A Vixen’s Predilection

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Air rushes past my cheek with a crack of the belt. Tears blur my vision as I stare at the tattered floor. The man I despise stands a few feet away his black belt wrapped tightly around his hands.

"You need to learn your place in this house little slut." Caden mutters throwing his belt to the side and grabbing my face. He yanks me brutally up and slams me against the wall. I whimper in pain as the bruise at the back of my head has yet to heal. He crushes my windpipe with his hand and turn around looking at the men standing a few feet away.

"Not only did I come home to a sink full of dishes but you decided to flirt with my boy Daniel over here" he growls leaning into my face and roughly biting my ear. The sting and wetness tells me he pulls blood.

"Please." I whimper again looking at him. He shakes his head the Daniel points to me with a dirty finger.

"Why don't you demonstrate what she is begging for." He says with a smirk and hungry eyes. I remember the way he grabbed me in the kitchen earlier in the night and cupped my womanhood. When it happened Caden walked it and had slapped me so hard I flew to the floor saying I was a useless whore. His eyes spark at the words Daniel speak and a dark smirk lights his face.

"You're right Daniel why don't you and Toby help me show her just what a whore is used for." With that I'm thrown into a bed and my clothes are ripped from my body.

Flashback ends~

I blink away memories and grumble turning away from the dark shadow hidden high up on the VIP floor. I walk back toward the bar asking for another line of shots. I shoot the stinging liquid down my throat and go down the line hoping to block half of the memories that cloud my thoughts. My head pounds and I can feel the liquor blurring my senses. The thought of going back into the crowd to look for Mercedes again sickens me. I groan and lean against the bar rejecting touchy men.

I can't help but to glance up at the loft that hangs above the dance floor. I look for those forest green eyes that captivated me but am met with disappointment. I snap my eyes back to the dance for to see Mercedes shoving her tongue down a mans throat. I turn away and head for the exit shooting her a text.

Abigail ~ Hey, I have a pretty bad headache so I'm going to head home. I'll sit in my car for a bit so text back ASAP if you want me to bring you home.

I send the text and sigh walking across the street and slipping into my Kia. I sit there pressing my head to my steering wheel and rubbing my temples hoping to end the pounding. My phone digs and I look at it hoping it was Mercedes so I can go to bed.

Hubby<3~ Girly don't worry about me I'm getting my ASS SOME DICK.

I laugh clutching my head regretting it instantly. I throw my phone into my passenger seat and back out of the parking spot. As I pass the club and large body stands besides the door staring daggers into my tinted window. I shiver as once again my eyes look with green. I can see his large form a bit better and I drag my eyes away from his as I speed past the club. I turn on the heat trying to drag the good bumps from my skin.

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