A Vixen’s Predilection

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"From what I know."she mutters sparing a glance at the club mother. "He's ruthless, apparently he runs some big gang that's all wrapped up and entangled in the police I don't know much but no one has really seen him. He owns this club and a few others like the one we went to last night. Also some big oil rig company." I nod and look away from her wondering silently if that's the man I saw last night.

" I think I've seen him." I whisper. Mercedes eyes widen.

"You're fucking kidding. Explain right now I swear." She yells out. I suck in a breath as some of the other girls glare at us. Miss.B the club mother claps her hands eagerly and tells us to all listen. Miss.B is in charge of running us, her name is pretty self explanatory. She provides anything we may need at the last second, hairpins, tampons, exc.

" As you all may have heard Mr. Rinaldi will be inspecting the club this evening. He will be upstairs in the VIP section and has requested for no one to enter unless summoned. I ask all of you to make sure you are at your best tonight. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask. I love you girls and you've got this. Dance your asses of." Miss. B says turning and walking to wards her office. I stand dusting off my dress and watch as girl race towards her door. I roll my eyes and turn around one again picking at my makeup. Mercedes sighs next to me.

"The things I would give to be in the VIP section right now." She mutters I laugh and stand shoving my feet into glittery maroon heels.

"I don't see the fuss to be honestly. If he's hot then he's hot but at the end of the day no one has seen him so who knows." She raises an eyes brow.

"I thought you saw him?" I shake my head

"I doubt it." She shrugs and slips her own heels on. We make our way towards our assigned sets. I have a lap dance now and then I have a routine on stage so it should be pretty simple.


Meaty hands grab onto my waist tightly as I shamelessly rub my ass against a mans bulge. The music stops and I stand flashing a smile. Lust pools in the older mans eyes and I quickly move out of the private rooms and make my way towards the front stage. I walk towards the bar and calmly stand waiting for the set on stage to end.

I watch silently as one of the club girls struts up the VIP steps. God whoever called for krystal is about to have the biggest headache. I sneer and turn towards the balcony over looking the stage. Once again like the night before my eyes catch the beautiful green. I hold his gaze and for once am able to see his figure better. He stands strongly with his arms crossed over a classy suit.

Muscle rips across the expressive fabric. I trail my eyes down to his shiny shoes and up back towards his face. His shirt is unbuttoned and a chain with some sort of design on it sits delectably around his neck. Finally my eyes reach his strong jaw and defined nose. Desire pools in my gut but the song above cutting suddenly has me pulling my eyes away.

I strut towards the stage feeling a burning of eyes on my bare back.


Third person POV.

Luthers mind wanders as he sits with a glass of whiskey clutches tightly in his hand. The women he had seen the night prior had his mind racing. The rush of blood that shoots straight to his shaft remind his just how attractive she really was. He swirls the whiskey in his mouth holding onto the woodsy aftertaste

He leans forward and places his glass back onto the desk before him. He adjust his body to be comfortable bringing his right leg over his left knee. He lays his head on the chair behind him and closes his eyes hoping to stop the pounding in his skull. A knock brings him to reality and the familiar flame of anger burns in his bones.

"Fucking what?" He growls loudly looking towards the large doors across the room. The door opens and Antony walks in looking sharply at his boss.

"The club rose has requested an inspection after a negative review was placed." Antony says slowly watching the dark man before him then even darker.

"Why the fuck is it my problem Antony you know Rose will be shut down, go yourself." Luther thunders angry to new interrupted for nonsense.

"Sir the manager has requested you personally." Anthony mutters out. Luther stands and grabs his gun shoving it in his pants aggravated.

"Let's go then." Luther snarls out and slides out of his office.

The way to the club was in awkward silence as Luther fumes silently beside Antony. They both enter the club and avoid prying eyes by walking straight to the VIP section.

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