A Vixen’s Predilection

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You are a dirty good for nothing slut just like your mother Caden spits in my face as my mother hair is clutches tightly in his hand. Her body sways as he drags her along the floor. Powder covers the bottom of her nose and I understand her limp state. Daniel sits on the stained couch with a credit card lining powder up for his next high. I watch in horror as Caden shoves my mother down the porch steps.

"Now that she's gone how about I enjoy my little soon to be step daughter." He says slamming the door shut and rushing towards me. I yell out and try to run and I'm grabbed and yanked back.

Flashback ends~

I'm scared awake by my reoccurring nightmare and look at the clock to see it 12 pm. I still have hours until the club opens so I roll out of bed and creep into the kitchen. The apartment I rented isnt the best in the city of Boston but it's the best I could do living off stripper pay. I look around the kitchen and grab a coffee cup from the drying rack filling it with a steaming cup of energy.

As I go to sit at the breakfast bar I hear the familiar ring of my phone. I rush into my room careful not to spill the coffee in my hand. I pick up the call and sip.

My head feel like it's going to fucking explode.Abigail, I'm never drinking again.

I laugh at Mercedes declaration and turn towards my bathroom to start a shower.

'How was the boy toy last night?'

She snorts at my question.

He lasted about as long as my goldfish lived.

I stare in the mirror and laugh loudly. I turn the nozzle on the shower and wait for the steam to fill the room.

' alright Mercedes I need to shower I'll see you at work.'

She sighs and agrees hanging up. After a steaming shower i lay out a maroon lingerie set and a slim black dress that has cutouts running up the sides and back. Instead of changing immediately I wrap my hair and body in a towel and sit on the bed lazily scrolling throw Instagram. Im 23 and while all of my friend are graduating college and having children I'm sitting in debt up to my head from my mother.

In a perfect world I would miss her. In a perfect world I wouldn't resent the hands that once held me; but this isn't a perfect world. I click off my phone and drop my towel. I slip into the lingerie and grab a robe. I decide I'll just put the dress on later as I sit on my couch and turn on the tv.

I used to have dreams of college but those dreams changed pretty quickly. My mother and I used to live in a large house that was gifted down from her parents but when she met Caden and married him everything changed.

Before I know it I'm pulling up to the club and parking at the back. I grab my duffel bag from the back seat and wave to the security guard standing behind the front desk. When I'm at the back of the club I begin my makeup process as the house mom enters. I turn around in my chair as she calls a meeting. All the girl currently on shift whisper to each other with large smiles on their faces. I look around in confusion and to my relief Mercedes enters running towards me. She sits crouches down next to me and drags me towards her.

"Mercedes!" I yell out as Im pulled to the floor. She pulls me closer and begins talking in my ear.

"Boss man is here." I look at her in confusion and she rolls her eyes.

"Look Ik you are new and all but there is no way you haven't heard of the boss man." She whispers. I shake my head, curious.

"Ok listen...."

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