A Vixen’s Predilection

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I look left and right and start walking towards my apartment. I don't understand the sudden anger. Did I do something wrong? As I continue walking I hear steady step behind me. I turn around and Luther is quickly catching up to me a stoic expression on his face. I turn around to leave and he quickly wraps and strong hand around my forearm.

"Wait." He mutters. I turn towards him gripping my phone tightly in my hand. He releases my arm and stands straighter coughing awkwardly.

"Are you married?" He asks suddenly. A laugh bubbles from my chest from relief. I stare at him slightly annoyed yet perplexed.

"No, I don't really think that's any of your business anyway." I say sharply slightly angered.Anger lights up his own face once again.

" I'm your employer I can't ask anything I want and wouldn't your husband like to know you are sluting around with other men." He growls. My face flushes and fear sparks in my gut.

"I'm not married the person named hubby on my phone *which is none of your concern* is a close Friend of mine. Now if you will excuse me ." I say turning around and walking off. I feel the burn of his gaze on my back as I turn the corner entering my block of apartments.

I reach my apartment as fast as possible slipping my keys into the lock and entering.


I grip the letter in my hand that holds the contract I had signed years ago. The pink paper lighting up my face. Years run down my face as I pull out the severance pay.

I had received the letter this morning after a week of hard labor. I hadn't seen Luther since the night I ran and I haven't slept since. I can't help but lay back on the floor and just letting the tears roll down my face with the paper clutched tightly in my hand.

The reason behind this the paper is the fact that the club is shutting down. The place I had spent years in and the place I called home was shutting down. The stack of bills on my counter remind just how screwed I really am. I was counting on this week to pay my rent and the severance pay isn't even enough for food. I try breathing deeply but it feels like I can't as I grip my chest tightly.

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