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Forever In Love

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What happens when Bela and mahir marries eachother for there family reputation? Can they love after marriage or will they just be like friends? As they always say love is of hurdles..the same happens with behir too.. So Peep into the story to know how they fall in love and check out the twist and turns that behir come across in there life!!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

It was evening where a boy is sitting in a taxi.

Boy - please go fast, I'm getting late

Driver - ok sir

The boy soon reaches the airport and with a hurry gets into the flight, and takes a sigh of relief as he reached on time. This is none other than our dashing mahir sehgal.

He searches for his seat and he sees that the seat beside him is already been taken by a girl. He couldn't see her face as it's covered by her hair. She slowly moves her head and mahir sees her and is dumbstruck by her beauty. He comes to his sense and sits beside that girl.

Mahir - hi

Girl - hello (she smiled at him)

Mahir - mahir sehgal (by offering his hand to her)

Girl - Bela Sharma

Mahir - nice name

Bela - Thank you

They don't talk much there entire journey and after some time when mahir was reading a magazine he feels a little heavy on his shoulder. He turns to see Bela sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. He smiles seeing at her innocent face. Bela cuddles more by holding his hand and sleeps.

After and hour Bela wakes up and sees herself lieing on mahir's shoulder, she immediately gets up and looks at him nervously.

Bela - vo..I'm sorry I don't know how I slept..

Mahir - calm down Bela, don't worry that's completely fine. It isn't a mistake so just chill

Bela smiles and soon the flight lands and both of them leaves from the airport to there respective homes.

In Sharma's house as soon as Bela comes Anurag comes and hugs her tightly.

Anurag - my daughter came! Rohini serve dinner for Bela. She is already tired

Rohini - so again started your father and daughter drama?

Anurag and Bela giggle while Suddenly someone comes and hugs Bela tightly.

Bela - vish !

Vish - I missed you Di, there was no one to make me study these two days u know na I have my final exams this month.

Bela - now coz I'm back you will have to study day and night

Vish and Bela smiles and all have there dinner.

On the other side in Sehgal's house mahir also arrives and UV comes to him.

UV - bhai I prepared you favourite paratha get ready fast and come

Mahir - did you prepare?

UV - haa Bhai

Mahir - then I guess I will have to sleep starving

UV - bhai !!

Mahir chuckles and goes to his room. He gets ready and comes down.

Sumi - how are you mahir

Mahir - I'm fine maa

Andy - mahir how did your journey go on ?

Mahir thinks about Bela when andy asked about his journey. He thinks of how cute she was looking when she slept on his shoulder and when she was apologising for that. A smile crept on his without his knowledge.

UV - I think Bhai is thinking about some girl, he is smiling to himself

Mahir comes in his sense when UV spoke.

Mahir - no nothing, journey was good dad....(after a pause) UV I don't want to say this but I'm saying paratha is really good I loved it

UV - I know Bhai that you will love it, after all who made Yuvraj sehgal

Everyone laughs listening this.

Mahir goes to his room and lies on bed while UV Knocks the door.

Mahir - from when did you start knocking the door before entering

UV - arre bhai!! Fine leave all those, tell me

Mahir - tell what

UV - did you meet any girl ?

Mahir - UV !

UV - what UV I'm asking seriously Bhai

Mahir - haa I saw but not like what you think, we are not even friends

UV - Bhai first you will be strangers then friends and then lovers and after that wife and husband

Mahir - don't you think you are thinking too much

UV - no

Mahir - fine you go and sleep I'm very sleepy now

UV - ok Bhai good night

Mahir - good night

On the other side Bela sits on her bed using her phone while Vish comes to her.

Vish - Bela we have to go out tomorrow

Bela - for what

Vish - I need to do shopping and you know na I can't select myself so you are also coming with me

Bela - haa ok now sleep good night

Vish - good night Di

Vish leaves and Bela also sleeps.

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