A Vixen’s Predilection

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Chapter 1

My legs wrap tightly around the pole as I swing around avoiding the hungry eyes of the club men. I try not to give anyone a show as the tiny fabric tied around my breast slips. I flash a blinding smile and slide down the pole walking my way towards the front of the stage. A Middle Aged man who looks to be balding stares up at me and I hide the cringe with yet another smile. I lean down with my legs spread across the stage and whisper in his ear.

"I'll be seeing you again Papi." With the disgusting grin that lights his face I feel him reach up and shove dollars into my thong. I lean away winking and avoid an ass grab. The hungry eyes that dance across my figure don't seem to bother me the way they used to. I walk back across the stage wiggling my ass a bit and make it swiftly behind the curtain. I ignore the snotty glares from my coworkers and walk as quickly as I can in the clear death traps strapped to my feet. I yank on a robe and look into the vanity mirror at my sweaty complexion.

I sigh after correcting my makeup and stare at my reflection. I still have a while before my shift ends and exhaustion plagues my mind.

"Abigail!" I hear Mercedes say across the dressing room. "Or should I say Vixen." She says wiggling her eyes brows. I laugh and watch as she struts forward with her clear Carmel skin illuminated by the lights. She plops down in the chair directly beside me and leans back blowing her dark curly hair out of her eyes.

"What do you say about ditching this place after our shift and heading to that new club down the street." She mumbles. I look back at the mirror and stare into my blue eyes. At this exact moment I feel nothing like myself. My auburn hair is wrapped in an intricate braid and my body is covered in clothes even the dirtiest of men would shy away from.

"I don't see why not." I say looking at Mercedes. Her brown eyes twinkle with excitement. Although I'm more then exhausted the brightness that lights her face makes my own face explode in a smile.

An hour later I'm being dragged out of our club and into another. I yank down the dress I slipped on and walk straight towards the bar Mercedes hot on my heels.

We both sit in the tall black chairs and sip on our drinks. We may spend our evenings in a strip club but it still has a similar effect when we enter another. Mercedes is the first to escape into the depths of hot body adorning the club.

I watch her disappear into the sweaty bodies and I turn around back to the bartender. He looks up at me and snaps a smile. I sigh and lay my head on my hand. He's attractive in a cute kind of sense. His blonde hair is pushed to the side in a wave and he looks to be my age at least. He looks at me with green eyes and hands me another drink. I wink and grab it throwing it back. I bite my lip in a teasing manner and hop off of the bar stool. He leans over the bar and whispers quietly.

"If you are interested my shift ends at 2. Meet me outside." I smile brightly and smirk.

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't." I turn around swiftly and walk towards the dance floor glancing through the bodies for Mercedes. I groan in annoyance as I try my best to look over the tall shoulders of everyone around me. I poop down in a stool and stare absent minded it at the lighted floor. Suddenly, goosebumps run along my arms and I'm sucked from reality when my eyes lock with forest green ones.

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