Be Gentle Major General

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Andrea Cho is the only daughter of General Cho who was close to the Commander, but Commander did not show any mutual feelings to Andrea, and even told her to get lost. Months later, he found out that Andrea is leaving for her dreams.

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Chapter 1

Morning sunshine is no fun at all, at least not for everyone, being able to see the sunshine is already a blessing, but to those who lose their lives, it doesn't count, ending wars is their blessing, then they return to being the human who count mornings as a blessing.

"My name is Andrea Cho, I'm 17 years old and I'm in my senior years of my high school. I'm the daughter of General Cho and Doctor Cho. Usually, I'm alone at my place because of my parent's job, and I'm often left alone with my maids. But, I don't want to make my life boring, so whenever I get the chance, I visit dad at his camp and sometimes have fun with the training soldiers, then one day he came. My very first love, his name is Lester Gu, he's Commander Gu."

Andrea is drinking tea with his father and Commander Gu came in. Andrea was struck with his voice and face. She was just Looking at his face the whole time, as her dad was introducing Commander Gu to Andrea, Commander Gu smiled with warmth, took Andrea's hand and kissed it. Andrea was surprised so she pulled her hand, hid behind her dad and blushed. Commander Gu did not know what to do nor what to say. He just tucked his hands in his pockets and smiled.

Minutes later, the General was called out and so the General called Commander Gu to take care of Andrea. As soon as she heard this, she blushed immediately.

"Umm, Miss Cho, follow me," Commander Gu instructed her,

"You don't have to address me that way Commander, you can call me Andrea, or Rea for short," Andrea said, the Commander smiled and replied,

"Then call me Lester in return Rea," Andrea blushed and turned away. They were standing there for 5 Minutes and Andrea felt awkward the whole time. And finally, a car arrived to pick them up, Lester opened the door for Andrea, as soon as they were able to sit down, Lester asked Andrea where she wanted to go,

"I'm hungry, just bring me home," Andrea smiled awkwardly and Lester ordered the driver to go to a restaurant, Andrea was against it and so she asked Lester,

"Why the restaurant, I said just bring me home,"

"It should be more proper if I bring you home with a full stomach," Lester replied, Andrea was happy to hear what he said and so she just sat down and looked out in the window.

Minutes passed by, Andrea's tummy is growling out of hunger and finally, they arrived at the Ming restaurant. Andrea was happy to enter the restaurant. She took a seat while Lester was just standing up and watching her pick, Andrea was wondering why, but she invited him to take a sit,

"Why don't you eat with me?"

Lester smiled and gladly sat down, and picked his preferred food. They were able to pick out some food and then they started to eat. Andrea and Lester was just silently eating, until Andrea spoke,

"So, how old are you?"

Lester put down his fork down and smirked, "Oh my, Andrea is curious,"

Andrea blushed and answered,

"I-Is it wrong to wonder? I was curious about your age because maybe you're not near my age and yet I am not paying respect to you,"

Lester smiled for a bit and returned the question to Andrea,

"So, how old are you anyways?"

"I'm.... 17 years old," Andrea answered shyly,

Lester was surprised, he did not expect that the lady he's sitting next to is 17 years old. She looks like a grown woman. AT that moment, he's not in his senses and when he came back to his senses, Andrea asked again,

"So, how old are you Lester?"

"I'm 27," Andrea was surprised and spoke,

"I-I-I'm sorry uncle!"

Lester laughed and spoke,"You don't have to call me that way, 'Lester' is fine,"

Andrea decided to just shut up and eat, and as for Lester, he was wondering why Andrea is so silent,

"Why are you suddenly silent?"

"I guess I was just shocked to know your age, I wasn't expecting that," Andrea replied with an awkward smile,

"You don't have to feel uncomfortable with me," Lester replied and Andrea was happy about that and they continued talking until they finished eating. They entered the car and rode away. It took a half our for her to reach home and fell asleep until they were able to reach her home. Andrea was deep in her sleep and so Lester picked her up and carried her to her room, placed her into her bed nicely and covered her with her sheets. Before leaving, Lester looked around for a bit and found out that Andrea is into needlework, music and arts, and so he finally decided to leave.

He returned to the camp and reported to the General. He then started to return to his work but then he started to think of Andrea, he blushed for a bit when he remember her face and her voice, and the moment she asked for his age, he sighed and tried to forget them.

On the other side, Andrea just woke up and asked her maids who brought her back, the maids answered and said it was a soldier, Andrea quickly realized that it was Lester and felt embarrassed. She went to her room and tried to forget it all by reading. But unfortunately, she picked out a romance book and so she remembered Lester again and decided not to read. She looked at her sketch book and looked for a dress to make from her own designs. She then picked one design and chose to make it look cyan, so she looked around for a cyan cloth to start with but then when she looked inside and everywhere, she's out of cyan cloth, she decided to go out and look for the perfect cyan cloth, and when she's about to open the door, her dad, the General with Commander is about to come in, Andrea was frozen to see them, and Lester was just looking at her,

"Oh Andrea, where are you headed to?"

"Oh... I was about to go to buy a cloth, I didn't know that I was out of cyan cloth so I'm going to buy them," Athena replied

"I can accompany you," Lester insisted, Andrea was a bit disappointed because she wanted to go and forget about Lester and now there he is, standing in front of her, and even insisted on accompanying her, ironic,

"Oh, I'm sure I can take care of myself," Athena replied,

"Oh Athena, who would carry those heavy bags and things you'd buy?" General Cho asked, and Andrea was silent, Lester held her hand and said,

"Let's go, I'll help you out,"

Andrea was not able to resist because of her weak physique and Lester is so strong, they reached the car and Lester opened the door for her, she's told to sit inside and so she did. And Lester sat down and drove away.

"So... where is this store?" Lester asked,

"Oh just next that restaurant we ate from," Andrea answered,

Lester went to the same place. The path reminded Andrea of their conversation, and it bothered her so bad. Lester noticed Andrea bothered and asked her,

"Are you okay?"

"Yup, I'm fine," Andrea replied,

"We're here," Lester said,

Andrea was about to open the door but Lester hurriedly opened the door for her. Andrea felt a bit awkward about it but she just went along,

"Thanks Lester," Andrea thanked Lester and went to the store to look for the finest cyan color cloth.

Minutes passed by and so she was able to find the finest cloth. They bought the things she needed and headed home.

Inside Andrea's thoughts was,

"Ugh, this is so awkward. What will happen next?"

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