from our house, the place we call home, I accept his proposal. I agree to marry my guy.

My coworkers are here along with his family. They were all already here when we left the house. They were just waiting for us to leave so they could turn the lights on… and it’s perfect. What they did is so perfect. I would have said yes to SJ even if he asked me while mowing the lawn, but he sure found a way to make it special.

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